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333 Gained 1/3 Righ

 Not long later, they arrived into the unit. The outside classroom was still a property near their unit. It was an outside classroom, they utilized to run simulation. Very few people were inside as most were already out training and those who couldn't make it were out in the job.

Beyan explained, "This is the lobby area, to the right wing is where all the tech geeks worked. They range from all specialty in that field from hacker to engineer. The left wing is where all the with fighting skills were at."

When she heard the work tech geek, she thought of her father, except she felt her father had exceptional skill.


In another place somewhere within the space building, Cao Huo had long arrived and was sitting in a round table with a few others. One of the attendees, who sat two tables from her, had the same eyes as hers, an elderly man who's gray mostly taken over and wrinkles appeared visible in his face, yet sat in an upright posture and radiated an unmatched aura spoke, "Cao Huo, your team is to safeguard governor Hejue during the upcoming election."

She expected this as she had been doing this for the last two decades, providing support for governors. And for the last few years, they had worked closely with governor Hejue. It was only natural for her to lead as a person most experiences with these two worlds. "I got that mapped out and will dispatch a team."

Another person, of the same look, walked in and apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm late. I just got back from the far east." He proceeded to grab a seat on the table.

"Drazin, how's the situation on the east?" As the son of the Light Clan, younger brother to Cao Huo got lesser of the experience in the field as Cao Huo but his skills are almost on par with hers. He was assigned a mission in the east to investigate the politicians who had been abusing their power ruthlessly. Just because they are far from the eyes of the people who monitor and watches them, they thought they could get away with their riots and revolt. Gave men power and their true nature came out. That was what happened to these men in power. They wanted more power and refused to collaborate with the very same people who put them there in the first place.

Drazin gave his reports as he arrived earlier than in his team. The full written reports wouldn't get to his father until the next day. Using his ability, he was able to get home faster than his team and filled in his father.

Shortly after the meeting ended. The serious topic of discussion ended when Drazin turned to his sister, "I heard the rumor as I rushed my way over. You brought over...?"

He was waiting for his sister to fill in the blank to confirm when his father reprimanded in a hoarse voice. "Hm... This is not a playground." Inferring to that she couldn't nonchalantly bringing outsiders in on a whim.

She didn't abandon her husband and children for a fruitless future. She came back to pave a road for her children and thus, had gained 1/3 rights of the Light Clan's empire. She hadn't wasted a single day since she returned. Even if she changed her clan from the inside, there are still other dark organizations she has to battle with. Being a parent meaning you would walk through fire and storms, swam across the oceans and move mountains for a better future of your children.

Cao Huo cuddled a hand to her cheek and said merrily, "Ahh.. What can I do when my kid wants to learn more about me?" Deep inside, though she was quite happy that her children wants to learn more about her. To her, it was a bond her children wanted to have. Her, as a parent that wasn't around much, this was the greatest honor even though part of her wanted to shut them out forever, yet at the same, it felt great to be truthfully honest with them about her. Each time when she was truthful to them, a weight got lifted off.

Cao Huo's father snorted as he sent a glare at her direction. He doesn't need useless pawn. He demanded what he wanted from her already. In only matters of times, the person he needed would come to him on his own accord. The other person can be discarded.


Yu Sha shadowed Tai Li and Beyan. They took her to the store where they typically ate, buy essential needs and hang out place. It was a city of its own at the Light Clan Headquarter. Everything was either within the space building or within walking distance. Everyone who worked there are all employees of the Light Clan. This would allow them to have no contact with outsiders except when they work on the field.

Beyan showed her some of his invention. Behind his glasses, sparkles of inspiration flickered, he spoke highly of Chronos, the person who inspired him. The only thing Yu Sha could do was force a fake laugh. He was known as the legendary inventor among the technology and engineer field. To Yu Sha, she only saw her father as a man who wore an apron, often spent his time in the kitchen who highly bragged about the new cooking recipe he invented or he was at the bar mixing drinks.

Yu Sha had never seen her father used any abilities. She guessed her grandma had some divine ability, but among all the elders in her life, the only ability she truly saw was her mother and her grandfather who passed away. She was not even sure if her father had any ability as he lived his life too normal. But one thing she knew for sure was that he was a genius. If he wasn't, he wouldn't be the man everyone envied and admired. With that, she prayed secretly to herself for these people to never find out his true identity.