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339 The Coronation

 Several hours later, prior to the start of the event, Hue Chi's royal limousine arrived on scene. The security guards were on their post and alerted while every corner and floor were filled with tight security devices. The elites were already in the main royal hall with their families, and major news stations arrived, hyped to scoop the next big news of the royal.

Hue Chi stepped out of the royal limousine, dressed in a custom-made suit designed specifically for him, enhancing his toned, masculine figure. His golden eyes gleamed like the sunset at golden hour, contrasting the expressionless look on his face. Despite all cheerful noises around, the glimmering lights and restless crowds, those were invisible to him. Not a single thing caught his attention as he marched towards his private room, escorted by many bodyguards.

Inside his private room, Butler Zeu felt complicated seeing Prince Hue Chi's zoned out presence. Today should be the happiest day for him, for those who served him and the entire country. They long waited to celebrate his coronation, yet when the times arrived, a part of them wished this day would also never come.

Butler Zeu brought in the white royal uniform for Hue Chi to change into for the ceremony. As slways, Hue Chi allowed Butler Zeu to assist him.

Not long later, the ceremony was set to start. Hue Chi walked out to the throne platform where his Royal Parents were sitting in their designated seats looking out to the people in the hall. All the major news tuned into the coronation, recording the event in real time, broadcasting the event throughout the entire country. Outside the building was a large screen displaying the royal family in real time so those standing outside can attend the event.

The King got up from his throne, walked forward to the front of the platform and welcomed the important guests inside the royal hall. "It is an honor to have the nation join, far and near. Today, we celebrate the long awaited day, the nation's prince officially take his role as crowned prince." The King's father did the same when he was crowned and now, had to do the same to his son. After a short speech, he asked his son to walk forward.

As asked by the King, Hue Chi stepped forward to face the audience. His face still as stern as ever and still as handsome as before, out beat all the famous actors in the planet. Single young women could die from a heart attack if he spared them a glance, yet on the platform, he looked so distant as none of the people come into his vision.

The Royal Advisor stepped forward beside the king, while holding onto a golden plaque that held the crown. He said to Prince Hue Chi, "Repeat after me.... I swear that I shall listen to my people, protect their freedom, and carry the hopes of my kingdom..."

In a kneeling position, Hue Chi placed a hand on his chest and repeated after the royal advisor. Once the oath was completed, the King grabbed the crown and placed the crown onto Hue Chi's head. "With this, I bestow you the title of Crowned Prince!"

Once the crown placement was completed, the advisor instructed Prince Hue Chi to stand up again and face the audience, allowing the audience to see him with the crown.

Both father and son went back to their seat as the advisor took over. He made his own speech and closed the crowning process. The royal family descended from their platform to meet the important guests and social elites. The royal couple couldn't be happier to see this day. Happiness were written all over their face as not only today was the day their son was officially crowned as the next successor, but their long goal will also be met. Their son will pick a life partner, which will put their worry to rest. Once he picked who he wanted to marry, they would pick another date for the engagement. The royals will have more meaningful celebration event to hold, one for the engagement, then the wedding and hopefully be blessed with grandchildren.

Aires Prince Coronation also made headline news in other countries and a clip of the royal family was displayed briefly. No matter at what angle Prince Hue Chi's face came into view of the camera, he looked stunningly handsome to captivate the entire planet.

Once the Royal Family made their round to meet the guests in the main royal hall, they climbed back onto their platform. The Royal Advisor proceeded with the next event on the agenda, picking a wife, in other words, the next Queen.

Prior to this, the Royal Advisor spent countless hours with his team compiling the candidate profiles for Hue Chi. They special delivered it in person and even presented it to Hue Chi. It was a royal order from the King to review it with the prince, allowed him to think about it and made his announcement after the crowning ceremony. "Next, we should hear from the Crowned Prince about the person he had chosen as a potential future Queen."

With this, the hall went completely silent and tensed as they waited for the Prince to come forward on the platform.

Shesha and Kao Sheng felt like their heart was about to stop beating. They both have the biggest crush on Prince Hue Chi since their young days and their crush for him had only grown bigger with each passing day.

Renida and Seriya saw him less and both were busy with their career. They liked him but didn't place their hope that he would notice them. He kept everyone out of his true heart and had never shown interests in anyone specifically. Though, if they were selected, they would accept it with grace and honor. Who wouldn't want to accept the title as future Queen? That title was something people can only dream of and a one person can have.

The airs in the room tensed as if it could feel the anxiety of the people in the main hall. It felt like the world stopped and time remained still. People stopped eating, drinking and stood still in place, staring at the big screen, waiting for the prince to make his announcement.

Prince Hue Chi remained quiet throughout this whole ordeal but knew that he would have to step forward and speak. And, so... slowly, he took a few steps forward and looked at the main hall one more time.