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343 Long Acknowledged Him

 "What happened?" Yu Ping asked for details.

"They stopped us on the way. A man in a white royal robe wanted a talk with Yu Sha. Should I report this to your mother?" Benzo asked.

Yu Ping pressed a finger onto his forehead in a dilemma. "Only report things that are related to Island Genesis and the Ghost King Gang. Anything not related to that, do not report."

Saveria and Benzo nodded. In matters of time, he would presume the head role of the Light Clan Organization. They had long acknowledged him. His words equate to the same as their leader, Cao Huo.

"I'll be out tonight. Make sure she doesn't stray too far. Let her be as long as she remains in this country." Yu Ping ordered. Asking them to let her be if she was just dawdling around like everyone else would give her some freedom. It wouldn't be fair for her when they continuously voiced that they wanted her to be free as she can possibly be, yet not allowed her some degree of freedom to be like everyone else. Ordinary people encounter obstacles, have enemy, and dramas. She should be granted at least that much.

Benzo and Saveria vanished out of sight but closed enough to respond if needed.

After running through the almost finished product of the construction, the day ended. They arrived late in the afternoon, just the hour before the day ended. Yu Sha ran back to meet up with Yu Ping and wanted to have dinner with the four of them. But the other two were already gone.


Hue Chi was in his office at Royal Corporate Square when Akazan walked in. He was made aware by his men that Akazan had made contact with Yu Sha and was not happy of the situation. He knew his people would bother her by the statement he made yesterday. And for that, no amount of guilt and apology could allow her a peaceful life.

Time and time again, he continued to disturb her peaceful life because of his greed. The greed to monopolize her entire being, yet at the same, fear deeply of being rejected and lose her. He may come off over bearing to her at times, but deep inside was filled with fear of being hated by her. After having gone through repeated cycles of desperately wanting her, but failed to protect and give her the happiness she deserves, any normal man would doubt himself.

Hue Chi continued to wrap up the work at hand and didn't bother to greet Akazan. As for Akazan, he invited himself to sit on the comfy couch across from Hue Chi's desk and spoke, "I'm sure you knew that I met her... the woman, in a matter of months could make you defied the royal's heritage."

"She's wonderful, isn't she?" Hue Chi replied without reservation.

"Hahaha..." Akazan let out a long, cold laugh. He never seen the stone prince being this head over heel for a mere woman. Historically, the elitists and royal had always married accordingly to gains. That was the only way to maintain their position and wealth. Climbing up the world and dominate the top usually takes several generations. People don't like to give it up once when they're at the top, because after all, wealth and money is a powerful tool. Who would want to give it up after getting a taste of it?

Akazan finally stopped laughing. He composed himself and asked seriously. "What can you gain by having her?"

"Her heart." Hue Chi replied earnestly. He simply wanted to gain her acceptance and nothing else.

No man in high status ever spoke this sentence that Akazan couldn't help but chuckled before saying. "She is indeed unique. To know that you're the prince of this nation but didn't bat an eyelid and reject you utterly." He could only come to this conclusion as Yu Sha declared clearly that he, the Crowned Prince, was not even in her vision or dream. She, as the cofounder of SNYS Consultant, making her part of SNYS Consultant and thus her declaration could be taken as a strong statement, that she and the prince are not on the same page, meaning, that it was a one-sided love.

"She's neither charmed by look or status." Hue Chi replied.

Suddenly, a conference call came in from receptionist desk. Hue Chi quickly answered and a projector appeared a few feet away in front of him. It was the receptionist from the floor lobby. "Prince, the second prince of Cleotara is on the line."

"Put him through."

The image suddenly changed to Kytos with a furious look on his face. "You!! Wh.. who was that woman? It better not be Yu Sha! I've liked her first and even declared to you then!" He demanded all in one breath.

Akazan was dumbfounded! His maniacal laugh disappeared as he watched the princes of two different kingdoms fighting for the same woman.

Hue Chi replied coldly, "I have no reason to answer you." And briskly cut out Kytos.

As an advisor of the royal, Akazan quickly caught on that Yu Sha worked in Cleotara and the rumor of the spoiled, lazy second prince suddenly changed after the completion of The Luxury Pavilion Resort. Did she have something to do with his one eighty-degree personality change? He muttered to himself, "She's definitely abnormal."

He hastily got up and said, "It'll only be a matter of time when I dig up her true self and intention." For her brother to easily break into the royal palace, they aren't ordinary people and shouldn't be taken lightly. Who knows, what their intention are? They could be landing a hand with the secret organization that has been targeted the royal for years.

Akazan was left with the task by the King to dig up Yu Sha. With his connections and veteran skills, it wouldn't be too long before things come into light.

The King worked with a group of royal advisors on the west wing, and Akazan was one of the people in that group. Sooner or later, Hue Chi will be working with them too. Luckily for him, both his parents, the royal couple are still healthy and well and he was exempted for the time being.