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348 Cant a lady have fun too?

 The whole entourage, including Lu Han alarmed! One single lady going to open the elevator?!

Saveria nodded, and speed walked to the private elevator.

Lu Han shouted for the man to make way for the lady. "Move, give her space."

She tucked both her hands into the door crack, and suddenly, metal property appeared beneath the skin of her arms. With a push, the elevator door broke opened. The elevator stopped halfway below the floor, leaving enough of a space to pull people inside the elevator up.

Saveria's task was done. Her arms transformed back to normal, and she walked away, leaving everyone stunned.

Neither Yu Sha nor Hue Chi had moved from their spot. Although she wasn't looking at him, her figure haven't left his sight. His gaze was still analyzing her entire being, the messy ponytail, her exposed neck, shoulder and collarbone.

Annoyed at the gaze that could swallow her whole, Benzo walked into Hue Chi's line of sight and blocked Yu Sha. She was petite and as soon as Benzo stepped in, his body hid her completely.

As soon as the door opened, Saveria made her way back to Benzo and Yu Sha. The shadow guard in the elevator hopped out with the Queen while the other guards assisted the other people out of the elevator.

Lu Han rushed after Saveria, impressed by her ability. "Um.. Thank you for your assistant."

Saveria nodded and excused herself. Lu Han continued to follow her. "Yu Sha, are they your friends?"

She nodded. It's better to let them think that way instead of bodyguard. If they knew she had bodyguards, they would either want to know why or insisted they can provide bodyguards for her.

"From Lyon?"


"Then, as your employer, I would like to thank you. Will you all have sometimes later?" Lu Han asked, putting his position in place. He figured she would decline if he wanted to thank her as himself, but if he used his position, would make it difficult for her, giving him the opportunity to pay back for helping the Queen out of the situation.

Saveria and Benzo was going to outright declined but now they're conflicted and stared at Yu Sha for instruction. 'This dude that looked like a klutz is her employer?'

Suddenly another person sprinted down the main hall, and braked hard as he passed. "Miss Yu Sha?"

This time it was Nico that had come later as he was busy earlier. "What's with the getup?" They have not seen her worn clothes that revealing with full glam makeup. It took them a few glances before recognizing it was her.

She usually wore loose clothing and her skirts are always knee high, not mid-thigh high. She had only worn makeup a couple times, and they were light, natural finished. This time, her lipsticks was a deep red with a tint of purple to compliment the off the shoulder purple shirt. In other words, it was a bold velvety color that does nothing but attracts people's eyes to her luscious lips.

Benzo finally had it! He too was taken in by her style today! Because of that, he didn't like her in this getup either! It was distracting, but he was her bodyguard who shouldn't voice too much of an opinion. So he kept quiet for the last hour. These men were taken in by her bold, exposing look! But he felt the need to reply and defend. "She dressed accordingly to how naughty she wants to get at nighttime! Can't a lady have some fun too?!"

Helplessness overcame her as her getup and words earlier was a front for a different purpose, but now people misunderstood! Benzo didn't make the situation better! He should have never said anything! She has had not been very lucky. The things she said and do often come back and bite her!

Yu Sha may be a little petite, but she inherited her mother's busty chest while her beautiful, proportioned legs did nothing but give men weird fantasy!

Lu Han, Nico and a few men overheard Benzo's statement and suddenly have face flush. Lu Han covered his face and muffled, "I.. I didn't know you had that side."

On the side, Long Kue had a different reaction, nervousness! Chilly airs from the prince was starting to seep out. 'Didn't she see his coronation? He gave the nation an ultimatum because of her. The palace was still in chaos and had yet to recover from it! Why didn't she say anything to the prince? Why was she planning to be naughty with the prince?'

Having been around the prince and being able to feel his emotion, Yu Sha couldn't help but shivered from the cold chills and knew that she must retreat. She suddenly yelled, "CEO Lu Han, call me later. Benzo and Saveria, let's go." And like that, she stormed away, leaving her escorts behind to catch up.

Hue Chi remained rooted at the same spot she bumped into him, while his gaze watched her figure appeared smaller in the distant.

Kao Sheng had rushed down with a few of her own guards to seeing Hue Chi rooted at the T-junction of the hall. She came the same direction as Lu Han, the entourage and Nico while Yu Sha they walked the opposite direction with her back facing the direction everyone came from.

'Prince was the first to take off, why was he not over there but here?' Kao Sheng thought. 'Had he not been over at the elevator all these times?' Her gaze followed the direction Hue Chi's eyes fixated at.

Although Yu Sha was farther away, Kao Sheng could make out from the back stature of a woman going up the middle section escalators. The way Hue Chi looked at the direction could only mean one thing, that she was here. Just the thought she was here was enough to twist Kao Sheng's heart. She immediately have a deep desire to break his attention, and thus she called out, "Prince, the Queen..."

Hue Chi pulled back his gaze and saw his Queen Mother treading towards him. "Prince, I'm all right." It worried her that the malfunction of the elevator may distress him. He usually was very responsive when she faced danger situation.