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346 Trophy to the family name

 Yu Sha clutched her hand bag and announced, "Let's grab something to eat!" And like that, she led them out to a taxi. Benzo sat up front with the driver while Saveria and Yu Sha sat in the back.

They arrived at a large flashy restaurant that was attached to Prestique Mall Strip. One must make a reservation to get in or pay a price up front. The restaurant had several floors and multiple sections, with many private areas that had different theme decoration. One can choose to be seated in an area that of the desert to the morning mountain spring or summer beach. Not only that, their food was top notched with many accommodations to the customers taste and diet restrictions, customers of the wealthy and famous people.

Yu Sha didn't make a reservation, so she was going to pay to get them a spot. This was usually how it worked in the upper class. Due to her career, it wasn't something new to her. When she wanted something, she'll pay for it in times of need. She either live frugally or splurged. There was no in between. This time was the latter.

She walked up to the greeter and pushed in her credit card when Benzo intercepted by pressing a finger on the card to stop its motion. He then told the worker to charge his card instead. He was not used to being on the receiving end and she already paid for the hotel. He doesn't get why she was acting like a sugar mama.

"If you felt responsible for making us hang with you then, just don't give us trouble. Don't need to pay for everything." He spoke bashfully.

For once, Saveria agreed with Benzo. She nodded, "Don't feel obligated. We both are from well off family, we're not short on money. I'll pay for the food."

Yu Sha knew that much, that's why she was trying to live up to their lifestyle which was limited when they started working for the Light Clan Organization. Her eyes lit up instantly, touched by their thoughtfulness, and instantly pulled them in for a hug. "You guys... are so wonderful!"

Another rocket shot out from Benzo's head as he wasn't expecting to be in close proximity with her bare, vulnerable shoulders rubbing him, which earned him another punch from Saveria.

"I didn't do anything..." He could only mutter behind his breath.

While they were eating, Yu Sha suggested they should browse through the store. There may be things they needed extra of. Then later, she would take them to the night club. "You two... relax, relax. Just for this weekend, let's enjoy ourselves, not bound by duties." She suggested, this is the time to get them to loosen up.

Yu Sha asked, "Saveria, why did you decided to work for my mother's clan?"

Both Benzo and Saveria were shocked. "They're a renowned organization for high class, wealthy people. It's your mother's family was that powerful. It was an honor to get accepted, though it came with conditions, but it added a trophy into the family's name."

"Eh... I don't know. I was raised in an ordinary household and mamma was hardly ever home." She turned to Benzo and asked, "Was it the same for you too?"

"Tsch!" He was forced to join by his parents. After his encounter with her, his parents had more children and he kept getting into trouble. So, they sent him away, basically.

Saveria replied in Benzo's stead, in a provoking manner. "He was forced... should I say, sent away from home."

Irritated, but to prove a point that he was accepted not because his parents sent him, he replied, "Tsch... damn it! The Light Clan don't just accept anyone. One must get through multiple vigorous tests before they get accepted."

Interested, she leaned back and pondered. "What kind of tests?"

Benzo replied, "They do an all-around test to sense your strength. If you shine in a certain area, you get tested more in that area multiple rounds which included mental, physical, and intelligent acuity."

"Hehh... I want to try too. You think I would past?" Yu Sha asked. Having interact with them when she shadowed her mother, they are quite good, meaning that the tests aren't easy.

Her response shook Benzo and Saveria. She was the descendant, why would she need to go through the test? Doesn't she automatically get a pass? Being able to join these organizations is a bypass in life and in society for those who have nothing. And for those who already came from a great background, it added a golden trophy to the family name.

"Yu Sha, could it be that your father doesn't want you to know your mother's business?" Saveria asked. There were several rumors of Cao Huo but none had been proven true.

Yu Sha was aware that these two probably doesn't know who her father was and though, she does not know her mother's family business, she knew of her father's business. And regardless of how little or how much she knew, her parents never once had conversation with them about taking over. They were not trained to carry on the legacy.

"I think it's them both. They rather we lived like normal people, be happy children. Of course, if we should choose to follow their footsteps, they would wholeheartedly support us too."

Saveria and Benzo found out that Yu Sha knew less of her mother's business than them.

The three talked more of their work to Yu Sha and at the same time, they get to hear more about her life. She indeed, grew up quite ordinary but lived earnestly.

An hour later, they finished their late lunch and walked into the mall. As they rounded to a corner of the mall, they heard a loud clank commotion directly from the upper level which piqued their interest. Luckily, there was an escalator right of them to which they took to the next floor up to sniff the situation.

As soon as they arrived, a few men that looked like responders rushed to the dead end of a private hall. Nervous something serious must have happened, they walked down the hall to better understand the situation.