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338 Pretend We Didnt Hear

 Cao Huo had created a unit of her own, taken in students around her children's age in order to help her bond with her own children and know what goes through children's mind in all stages. Though sadly, she spent more of her time with the students and not her own children due to the nature of her family history and work.

Yu Sha replied, "Well.. originally, I wanted to know more about the Ghost King Gang. Either I extracted the information while I'm here or allowed myself into the Ghost King Gang's territory."

Chills pierced through the other four when they heard Yu Sha's explanation.

"Since I never got the chance to hack the system here, I have no choice but to ask." What she meant was because she found out the dark secret, unless she had a firm resolved, she couldn't meet the successor yet. She wanted to leave for sometimes to ponder on this new information she found.

Another set of chills pierced thru them again. "We'll pretend we didn't hear that."

Beyan covered his ears and said hysterically, "Ah.. I heard nothing. Please keep your thoughts to yourself." They were trained to be loyal and reported information that could potentially harm the entire empire. What Yu Sha said was blasphemy against the empire.

Yu Sha replied, "You were the one who asked me."

The four instantly locked eyes with each other as the same thought ran through their mind, 'What if she wanted to turn against the Light Clan Empire? Would they have to be her enemy?' People can be hard to predict sometimes.

They hopped in a high speed military airplane and took off. Several hours later, they arrived into the city. The aircraft slowed and descended downward. Saveria stripped a backpack onto Yu Sha and off they jumped out of the airplane. They glided effortlessly down onto the property.

The Yang's house was not too small or glamourous, but they had a huge yard where Yu Sha and Yu Ping often trained and ran around when they were small. Everyone landed on the property and undid their parachute.

Tai Li and Benzo folded the parachutes while Saveria and Beyan escorted Yu Sha to the door. Before they even reach the door, the door was swung opened and an unhappy Mong Zong busted through, crying "Yu Sha! How could you think of something stupid like that!"

Saveria and Beyan were shocked of their boss's husband's first impression. They thought he would appear more manly and dazzling, but instead, he was a shamelessly embarrassing kind of parent.

"Ehhhh...." But they couldn't complete the sentence to their thought as it would be rude to have such thoughts of their superior's taste in men.

Mong Zong pulled Yu Sha inside and thanked the others for bringing her home. He instructed them to stay in the small guest house at the by the fence as per his wife, they were ordered to follow her making sure she doesn't do something stupid.

As soon as the door were shut, the lecture began. He had never seriously lecture her but this time, he gave her an earful and order to inform Du Xi of the children's activities. In the end, Yu Sha couldn't do anything but promised that she wouldn't go snooping in the Ghost King Gang's property.


In Aires, into the wee hours before dawn, the country was restless and the city looked like millions of fireflies bursting in all directions as the next day would be the Prince's coronation. This time was extra special as he would need to pick a life partner and set a date for the engagement to happen. Typically, the elitists were the one that were listless.

On the white marble balcony, Hue Chi sat quietly the entire night, while staring at the screen of his phone. Since she left the country a week ago, she had not sent him even a word. Once she flew out of his country, he had no control over the information of her daily life, unless he sent people to secretly tail her.

Did he even occur in her mind, even if it was just for a brief moment? Slowly, Hue Chi reached for the phone and opened up their past text conversation. At this moment, he could only relive those moments via re-reading the text messaging. He tucked the summon charms inside his pocket, hoping that she would think of him and wanted him enough to activate the spell, but since she left, nothing happened. While lost in his own thoughts of the person he longed for, the sun rose on the distant horizon.

According to the guards, he was on the same spot all night long and this pained Butler Zeu much, but he was respectful enough not to intrude as he knew his prince may have a lot to think about. He waited anxiously until the first sun peak and hastily excused himself into his prince's quarter with some freshly brewed coffee to help energized and keep him awake.

"Prince, whatever decision you make, I'll support you to the end." This statement could go either way. Although Butler Zeu came to like Yu Sha, the politics surrounding royal were too complicated. If Hue Chi must pick someone among the Elite Social Circle, Butler Zeu would support Hue Chi and the life partner he picked. If Hue Chi didn't pick anyone, he would fully support that decision just as much. If Yu Sha was the only person Hue Chi want, he would do everything in his power to help the two. He would go as far to persuade Yu Sha if she should reject his prince.

"We are to head out in four hours." Butler Zeu kindly reminded Prince Hue Chi after seeing his motionless reaction.

When the master of the place felt distressed, it affected everyone that worked under the master, and this was strongly so for Butler Zeu who was closest to the prince. Yet at the same, nothing he said or do would remove the clouds in his prince's heart.