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342 They Acted Fas

 To be fired from a contract as grand as this, would make SNYS Consultant look bad for its future prospect. They're five months in already, almost six months where they had to be presented on the work site.

Was Akazan here to interrogate and make her confessed by using the contract as a bargain?

She pushed the tea cup aside and spoke calmly.

"Aqua Illusion Beach is a project important to SNYS Consultant. We poured our heart into this project. No amount of money you pay would persuade us to abandon this project halfway." Her voice became furious as her fist formed. "Your prince was nowhere near SNYS Consultant's dream and vision. Come up with a better excuse if you want to terminate the contract!" She stormed out of the limousine and headed back.

She didn't want her to be the cause of this project termination as it would make a dent in their work history. Not once was SNYS Consultant's vision included the prince of the country. Matter of the prince had nothing to do with SNYS. It was not like she chased and clung onto him. She long made her resolve to not associate with him. If they are not happy with whatever reason they weren't happy about, that was on them. She refused to let them tarnished the dream Su Na built.

Upon reaching the guards, she yelled, "Benzo, Saveria, let's go! If they don't make way, we'll plowed our way through."

The two quickly followed after. Before she got into her taxi, she turned around and assured. "It's insignificant matter. Forget what you saw today." She didn't want Benzo and Saveria to report this to her mother and pretended it was no important matter.

They got into their own taxis.

Akazan signaled the guards to move the cars and make way to which they quickly obeyed as instructed.

One of the guards asked, "Are we letting them go just like that?"

"For now." At this moment, the two taxis drove by. His eyes reflected the taxis that drove past. "The other two must be her bodyguards." For they kept their distance like rules of bodyguards. The taxis could fit 4 people, why must they rode in separate cars? Regardless, if she has bodyguards or not, they surely would test her thoroughly.

As the taxis drove past the royal entourage, Benzo and Saveria glanced at each other and came to a tacit conclusion.

Finally, the trio arrived at the construction site. Yu Sha asked the maids to prepare two separate rooms for Benzo and Saveria. They were directed to the appropriate rooms shortly after. Yu Sha asked for a little time with Yu Ping to which they agreed.

Yu Ping was perplexed why his mother's subordinates came with Yu Sha and probed. "Why are they here?"

"Ah.. I had a slip up with mom and is under supervision."

He asked helplessly, "You're still on that?" He was referring to her not giving up on Island Genesis.

She inched closer and whispered, "Are they rivals of the Light Clan? Archenemy of dad?"

Yu Ping felt stunned momentarily before replying. "They are another organization similar to the Light Clan." He didn't want to delve into details of the relationship between the two organizations but didn't reject her question. If he spoke more or made excuses, she might figure out.

"How much do you know?"

If she was asking him this question, then it must mean that she doesn't know a lot. He pretended, "Just as much as you."

"You really didn't know?" She thought he knew more than her.

"Ask mom and dad." He figured that she wouldn't get much out of them. If he tell her to ask them, may persuade her to drop the subject as she long knew their parents were tight lip parents. They would only tell the things necessary for their children to be able to live ordinarily.

She hissed. "Do you think they would send two guards with me if they willingly told me the truth? They didn't want me to scout around and is attempting to tie my hands."

"It's unfortunate what happened to Auntie. I hope you and Su Na let go of getting back at Helan. If she doesn't make any moves, let go of it. I don't think it's good to dig up people shrewd in darkness."

Yu Sha sighed and spoke unhappily. "I can't stand having people surveying my every move. Please help me. Can't you do something about them?" Yu Sha referred to Benzo and Saveria.

"What do you want?"

"To be free."

"What do you think I can do?"

"Well... maybe you can talk to mom?" She hoped he would persuade their parents to remove Benzo and Saveria. Having him around was already hard enough for her to move around secretly. Now having three, she wouldn't be able to survive.

"What makes you think they would listen to me?"

"Because you never get in trouble like I do. You have a clean record tied to your name." She flattered bubbly.

He was almost pulled into her flattery but quickly composed himself. "Can't promise, but I'll think of something. For now, they must do their duty until then."

That was enough to calm her and thus stop bothering him. Yu Sha walked towards the active construction area to greet the crew. She felt like she hasn't seen them much lately.

As soon as Yu Sha was out of view from the canopy, Benzo and Saveria came over to greet Yu Ping.

"Sorry, you two have to be stuck with her." He apologized.

"Does she has anything to do with the royal family here?" Saveria asked. As part of the Light Clan Organization, they learned just about everything of every country especially important figure, their emblem, and properties that are tied to them.

This news surprised Yu Ping. "What?" He didn't think the royals made their move the moment Yu Sha stepped back into the country. If the public should ever solve the confession. Yu Ping didn't want to think what it would be like. The prince does nothing but brought trouble! He needed to have a talk with Hue Chi. That prince needed to control his own people!