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332 Puny Beast!

 The rest of the student could only watch Yu Sha put Benzo in his place as it lasted less than a minute. Knowing she does a good damage on him and he won't be able to stand, Yu Sha turned around and walked towards the others that watched them in awe.

Saveria rushed up to Yu Sha and apologized. "I'm sorry, don't mind him." He was the most delinquent among them and usually does what he wants. As class reps for this course, she had to keep him under control and he was the only one who constantly bickers with her.

Yu Sha remember that during her prime, she faced this kind of sudden challenge attacks. But she had long outgrown that stage and have no time to feed others validation.

Tai Li exhaled a long sigh that Yu Sha didn't make a deal out of it and hope she doesn't report this to her mother. Besides that, the rest were amazed of her skills. "Let's go. I'll show you my work."

"Work?" She thought this was part of work.

"Yes, we all have jobs here. This course was extra curriculum only."

The students along with Yu Sha was about to exit the training environment when an exasperated shout stunned them. "You Puny Beast!"

It caught the attention of everyone and they turned at the direction to see. What they saw was a beat up Benzo forcing his way back as he tried to catch his breath.

Yu Sha thought the name sounded familiar but didn't want to waste time searching in her memories. She was done with this life, life of having to prove herself to amateur minded people. Strong-minded people would spend their times improving themselves and not seeking challenges to prove their self worth.

"Damn it! After all these times you only grew three feet!" Benzo shouted.

This statement stunned the entire class! "What? You two knew each other?" Everyone asked, flabbergasted, that the lazy rotten spoiled Benzo and Yu Sha knew of each other.

Yu Sha denied. "No, I don't know him."

Benzo pulled close in front of Yu Sha's face in an intimidating manner to peer at her, allowing her to see him closely. Maybe it'll jog her memories? She didn't budge, but spent a moment to look at him.

The others focused their attention on the Yu Sha waiting for answers.

Finally, she shook her head. "Who are you?"

Beyan joked, "Probably a fly she squashed who managed to survive to this day."

Those words hit Benzo's very core that it momentarily froze him in place. It was not exactly false as she overpowered him and his peers back in primary school. They were bullying another girl, calling her ugly and took her hair ties. Yu Sha happened to walk past and saw the moment when they pulled the girl's hairs. This infuriated Yu Sha and she gave them bruises that lasted for weeks to come. Thanks to the Herr's twin for attempting to break the fight, he and his friends got away without broken bones.

Benzo was a rich, spoiled kid who had his way every day of his life, his parents spoiled him, the maids and servants at his estate gave in to his every whim. His peers were scared to say no to him. Everyone fed his egos until that fateful day. Yu Sha didn't spare him or his peers. His background meant nothing to her! She came just like that and left just like that, as if someone purposely didn't want him to find her; Keo and Leo.

Yu Sha step aside and headed towards the entrance. She had no time to idle nonsense with someone she has no recollection with. She came here with a purpose and accepting challenges was not included.

Tai Li and Beyan proceeded after her while Saveria got in front of Benzo, emitting a frightening aura while reaching her hands over to grab Benzo's collar. "Just because your normal way of picking girls started to decline, doesn't mean you could stoop so low!" She thought he must be bored of the normal way he usually picked up women to feed his needs, instead stooped to challenging and getting on the woman's nerve!

Irritated of the insult, Benzo pushed Saveria, "Shaddup you old virg!"

BOOM!! Saveria slammed her head onto Benzo, causing blood to drip down his head. The impact force made him toppled over. He knew that she has iron body and chose to nurture his head instead. She refused to use weapons during battle as it decreased the impact vibration when a hit connected. Her iron body itself made up for any weapons there was.

Benzo scooted back a few feet to put distance between them. He knew her savageness has no bound and there were no such things as holding back for her. "Damn you!" He couldn't say anything afterward for fear of repercussion as he received enough blows today. His autocratic body and face hit its limit.

An angry, creepy grin curved on her face. "You're really an eyesore. If you don't shape up next time, pick where you want to be buried." With that, she stormed off angrily. Although they only met once a month in class, they worked today and she was getting tired of keeping him in check. If he wasn't on the same work line as her, she would've tossed him into the ocean already.

Tai Li, Beyan and Yu Sha walked together to the men's workplace. They work in the same unit and often time, would be dispatched to do field work, such as escorting VIP or government officials to events. Often time, they would be gone for weeks for field work. Tai Li proceeded to explain as they walked. "Most of us work in the same unit, your mother was our leader. We meet once a month to train like what you saw today. We're usually out with jobs majority of the time. Not all people were present today."

"My mom is?" She never heard details of her mother's line of work, so it felt a little weird to know her mother led a soldier group of her own.