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337 Escort Her!

 She let out a sad exhaled and leaned onto the tree root, looking up at the skies. There were no stars or the moon on sight, only heavy dark clouds. Had her parents calculated their future already? And planned to raise them as happy as possible for as long is their destiny allowed them to.

Her dazed were interrupted by the buzz of her phone and a text message from her mother asked her whereabouts. Only then her mind was brought back by the sound of her phone that she vanished from the spot and appeared back in the same bathroom she left.

Yu Sha ran through the maze of the building and finally into her mother's room. "Sorry, I got carried away."

"I'm not expecting you to abide 100% to the rules here, but adhere to as many as you can and whenever you can."

She nodded fully, "Yes."

For the next couple of days, her heart was heavy. Her mother was busy and on a tight schedule. Half of the time, she couldn't shadow her mother but was left with the unit. On the third night, she told her mother, she needed to get back to work, but would like to visit again.

Cao Huo was surprised. She thought her daughter was going to spend more days with her. "You haven't met my family. Don't you want to meet them?"

Yu Sha paused for a minute to look for the best answer. "Not this time, but next time when I come back, I would like to meet them for sure. I'll be leaving tomorrow morning."

Cao Huo studied her daughter and felt something was amissed. She leaned in closer and probed, "Something bothering you? Are you unhappy?"

"Ahha.. No. I um..." She couldn't find an excuse. Her mother can read lies during interrogation and because she was her mother's daughter, it would be even harder to lie. She didn't want her mother to know that she met up with her other grandmother and learned the dark secret of the Light Clan. And that, had plagued her mind and heart heavily. She had to quickly thought of something to deflect from being found.

"I, um... Do you know the Ghost King Gang?" This was one of the purposes why she came, to ask the successor for information of the Ghost King Gang and in return, want to lead the role of the successor if that was the only future for Yu Ping. The thought of him shouldering such a responsibility was too great of a burden, a fate, too unfair to him. She also wanted to know why he was picked and not her. Little did she know, that the truth was far from it.

Her mother had a dissatisfied look on her face. "How do you know about them?"

This was her opportunity to explain everything in one swoop in ways that her mother wouldn't detect something odd. "Well, you know, the second wife of CEO Song, there's a chance that she may be associated with them. We found a leak of the association but it was hard to pin down information of them."

Her eyes frowned deeper, "HUH!! What have you children been doing behind my back?"

Yu Sha didn't think her mother would be furious. She thought she found something to distract the interrogation, but she may have escalated it. Regardless, she was going to deny and stick to one story only. "Maaa... We didn't do anything. We just thought we would dig up some dirt about her for taunting Autie Du Xi."

Cao Huo hissed and reprimanded, "Don't even go there. Stay out of it!"

"Why? Who are they?" Although she knew that they are an organization similar to the Light Clan, she needed more information. With her current power, she couldn't dig anything unless she went after them and allowed herself to be captured by them.

Yu Sha threatened, "If you don't tell me then, I'll just go to their territory and investigate myself." She was in their territory previously and was taken in but she didn't know she was going to be stripped away of her ability. If she didn't suddenly lose her consciousness, she was confident she could win the battle.

Her mother roared, "HUH!" Energy swarmed around her causing the window and furniture to shake. "Are you threatening me?" Her eyes were frightening enough to scare Yu Sha.

The tense environment was suddenly interrupted by a phone call. Her eyes widened. Just the person she wanted to talk to. Cao Huo picked up the phone angrily, "Darling. Your daughter wanted to give herself to the Ghost King Gang."

Suddenly, on the other line came a roar! "What?! Over my dead body! Bring her home right now!" Mong Zong himself have a personal vendetta against the Ghost King Gang. No way in hell would he allow his precious daughter go into their territory!

Cao Huo soon summoned her subordinates for an emergency mission. They were only summoned to her place twice in the past, so they rushed like a hurricane to only heard the mission.

"Escort her to her father. Make sure to deliver her to him! And watch her every move." Cao Huo ordered angrily. Her eyes were frightening. They could only reply hastily and took Yu Sha out.

Beyan, Tai Li, Benzo and Saveria escorted Yu Sha out to the airport on site. While on the way Saveria asked, "Did you get into a fight with your mother?"

Yu Sha sighed exhaustedly, "Ahhh... My parents are annoying to the core!" She at this point could imagine what her father's expression was like.

Beyan adjusted his glasses. He was getting ready for bed when CODE RED command appeared on his phone that was connected to the speaker. He had to put his glasses on while storming over and it was crooked.

Beyan asked, "Yu Sha, what's the secret to making your mother that mad?" As the only one that started in the academy since a child, he had been trained under her the longest. They all started out as students and now graduated to subordinates. Technically now, she was their boss and they were her students. But they just weren't used to boss and subordinate reference as for years, they were students up until a year ago.