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344 Keep His Men In Check

 Late into the night, Yu Sha finally fell asleep. It was then Yu Ping took off for a night stroll. Benzo and Saveria took turns to stand guard.

In another city, at a different direction, where the land ran endlessly without civilization, Yu Ping came upon a place that stood alone by itself, like a colony of its own. From a far distance at the treetop, he glared at it for sometimes before proceeding forward. It had top-notch security, more so than when he last visited. He shouldn't have taunted them last time. But soon, a corner of his mouth curved as he took off towards the place.

As he approached the place, it seemed like the security was loosened and soon, he swiftly landed on a nice flat roof top.

Unexpectedly, there was already another person enjoying themselves on a table, sipping teas and reading off from a device. This sight startled Yu Ping momentarily. "What... kind of weirdo is having a tea party at this time?"

The man paused and looked up as he replied. "The night is my domain." If he had gone to sleep, security would tighten more versus if he was still up. As a night owl, he usually doesn't sleep until the wee hour of the night. As soon as he sensed Yu Ping heading at his direction, he had to somehow loosened security.

"Care to join?" Hue Chi asked.

Yu Ping huffed. "Hmph... I'm not here to have fun."

In fact, Hue Chi knew that Yu Ping must have come to discuss the event that took place earlier in the day with Akazan. "My apology for what happened today."

"Hmph.. So you knew."

"It was not authorized by me nor do I agree with it."

"To hold a title as Crowned Prince and you can't even control your men." Yu Ping scorned. He figured sooner or later, the royal will start finding troubles for Yu Sha. As the person who put her in the situation at the first place, he had to make sure that she was not trouble by him.

A corner of Hue Chi's lips curved slightly, filled with bittersweet. "In fact, you could be right." What's the meaning of holding a title that came with status and wealth when one can't simply pick a single person to cherish? Would it be the opposite way if he abandoned this title? It was a thought he had entertained from time to time.

Initially, because he was a nobody, he couldn't have her. Then lifetimes later, it was because he was a somebody that held high position, he couldn't be with her. He thought that if he attained the world, he could command all lives within it, but in the midst of proving his power, she vanished from him.

Hue Chi pulled in closer to the table and brushed his fingers through the side of his head in an attempted to hold in all the pent-up frustrations through the lifetimes. In this moment, although brief, Yu Ping caught a glimpse of the heavy loneliness projected from Hue Chi's eyes that left him conflicted.

As a person who also carried a heavy burden, unable to tell the world, Yu Ping could only sympathize, that although he does not like Hue Chi, the dude must have felt alone in this world. A world that seemed to worship him, but no one understood him on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

As much as it pained him to accept this truth, he realized why Hue Chi was drawn to Yu Sha and that he genuinely, desperately liked her just as he declared to his nation. She was a person who usually appeared obnoxious and crazy, but once one truly gets to know and be around her, one could see that she was filled with sincerity and empathy. Even for a stranger, she would go out of her way to bring them to the light and shared her world with them. That was just how she had always been and being the person who grew up alongside her, he should know her best.

He thought he would come here today to make it clear cut to Hue Chi to keep his men in check, but in the end, he didn't have the courage to make a demand. If he was to distant himself from the world and the people he cared deeply for, then shouldn't he at least grant them a wish most important to them as a parting gift?

After an internal battle, Yu Ping asked, "She likes to put up a front to hide her vulnerability, but she is compassionate and too caring for her own good. She likes to stick her nose in other people's business because she has good intention to help them. If she chooses you, I hope you cherish her well."

Hue Chi's eyes flung as Yu Ping gave his blessings. Before he could say anything, Yu Ping vanished.

For Yu Ping, the last time on the deck, when Yu Sha and Hue Chi looked at each other, he could tell that Hue Chi meant something to her. And if Hue Chi was her happiness, then she should be allowed to love him because wanting her to find happiness was all they wanted.

He couldn't imagine the feeling of being born, burdened and haunted by a past that one had no recollection of. And that was her childhood, being tormented by the past that the her now was not a part of. And because of that, they were overly protected of her smiles to the point they constantly drilled to her that they wanted her to be free and happy, yet by chance if Hue Chi was her happiness, then they shouldn't object.

Life isn't fair, that happiness was hard to attain without work, tears and sacrifices. It came in fleeting moments only like the wind and the happiness moment was stamped in time, while the world continued to move forward thus making that specific moment a past that we couldn't touch or hold on to. And that is what why happiness was so precious because it's a state of feeling was short lived.

Yu Peng stopped on a treetop overlooking the limitless land. In a couple months, he would turn twenty-one and take upon the fate that was bestowed to him.