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334 He Must Be So Dazzling

 She could only uttered oddly, "Hahaha, I'm sure he's a great person, but sometimes, great people don't always appeared the way we think they are." She didn't want them to lose hope if one day they found out who Chronos was.

As they were walking back, a dense forest piqued her interest. Yu Sha interrupted them, "What's beyond this forest?" They were walking back from the northwest direction.

Tai Li replied, "We haven't gone far into this forest, but there must be nothing beyond this forest here. The deeper one walked into the forest, the denser the forest and more poison plants. We occasionally go in to fight and do ambush practice, but there was nothing in there besides trees, weeds, and poison plants." Their entrance to the city wasn't that direction as the Light Clan Empire occupied the northwest of the country. When they're assigned to mission, they took the opposite direction to get to the cities.

Yu Sha looked beyond the dense forest. Exploration was in her nature. As for what went on in her mind, only those of keen sense could tell from the look of her eyes that she was curious.

Tai Li nudged, "Sometimes, some things are better left unexplored." He knew from the look of her face, there was curiosity. Indeed, now that she brought it up, that part had never really been explore, or the surroundings had never been explored. There were usually a few entries in and those were the route they often took when they go on missions. There hasn't been a need to go beyond so naturally, everyone doesn't bother with.

"Yu Sha, I suggested you ask your mother?" Tai Li instructed. Her mother would know more than them.

"I was just asking." She muttered. She knew her mother would only tell her the things that could affect her. Anything outside of that, unless she researched and find out by herself, she wouldn't know.

Tai Li added, "Just so you know, if one of us is not next to you, these securities would shoot you on sight." He wanted to warn her not to act rash.

It was then Yu Sha realized those robotics and surveillances. She denied, "I wasn't thinking of anything."

They headed back to the unit only to find Benzo sulking at the corner of the lobby area.

When they returned his sulk instantly turned to threat glare. She was the source of his misery and yet she recalled nothing of the harms done unto him. He had been a mess since primary school and hated everyone. They lied to him just to get by not because that was how they truly felt. They were bought by his parents' money. He since lived in her shadow and went astray and thus was forced into the Light Clan Empire because of his wealth and father's politician status. Only those of the elitist knew of these existing Empires that controlled the government from behind by providing aids, protecting them, and making pertinent decisions for the sake of balancing the world. In other words, these politicians were often puppets to control the masses.

"Yu Sha, are you interested your family's business?" Beyan asked out of curiosity as she suddenly showed up now. Could it be she wasn't interested at first? Or that she was kept in the dark about this matter?

"Hm... No, I just want to know more about my mother."

"Well, what do you think?" Tai Li asked. It would be nice to add a person to the team, especially her.

"I already have my own work and haven't thought of joining." She replied. She promised Su Na that she would assist Su Na in building her own empire. The thought of her taking over either her father's or mother's legacy hadn't occurred to her. She felt that they, too, never wished for their children to carry their own legacy. If her parents wanted that for them, they would have exposed her and Yu Ping to their business a long time ago.

Cao Huo walked into the lobby to join her daughter and team.

"Saveria and Tai Li, you two, create a plan to assist Governor Hejue."

The two replied to her instruction. They will be spending the evening looking at Governor Gejue's schedule and devised protection plan.

Several hours later and night rolled around. Yu Sha asked to spend the late evening with the team to get to know them more. That night they went out to eat at a restaurant nearby. She got to know more of the students who joined them.

Benzo also joined, but he remained a distant while observing them as the class rep was constantly around Yu Sha. He could take blows from others, but Saveria, enjoyed seeing him suffer more. If he allowed himself to be in a situation where she could abuse him, he would fall right into her trap.

As a person who had a knack to include loners, Yu Sha went up to him and offered him a drink to which he hastily stood up and glared at her. How dare she forgot about the damage she had done to him and pretended to be nice to him now?

Saveria shot angry eye beams at him when she saw his stance and that alone tamed him. "Yu Sha, forget about him. Come here, let's enjoy the night. Tell me more about your parents?" Saveria asked loudly, being a little tipsy.

"Eh... my father... stayed home to take care of my brother and I. Up until a few years ago, he opened up a bar. My mom only come home once in a while. I knew she worked for the government, but my life was occupied enough to not have time to think about what she actually does." Yu Sha explained to her mother's soldiers.

One student asked, "Eh... your father must be so dazzling, so powerful, full of pheromones to attract your mother!" Her mother was known as a cold, distant woman. To be able to make her fall for him, he most either used love potion or full of pheromones!

A cold chill ran through her spine when she heard this sentence. They didn't see the side of her father that she saw. If they did, would they still think the same?