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 She could only attempt to change the subject. "Let's cheer one more time!"

Seeing this, Benzo couldn't stand by and sulk but joined. He stood up and grabbed the drink Yu Sha offered him and downed it. He wasn't going to be the only person left behind the entire night. Yu Sha quickly blended in with the rest of the students. She typically isn't a violent person in nature if one doesn't get in her nerve or provoke her. Part of her violence came with the fact that she doesn't like to appear weak. She had been weak earlier in life and never wanted to show her vulnerability.

Another hour passed by and their curfew time approached. The group proceeded to head back to the building. As they got inside, Yu Sha bid farewell to the team and slid away. She had her mother's badge which allowed her the same right as her mother but instead of heading back to her mother's place, she snuck inside a public restroom, and space traveled outside to the area she was once curious about earlier.

As she didn't know what was beyond the dense forest, she couldn't put herself far out there. When she reappeared, she was within surveillance detection and had to quickly left the premise with Light Technique. After some times, she came upon a barricaded area. This didn't stop her but instead, piqued her interest even more and she broke through the barricaded area undetected with her space travel and headed into the premise. "Why would a place of this large perimeter existed, isolated, and well hidden from the rest?"

She snuck into the property to explore. It could be innate gifted passed down from her father to her, but she felt there was something beyond the dense forest. When she asked the others, they too never really gone beyond the dense forest. She felt puzzled why the place was situated oddly at one corner of the country thus, never allowing the opportunity for the workers to explore this part. When she felt curious of something, she would go searching for answers on her own. Could beyond that place was where her mother's real family lived?

Although she had only been there for a day and wouldn't get to meet her mother's side of the family right away, she was anxious to meet them. What kind of people they are? Could they be as ruthless as their history deemed them to be? Although her mother didn't appear that way to her but it could be her bias judgement since the person was her own parent.

She scouted the surroundings to see signs of activities and get herself familiar with the area. Once acquainted herself with the area, she meticulously headed for the building. Although there were surveillances, none was reacting to her entrance. Even though she was cautious of entering, nothing happened. As she got deeper into the courtyard, she spotted someone sat underneath a shiny pearl pavilion. At a closer look, the person was an elderly woman, assorting flower arrangement.

Yu Sha could see the side profile and noticed that the elderly woman wasn't even looking at the flowers as she assorted them. The whole time she assorted flowers without glancing at the flower. Next to her was a maid servant who helped to take the arrangement out of her hand and stack them onto a cart shelf.

After a brief moment, the maid shot out an arrow from her sleeve at Yu Sha's direction. The speed was fierce and fast. The second before it hit the aimed target and moment when Yu Sha moved, the arrow dispersed into smaller arrows aiming at her. As it connected to a solid object, it exploded simultaneously. With her Light Technique she was able to get away quickly and approached the two women in the pavilion.

The maid servant instantly recognized the move and halted her second arrow. The elderly woman assorting flowers didn't budge a muscle to the commotions, but remained calm and composed. Based on the sound of how Yu Sha moved with her technique, she recognized that it must be a family member.

The elderly woman slowly parted her lips and spoke in a raspy voice. "Someone I haven't met."

The maid nodded. "Mm."

"Is this part of the Light Clan?" Yu Sha asked.

The elderly woman finally turned around to face Yu Sha. Her eyes were closed.

'Had it her eyes been closed this entire time?' Yu Sha thought.

Hearing this, the elderly woman chuckled. Those not part of the Light Clan wouldn't be able to set foot in her estate. This young woman either were exceptionally skilled or were her kin.

"And you came here without knowing?"

Yu Sha didn't know how to answer. Indeed, she came without knowing exactly what lied beyond the dense forest. If it wasn't for her innate ability, it would take her days to get here. But she didn't come here entirely to learn more about her mother. Her ultimate goal was to meet with the successor behind her mother's back for her own motives.

"Bring out some teas."

The maid obeyed and walked inside.

"Come sit." The elderly woman motioned for Yu Sha to go closer and sit.

This was not exactly what she imagined would happen when she trespassed, but she didn't feel any bad intentions from the elderly woman.

"I... Mm..." Yu Sha couldn't decline and obeyed as instructed.

She pushed off the flowers to the side to make space on the pearl table.

At this point, Yu Sha was feeling a little awkward and confused. 'Could she be the successor of the Light Clan? Wasn't it supposed to be mamma's father?' She came with the intention to go full power mode if he refused to meet her. Now, things turned out completely opposite.

"Ar... are you the successor of the Light Clan?" She asked with uncertainty.

The elderly woman let out a chuckled again. If the young girl were to be in the enemy's land, they wouldn't spare her. "Why do you want to know? Depends on your answer, I may tell you."

"I came with a condition, unless you're the successor, I can't tell you."

The elderly woman slowly opened her eyes.