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330 Mini Creation

 "Uh huh."

"And you never thought to invite your children to your playpen here?" Yu Sha muttered.

"Your father and I agreed that we would raise your brother and you away from this life."

"Thanks mamma. Dad and you always make decisions that caused us the least amount of harm. You two can stop that now. Yu Ping and I aren't small anymore." She felt her parents should hear directly from them that Yu Ping and her can handle life on their own. Not everyone was as blessed as her, as if she was the heavens' favorite person, and it had given her nothing but the best in life.

"So, what's next?" She asked, curious to know if she'll get to meet her mother's side of the family.

"I have a class to teach soon. You can shadow me or stay here until I get back. Then I'll take you around some more. It'll take a couple days to tour through this place."

She asked to be here in order to learn more about her mother's line of work and possibly get to meet her mother's father. So, if allowed, she would use every opportunity to follow her mother closely. "Oh... Okay. I'll follow you."

Cao Huo threw a set of clothes over to Yu Sha. "Change and we'll head out." Yu Sha would stand out too much in her current getup, a stretchy blue jeans and plain black t-shirt. Yu Sha rarely dressed up when she was off the clock. She preferred simple clothing and comfort over lavish styles.

Cao Huo took her daughter to her training ground where she taught classes. Her work was a secret classified corporation that trained experts only and hire only the best. They aided the government from the shadow and held some controls over Lyon. There are other fractions in the governments who held equal amount of power as them. When one group is in too much control, a monopoly would happen. They held each other in check from power control.

As they made their walk to the training ground, some people walked past them and were astounded seeing a mini Cao Huo. They've heard rumor of her having children but never once met her children. She kept things very private and suppressed a lot of information, making it hard to even do research on her children. But, at this point, it wouldn't be hard to find out if her children were making their way into society.

Those who brushed past them could only stop and followed the mother and daughter pair with their gaze until the two vanished out of sight. No matter where in the world or in what setting, rumor soon spread like wildfire, the Light Clan was no exception.

Soon, they arrived into a large outdoor class room setting. The students were on their seat waiting for class to start. They had been at the classroom half an hour earlier, rehearsing and getting ready for class, so they missed the hot news that had been spreading throughout the other parts of the site.

A young male with wavy neck locks dropped on his desk as his face pale, drained of life.

Another voice shouted, "That's what you get when you wouldn't stop drinking last night!"

The young male with wavy neck lock shouted, "Shaddup! You virgins wouldn't understand!"

"Benzo you need to quick your playboy habit. If you get caught, I can't save you."

Another young male adjusted his glassed and smirk, "Hmph, don't lump us with you. We may be biologically on the same category, male, but uncontrollable beast like you who easily cave in to your desire, should quit this profession."

A vein popped on Benzo's forehead. He instantly stood up and spouted, "Huh? you four eyes virgin! Do you think I want to be here in this boring place?!"

The young man with glasses glared through his glasses as sparks sparkled from his eyes.

Another person, Tai Li calmed, "Come on guys, let's drop it. Class is about to start." He has a skill to break fights and weave his way around people easily. A very charming, charismatic man that seemed matured beyond his age.

A stern female voice called out. "Benzo, you snuck out dousing yourself again?"

Still groggy and hungover from the fun night before, Benzo replied, "Shaddup, you old woman with no love life!" Then it hit him that the person who spoke to him was not his class rep, Saveria but... He quickly sobered up and sat upright to see his instructor's domineering aura stood right before him!

Her wicked grin told him it was his doom day. He readied into stance but before he got a chance to fully prepare, a lethal punch knocked him back a few yards and landed onto a tree trump, shattering the trunk into pieces.

The rest of the students got up immediately and bowed to their instructor. It was at this moment that they saw another person in the same uniform as them. They weren't informed of a new student joining but on a closer look, she looked like a duplicate of their instructor.

The students' eyes widened, speechless, "Inst... Instructor.. new student?" Several students muttered.

Cao Huo smiled cheerfully and pulled Yu Sha next to her. "This is my mini creation! Don't she look adorable like me?"

The students' jaw dropped, including Yu Sha's. For the students, they've never heard their instructor make a puny joke. It was hard for them to see her silliness suddenly. She always faced them head on without no reservation or jokes. For Yu Sha, she hadn't expected her mother to introduce her that way. Mini creation can mean differently. In the field of science and technology, it could mean that she was created in the lab via a petri dish.

"Ehhhh!!!" The students were shocked all at once.

There were different rumor versions of Cao Huo. One was that she eloped with a man who eventually abandoned her. She ended up crawling back and beg for forgiveness. Another was, her husband died and left her alone. But regardless, the former was the hardest to believe. Though it was speculation only, the man who had the nerve to abandon her must be an idiot! There was even a rumor that she had a marriage fall out after she failed to conceive. Regardless of all the rumors, she was still deemed as a powerful person to be reckoned among the top powerful classes.