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349 Foul Play

 He nodded and commanded. "Lu Han, investigate the elevator, its wiring, check the security recorders, and report this incident to Tatsuo Xiang."

"I'm on it." Lu Han signaled for Nico to get going with the investigation.

"Queen Mother, I won't see you off." Hue Chi excused himself and strode after Yu Sha.

Long Kue also followed suit as he knew the reason why the prince went that direction.

"Ah..." The queen was going to ask about the lady who opened the door for them but seeing he was in a rush, she asked the others instead. "Who opened the elevator door?"

A man was present and aware of the situation replied. "It appeared that Miss Yu Sha was here with her friends and the female friend opened the elevator with her bare hands."

Petrified that they probably planned this situation, the Queen shouted, "What?! She was here? Was this not planned by her?" The Queen was convinced that they had something to do with the situation. Why was it that the elevator suddenly stopped working and Yu Sha was on site? And the person who opened the door was her friend? What were they planning? Stage an incident to win her over? It would never happen! She didn't like Yu Sha's personality or her background! No matter what method Yu Sha tried, it would never work!

The guard looked down and replied, "We can't make the conclusion until we investigate it."

The Queen looked frantically for sight of Hue Chi but he was long gone. Her nostril flared, frustrated the woman she didn't like was coincidentally present when the elevator malfunctioned and now her son had gone after Yu Sha. "Someone! Go after the prince! Kao Sheng, investigate this thoroughly that it was not foul play."

A few guards darted towards the same direction where Hue Chi left.

Kao Sheng body disheartened, and the heartaches expressed through to her face as she took another glance down the mall hallway.

Witnessing her lonely expression, the Queen felt saddened to know that Kao Sheng had to see this sight of her son. She was the biggest shipper for her son to date and eventually marry Kao Sheng, but she only bore him. She couldn't control him.

"Do you want to go after him?" The Queen asked.

Kao Sheng shook her head, no. It would be too painful having to see the person one love deeply for a long time, looking at someone else passionately. Even though her mouth said no, her heart already went after him. 'Prince, only if you would give me a chance, you would know how capable I am at loving you but also support you in every aspect.' She didn't fail in terms of background, look or brain. Why not her?

Yu Sha walked full speed without slowing down, up a couple sets of escalators and then took the elevator straight down to street level. Her erratic behavior was annoying that Benzo stopped following her. He had to investigate the very reasons she was acting strange and signaled for Saveria to continue following her.

Benzo branched off on his own. When Yu Sha finally got to the entrance, she noticed that Benzo was gone. "Where's Benzo?"

Saveria replied. "He's got somewhere to go. You don't need to shop anymore?"

"Ahh... I changed my mind. Let's go somewhere instead." She suggested.

Yu Sha didn't want to see Hue Chi or bump to any of his family member. Avoiding both was the best route as his presence make her heart wavered and her mind lost all its logical reasoning. Not that she has much logical reasoning to start with, but she must conserve the little logical she had left, otherwise, she would be an easy target to poke fun of. The mere sight of him earlier was enough to weaken her resolve and putting a distance was the only solution she could come up with right now.

Although not very talkative when on the job, especially when guarding Yu Sha, Saveria couldn't help but asked out of curiosity. "You two have a thing for eachother?"

Alarmed of what Saveria was aiming at with her questions, she deflected, "Wh.. who? There is.. is nothing."

"Hmm..." Saveria found it hard to believe. Based on data presented from Beyan and Tai Li indicated that she was a strong-headed girl, who acted like a tomboy her entire life and no man had moved her, yet her behavior now was nothing like the report given to her.

Just the sight of Hue Chi, the Prince of Aires, got her all flustered up. To say they had nothing going on made it even more suspicious to Saveria. Though, she speculated, she had to go with Yu Sha's words. "We can leave first. Benzo will catch up later."

Some taxis were up front ready to take the next customers. Seeing Yu Sha and Saveria could potentially be looking for a taxi, a large, nice looking taxi moved his car up to park in front of them. The taxis in this strip mall usually are of better quality as half of their riders were on the wealthy side of the spectrum.

The mall door attendant sped in to open the door for Yu Sha to get in. As usual, she turned to thank the door man before stepping inside the car. As she set a foot inside the car, there was already another person sitting in there. Her eyes flung, startled of the situation and immediately turned around when the door attendance pushed her inside the car.

Saveria caught on and lunged forward with a punch, only for another guard to intercept her. In the same motion when she lunged with the punch, she also transformed her arm, but it didn't change. She tried again, and it didn't work. While spending a second to figure what's wrong, the taxi sped off with Yu Sha locked inside.

The squeaks for the wheel spun forward, alerted Saveria. She took out a weapon to aim at the wheels when Long Kue pleaded, "Ahh... Miss, Miss.. We mean no harm!" Saveria paused to glare at Long Kue to ask what they mean when they kidnapped her person.

In the split second when she stopped to glare at Long Kue, Dao Txu in disguise shot a rope limiter encasing Saveria. It would only be a matter of time before Hue Chi was far enough for his nullify zone to not work. They have to somehow subdue Saveria's ability before the nullify zone disappeared, so she doesn't destroy Tatsuo Xiang's Prestique district.