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347 The Whole Entourage

 As soon as the few men arrived to the elevator at the end of the secluded hallway, they took out tools and started yanking on the elevator door. It was the back elevator that VIP clients often take. As an architect engineer, she knew this because passage like this have to be thought out before she drew a blueprint. For Benzo and Saveria who were often in the body guarding duty for VIP people, they knew someone important was stuck in the elevator!

Soon, more guards came to secure the situation, making sure that mall customers don't witnessed the situation. They order Yu Sha and the other two to get away from the scene to which the three quietly complied. Saveria alone could break the door open in one smooth push with her strength. Those elevators are as heavy and hard as boulders. They are made of materials that can withstand assault rifle attack. Even people with special ability would have a hard time yanking it with brute strength alone.

But since they were pushed away, they didn't insist and walk towards the main hall of the mall. Yu Sha turned around to face Benzo and Saveria while walking backward and shook her head. "Too bad, Saveria, you could have saved them some trouble."

Suddenly she noticed their sudden reaction towards her, and in that instant, she bumped into something. When she connected their reaction to stop her was because she was walking back towards someone, she quickly turned around to apologize.

Her gaze arrived upon the person she bumped into and instantly froze, unable to react but looked at him. She couldn't pull her gaze away even when she wanted to. Her mind went blank, forgot to apologize for bumping into him. All the feelings she had of him came back rushing like a typhoon. She had done a good job keeping herself distract to not think of him. Why is it that the mere sight of him could make her so weak? The light in his eyes, the image of the face that mirrored the fantasy man she dreamed of. Every single time when looking at him, evoked intense emotions from the depth of her heart, too much to bear.

The fragrance that put his mind at ease, the sunshine that warmed his heart, the moonlight that lit his way, was standing closer than an arm reach. He missed her even when she was within his sight. Can he pull her in for an embrace? Will she accept his touch? It felt like ages since he last saw her.

Overwhelming happiness rushed over Long Kue! His prince and Yu Sha finally met after of what felt like forever. He sensed this must be the work of the heavens and thus muttered quietly to himself with a grin. "This must be the will of fate."

Neither two had blinked once at this point, both as lost into each other's gaze when a big hand reached from behind and covered Yu Sha's eyes while pulling her back. This action brought Yu Sha came to reality. Hue Chi hadn't taken his gaze off her yet, but felt unpleasant of the man so closed to her, shielding her.

Benzo's aura became hostile as he asked, "Did he hurt you?" He made the connection between Hue Chi and the royal people that stopped them. Seeing that the sight of him could freeze her in place, unable to move, he was not sure if it was from fear or longing.

Sensing Benzo's hostile aura, Yu Sha shook her head no. He had not done anything particularly to hurt her. She was unprepared to see him in this kind of situation and was momentarily taken in.

And then another person came running at full speed, barely able to brake and make a turn into the small secluded hallway. But he soon stopped as he passed and took a moment to look from the sideline when a familiar figure entered his vision. "Yu Sha?"

The familiar voice startled her and to confirm her thought of the who it was, she turned to look at the person. "CEO Lu Han."

It was at this point that Benzo let go of his hand from covering her face. Yu Sha now was facing sideway to Hue Chi as she greeted Lu Han.

Lu Han then got a good glimpse of Yu Sha in her get up, which made him jerk away to control himself. She looked different, more exposing today! He was not used to see her looking so classically wild!

It took him a minute to get himself together. "Yu Sha, you looked stunningly different today."

His word choice was good, meaning that every day, she looked stunning, but today, she looked stunningly different.

Yu Sha let out an awkward, embarrassed chuckled, "Hehe.. Hope I don't look too weird."

His head violently shook to deny that she looked weird. In fact, she looked stunningly sexy today, but as a CEO, he had to pick his word choice appropriately. He heard of the famous rumor that she was the prince's assistant during the annual conference and attended the charity event. He was out of commission for half the afternoon as his illness got worse and was not present to witness the rumor that was spread among the top elite. Though that was the first and last rumor he heard of them together, he had to watch his behavior in the case it may offend the prince.

The entourage of men finally caught up to them and their presence finally reminded him a very important reason why he rushed over! He looked toward the end of the hallway by where the other men were trying to yank the elevator door and shouted.

"Aw... The Queen!" They were leaving from an event. The Queen left first and her elevator got stuck one floor before it reached the skyway to the parking ramp. The maintenance crew are on their way and should be arriving shortly, but the bodyguards are already at work trying to get the door open.

So, the VIP person in the elevator was the Queen? Yu Sha took a big exhale mixed with regrets, as if she was about to make a regretful decision. Slowly, her lips parted, and she ordered, "Saveria, open the elevator. Make it quick and come."