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341 What Trouble Did You Cause?

 Later that evening, Yu Sha purchased a flight to Aires, leaving the next day.

Per Cao Huo's order, Benzo and Saveria were to follow her to Aires. If she should ever go missing for a short period of time, they were to report to Cao Huo. Yu Sha was the daughter of the Light Clan and daughter of Mong Zong. Cao Huo can't underestimate her own daughter's ability.

Beyan and Tai Li were to trace Su Na's movement and find out her current situation. These girls can be too handful sometimes. She was thankful her husband was the one raising them because if it was her, she might lose her temper frequently. Since they were so closed, they would go far to help each other. As adult parent to them, Cao Huo felt responsible to make sure Su Na's situation was not dire. To live, forget the past and look forward to the future was what she wanted for Du Xi and Su Na. She had done her best to allow Du Xi to keep Su Na without the Song interrupting their peaceful life. Never had she thought there would come a day when Su Na crawl back to the Song for revenge.

The following day, Yu Sha packed and left, of course, not without Benzo and Saveria. Yu Sha couldn't reject them as doing so would alert her parents. Her fear was that they would shun her to keep her safe and in the dark. They didn't tell her the things they felt she does need to know. She knew they did so to protect her but it also wasn't in her best interest.

During the plan ride, she formulated different plans to give her time away from Benzo and Saveria so she could get away for a few hours. That should leave her enough time to research the Ghost King Gang. Her mind fought back and forth and finally settled on a plan to try first.

She had also found the curse to her mother's clan making her mind unsettled. It was in this moment that 'curse' brought an idea to her. She should start by researching the word curse. It's origin, the type of curses and how one can get rid of it. Before she realized, the plan landed. This was the shortest ride for her ever! Although she flew back and forth a few times, this time because her mind was unsettling, she had forgotten that she was even in the airplane.

Benzo and Saveria kept a distance from her. They were there to guard her, not get close. That was their code and thus they refused her initiation a few times. Although to Yu Sha, she had ways to get them to lose their guards around her, but it'll take a little time. She needs only a few days to execute her plan and felt confident it would work.

Benzo got two taxis for them. One for Yu Sha and one for him and Saveria. He also instructed the taxis to follow Yu Sha's car to the destination.

After a while in the middle of somewhat deserted road where car traveled less often, the path was blocked by some black and window tinted cars.

The sight started the taxi driver and he halted to a stop. Soon the taxi behind stopped as well. Benzo and Saveria sensed this was abnormal. They jolted out of the car and ran up front. Yu Sha also got out too. 'Could this be his doing? But this is not his style. He does things secretly.'

Benzo spoke, "Hey.. Puny Beast, what trouble did you cause here?" He wouldn't deny that it was a possibility. She reeked of trouble in her wakes.

She denied instantly. "Nothing." To her knowledge, she hasn't done anything!

A man in a white robe walked up and greeted them. "Are you Yu Sha?"

She nodded.

"You knew him?" Saveria asked confusely.

She shook her head just as confused, "No."

"I would like to have a few words with you." The man in the white robe spoke as his eyes zoned in on Yu Sha.

Benzo and Saveria inched in closer to guard her. Although they felt no fighting intention from them, they can't let their guards down especially they haven't figured out these people's motive yet.

Yu Sha awkwardly nodded. She didn't know why, but figured she would find out soon.

Saveria held onto Yu Sha's arm and slightly shook her head no. Her looked said that was not a good idea.

Yu Sha assured she would be fine and for them to wait for her.

The man in the white robe then led her past the lined-up cars and behind was a grand limousine.

Her heart pounded as she made the connection that it must be someone from the royal! Benzo and Saveria kept their distance close behind but soon were stopped by the lined cars.

"My name is Akazan." The man introduced himself to Yu Sha as he opened the door.

Yu Sha got inside the limousine and sat across from Akazan. He had a poker face with a calm demeanor, making it hard for her to read him. His appearance appeared bright yet behind him she could feel a glint of shrew darkness waiting to burst through.

As soon as she fully sat on a seat, he asked calmly. "Would you care for some drinks?"

To be polite, she accepted for some teas. He proceeded to pour her a cup of tea that seemed freshly brewed based on the evaporations of the steam from the tea.

She thanked him and asked, "May I asked, what you want to talk to me about?"

Akazan went straight to the point. "What's your relationship to the prince of our kingdom?"

Her heart dropped instantly, but didn't let it showed on her face. As a person who had lots to hide from her parents, she must pass this test. "I don't have a relationship with him." She replied sternly without flinching a muscle. She knew Akazan wanted to find out their relationship status. As of right now, she doesn't have one and had made it clear to Hue Chi. If anyone in the royal family wanted to know, then she was the wrong person to ask.

"Then we must terminate your contract."