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340 Only In Names

 Hue Chi stepped forward to allow others to see him clearly. His eyes remained unmoved and expression uninterested of the topic at hand down to the people in the hall. In a low stern voice, he announced crisp and clear. "If I must pick someone here today, I want to make it clear, we will only be married in names, and will live separately for our entire life for this soul was long betrothed and this heart was long possessed... by her."

A whipped of wind slashed through the hall accompanied by a roar of the King's voice. "HUE CHI!!" People gasped, startled of the King's anger that they have not witnessed before but heard rumors of.

The reaction of the King and hall below didn't bother Hue Chi at all. He continued with allowing himself pulled into the chaos. "There should be no heirs. Anyone willing, they can submit their names and will be randomly drawn." As soon as he finished, he stepped back while the hall drowned in the voices of the people's chaos mind.

The news reporters stunned of the announcement and attempted to ask simultaneously, but Hue Chi was already out of sight. He had retreated off the royal platform and moved to the back hallway, heading back to the change room only allowed for the royals. The reporters pushed in an attempt to get through the guards to ask more questions, but the guards didn't budge.

The elite social circles had yet recovered. What Hue Chi said does not give them any face!

Astos was the most dissatisfied that he dragged his daughter and order his wife to leave.

The others were not happy either! To pick a wife by lottery draw? What does the prince think a future queen is? He does not show respect to them, the supporter of the royal!! Outside the building, and in all the news outlets, Hue Chi's announcement was made clear! The Prince who was always distant, cold and aloof, who never had any scandals nor showed interests in women. Who was her? His soul was long betrothed to her! His heart was long in her possession! The country roared, cried and grieved all at once of the news. The Legend had repeated itself again!

At the cruise ship, Yu Ping was hanging out with Jake and some crew members on the deck. The television was on, kitty corner of the bar area. The citizens made time to hang out and celebrate this day even when they can't attend in person. The citizen sat in their home and watch news outlet report. This was a once in a lifetime to get a clear look of the Prince. He led a very low profile life despite the age of technology. They never got to see him in a clear upfront view.

Yu Ping spat out his drinks when he heard the confession.

As for Jake, although, glamourous in the royal uniform, Jake could tell that the person who inspected them last time was definitely the prince! Did he make a good impression then? Oh, how he wished to confirm this with Yu Sha and Su Na as they were the only two presented during the inspection with him. As his mind was thinking of how his performance was in front of the prince, another pressing issue occurred. Who was the woman the prince was referring to? "Soul long betrothed and heart long possessed by her..."

One of the crew members turned around and asked Yu Ping if he was alright, to which he kindly replied he was fine. They didn't know that Yu Ping was astounded!! That was one hell of a confession of a century!! He could barely keep himself composed! Then, an idea popped in his mind. To make sure, he quickly reached for his phone and sent a text to Yu Sha; "Hey, how was grandma?" He hadn't been in touch with her since she was supposed to spend some times with their grandma. He needed an excuse to find out if she saw the news.

Less than a minute, a reply came in; "It was great as always. Grammy looked well."

He replied; "That's good. I'll visit her at my earliest convenience."

"Mm.. You should. I'll be coming back and you can visit her." She texted back.

"So soon?"

"What do you mean? I was gone for a whole week. Should I not come back?"

Yu Sha was too occupied with the new information she found and the slip up with her mother that she didn't realize what day it should be.

Yu Ping figured she hasn't seen the news. Although he knew she doesn't tune into trends unless it's on when she walked by and or someone told her, he just wanted to make sure coincidence doesn't happen in this case.

Currently, she was at home under house arrest. Her mother's subordinate stood guarding the house all night while she received an earful from her father. He just allowed her to catch a little sleep before dawn. The only thing she could remember repeated from last night was her father's ugly cried and repetition of the thing same over and over again that he would never let her set foot in their territory. She must promise to let go of the thought! Now she felt even more compelled to set foot in their territory. Her parents didn't tell her anything but only got mad at her!


Within a few minutes, the famous sentence, "Soul was long betrothed and this heart was long possessed by her" was the most searched sentence in the net. Yet no matter how much people researched, they couldn't find a reference and a clue to who the woman was.

The advisors tried to calm down the hall. If the prince had already left, there was nothing much they could do but promised to persuade the prince one more time. Prince Hue Chi was bold, he gave them an ultimatum in front of the nation. If they forced him to pick a wife, there would be no heir and the royal's bloodline would end with Hue Chi. If they allowed him to pick the one he wanted, it may not appease the elite circles, those who supported the royal. The advisor was in an ugly situation.