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331 Gaze Of Schemer

 The students were stunned speechless as they tried to bring themselves to reality. Based on the expressions of the students, Yu Sha had a sense that something was off with their reaction, as if they had envisioned something different. She quickly bowed and announced.

"I.. I'm Yu Sha. My mother's oldest child. I had been raised in a faraway land." She assumed her mother's affairs must have had been kept private and suppressed. Though she felt her mother had no intention of hiding her identity from now on, but she hid it until this point. If her mother didn't want to expose her, her mother wouldn't agree to bring her here. There was no way to deny that she wasn't the daughter of her mother when they looked like twins born two decades apart. Thus, she quickly made the introduction she made. If her mother kept her side of the family this well hidden from her, there was no doubt that she and her brother had been kept secret just as much.

"Tai Li!" He was the modest and most mature student among people his age.

"Yes!" He stood up to respond.

"You're in charge of my daughter, including her well-being." Cao Huo grinned.

His mind flustered, to be held accountable for such a high task? He had always admired his instructor for her bravery and skill. Now to be in charge of her daughter, the pressure was on like a typhoon! Regardless, he didn't act out but answered in a compose manner. "Yes."

Benzo finally made his way back and was drawn towards the new female. "Who's this beauty?!"

The rest of the class shuddered, scared of what might happen next. They have known their instructor to be scary and unreasonable at times, especially towards Benzo.

She was happy to introduce her children when the time comes. And now, was the time. A warm grin rose on her face. "My daughter. She'll be here shadowing for the rest of the week." Then her eyes locked on Benzo, "If anyone dare make a move on her, her father will dissemble your body parts and scattered them around the twelve realms." She would support her daughter in any choice of man if her daughter truly loved that person, as she herself wouldn't want her daughter to go through the same thing she did. But, her protective husband was a different story. She knew her husband would have a harder time and thus, she wanted to warn every potential suitor of the potential consequences.

Benzo didn't budge, instead remained quiet and reflect to himself as if a memory from the far past came back to him. His gaze didn't leave her but gazes of schemer.

Yu Sha took a seat among the class while her mother lecture.

The class was divided into four groups and given tactical tasks. The groups are to face off each other, one as the infiltrator and the other as the defender. The students were being graded based on their teamwork skills, leading skill, and tactical decision.

A couple hours later, the class adjourned. Cao Huo dismissed the students when her phone beeped. She took a glance and her expression turned stern. She had to leave for an urgent matter. "Yu Sha, I have an important meeting. Tai Li will show you around. I'll come get you when I'm done." Her meeting contained high confidential information and only a select few are allowed to attend. She can't take her daughter.

"Wait..." Before Yu Sha could utter the word completely, her mother vanished. 'Damn Mom, I'm here to learn more about you and here you left me behind' she cursed.

As soon as her mother left, everyone hovered around her with curious eyes. Earlier, they couldn't do so because their instructor was present. Now, their instructor was gone, they have heeds of questions to ask.

"Are you really her daughter?"

"Who's your father? He must be godly like?"

"Where do you live?"

Tai Li and Beyan pushed the students away. "Everyone, class ended. Move along."

Tai Li called out to Yu Sha, "Come with me."

Yu Sha stood up from the seat and proceeded to follow Tai Li when she was cut off by Benzo. He faced her head on with only a few inches away.

Yu Sha was taken aback and paused her step. 'What's wrong with him?' She didn't know what he was up to but his eyes portrayed that of a challenger.

Benzo's eyes narrowed studying Yu Sha and soon let out a satisfying grin followed by a surprise punch into her face.

Beyan and Tai Li caught on half way and tried to intercept, but Yu Sha was faster. She vanished in front of Benzo and re-appeared behind him to land a kick on his back. He anticipated this and had prepared to counter. He fought with her mother numerous times to know what the next move would be. Though they are fast, once they vanished from the spot, they were bound to move to a different location.

He blocked the kick, but she vanished. He expected that she either be attacking from the front or side, which he prepared for. When she vanished, she can only move and not stay in place. High expert can catch the direction with their eyes though their body may not move able to keep up, but they can at least block the attack.

Yu Sha figured that he must have fought with her mother enough to know what her move would be like. This idiot pissed her right off the bat. She must show him who's boss. This kind of challenge, she received many times in her past. She appeared to the side of Benzo to which he saw coming. Just when she landed a punch, she vanished to throw a hard-forceful kick onto his back, pushing him flying forward. She didn't stop there but vanished and appeared in front of him. As he prepared for another frontal attack as his eyes saw her hitting him from the front, the final blow appeared from behind him which pushed him farther into the trees.