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345 An Idea Sparkled

 A few days later, Yu Sha tried many methods to win Benzo and Saveria by getting them to open up to her. She wanted them to drop their bodyguard personality and invited them to eat with her, chat with her, talk about mundane stuff. She failed ten out of ten times of her every attempts.

Yu Sha thought hard as she walked along the long twenty miles stretch of the construction site. Her goal was to get them to loosen up their guards. She then was going to invite them out for a drink, made them drink until they drop and sneak out. But how could she execute this plan when she reached out, they step back? Though she acknowledged that they truly have character traits of a true guard, unwavered by anything. She even researched about them and their characters, what they like and don't like. According to her research, Benzo was similar to her brother. They both were keen when women were not in the picture, but instantly go weak when they see pretty ladies.

Before the sun hit the highest point in the sky, Jake drove by to get her. "Everyone had gone back to the cruise. I saw you from the distant and came to get you." It was a half day work and everyone get the afternoon plus the weekend off.

Yu Sha hopped into the jeep. "Thanks. You don't have to."

"Well, work time is over for the day." Jake replied. Though people like Yu Sha, they probably do a lot of work off the clock, but he didn't feel right leaving her to walk back to the cruise by foot.

"It's the weekend. Are you staying here?" He asked.

This question sparked an idea in her mind, and she replied with a devilish grin. "No, actually, I have plans to meet friends in the city."

The moment they arrived back in the middle point, Yu Sha bolted inside the cruise ship. She ran out to the balcony and demanded Benzo and Saveria to come out of hiding for an important meeting, or so she said.

When they made their presence known to her, she started with a petty story. "I want to go to the city, buy some stuffs... womanly stuff and have some fun. Su Na and I would do this often, but she's not here. I need to have someone with me so it won't look awkward. Tonight... You two are relieved of your bodyguard duties but come out with me instead."

Benzo had been itching to go out and have some fun too. He was tempted to be relieved of his bodyguard duty.

Saveria, as a woman, understands that woman has different needs and needed to replenish their supplies. Though Yu Sha could easily ask the cruise made to provide that for her, not all women are open about their womanly needs. She could relate too. The only person she allowed to buy and get womanly needs for her are the nanny and maids who served her for a long time. She came from a wealthy business family. But Yu Sha grew up differently, so she probably was not used to having people do things for her.

The two looked at each other and reluctantly agree to escort Yu Sha to the city, tagging along so she wouldn't have to do activities all by herself. They should at least escort her.

Within the next twenty minutes, the trio left to the city. Almost two hours later, they arrived to the five-start hotel Yu Sha booked. She took their well brought up background into consideration and booked them nice rooms in a famous hotel. Since working for the Light Clan Organization, they had to let go of some privileged they had, but now that she was able to get them to put down their bodyguard hat, and provided them an opportunity to just be themselves.

Since she reserved the hotel online, the rooms were paid for. The receptionist handed them the keys and off to the elevator they go. Their rooms are on the same floor but a different part of the building. Before parting ways, Yu Sha said, "Get dressed up and meet in the lobby in half an hour."

Yu Sha rushed to doll herself up. She rarely ever dolled up unless there is an occasion, but some places on her agenda have formal dress codes.

In the main lobby, Benzo was the first to arrive, dressed up in classic linen black suits with a red tie. The next person to arrive was Saveria. She wore a one piece, knee high champagne color dress, made from lotus flower silk. They usually prepare a set of clothes for the different occasions in the case their job situation required them to. And as requested by Yu Sha, they complied, switching out to their formal, dress up wears.

Not long after, Yu Sha came out looking very different from her usual look, which instantly gave Benzo a high blood pressure rush. Wrapped around her body was a cashmere off the shoulder, purple shirt tucked beneath a white dress that was mid-thigh high, exposing much of her beautiful legs. The messy pony tail allowed her glowy, defined neck and shoulder to stand out, while the long pearl tear drop earrings attracts eyes onto her bare collarbone.

This getup looks instantly assaulted Benzo's eyes and mind that he had to slap a hand on his face to hide the flushed.

Saveria then solved a curiosity that she had been pondering about for a few years now, "Antique model?" She saw the resemblance of the model to her leader.

Yu Sha hushed, "Sshh.."

Benzo couldn't help but ask. "The hell, you go out looking like that?"

She replied casually. "Depends on how naughty I want to get at night."

Rocket shot out from Benzo's head. He was done for! Yu Sha had awakened the playboy beast in him!

Saveria could tell at one glance and instantly threw a punch at him to bring him back. For once, she thought she saw him gets serious. He was doing good the entire week, but in the end, he was still the same old person the moment his environment change!