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329 Bitterswee

 Morning rolled around. Mong Zong made his family breakfast. He wanted to make sure he fed his Darling and Little Angle before they took off. He planned to stay for another day before going back to the city by himself.

At the door, Mong Zong bid good byes to his wife and daughter. Cao Huo turned to look at her daughter. She said haughtily, "Can you keep up?"

Her eyes narrowed at her mother. "We won't know until we try." She knew her mother came using their special ability and the return trip would also be the same.

Cao Huo suddenly vanished and less than a second, Yu Sha also followed.

Mong Zong finally walked back inside to where his mother was sitting. "Mother."

As predicted, mother can see through everything in their child's intention and thoughts. His mother spoke. "She will be fine, my son. Her time had started moving just as your father predicted before he left."

Mong Zong paused in deep thoughts. Only after a moment, he mumbled, "I wished I would have learned more from him while he was still alive." Although naturally gifted, Mong Zong wasn't much of a country person. He was ambitious, wanted to make a difference. He had a passion to create and built things with his hands and thus treaded the journey to the city to enroll in a school that would nurture his skills and dreams. Later, due to his intelligence, he got accepted to one of the most prestigious academy where he met his wife.

There was a lot of power struggle, some were top elite families, some were the super wealthy and a handful was accepted on scholarship due to top test scores across all fields. He was the former, but young and naïve.

He spent years chasing his wife and not learned from his father more. If he would spend a little time then, maybe he wouldn't live on edge not knowing what the future holds. Despite that fact that he wanted to do more with his life, he still carried a lot of his father's traits and that influenced his children. In his children, he also saw his own father's behavior in them, their kindness and the way they put others before themselves. Mostly, they tried to live in harmony with everyone as best as they could, whether it be nature, people or animals.


Not long later, the mother and daughter duo arrived at a huge object like center that had multiple layers of securities. There were lasers at every turn and a few hundred yards, a single wrong move and one's body could be pierce or sliced through depending on where one was at.

Yu Sha's mother allowed her to observe the place from the distance so she could get a good glimpse. Her work place looked like a grander scale of a satellite except it was on land, on a large property at that.

Yu Sha mumbled, "Mamma, this is very far from where we lives."

"Uh huh, quite far."

Yu Sha wouldn't have thought her mother's workplace felt so out of reach. For the longest time, she thought her mother works at the government center in their city. Since the government center was a little drive away, she thought her mother lived there for sake of easy commuting.

"This is where my family lives." Cao Huo added.

Yu Sha looked at her mother. She knew nothing about her mother at all. She lived with her own family all these time? What about her father, Yu Ping and her? What are they to her mother? "Mom, do you like it here?" She felt bittersweet that her mother wasn't around at home much because her mother had a home of her own. She don't often called her mother mom, but when she does, it meant she was serious in the words that followed.

Cao Huo felt this was a test question, but nonetheless, she answered truthfully. "Is it obvious, I would choose you guys in a heartbeat. I'm here not by choice but here so I can continue to have the power to hold on to your father, your brother and you."

Satisfied with her mother's answer, Yu Sha nodded slightly. "Mm..." Then something hit her. She faced her mother dead on. "Mamma, so are you threatened by someone?"

Cao Huo's brows furrowed of the question. Why was her daughter's imagination so wild? "Don't be silly!" Then on a second thought, Yu Sha may have been right. Yu Ping's future hinged on it, and that was the sole reason why she came back.

"Let's go. I'll show you around. Stay close to me if you want to keep your body parts." Cao Huo urged.

"Eh...! How could you say that so easily?" Yu Sha quickly followed and stayed as close to her mother as she could.

Cao Huo had high security clearance, so anyone with her usually received the free go. The surveillances could detect Cao Huo allowing her to roam freely anywhere without worrying about being attacked.

"Mamma, what exactly do you do here?" To Yu Sha it looked more like an illegal government experiment place than a place for a gang clan.

"Lots of things here. There are products being developed, training grounds in all fields, we assist top government officials in making decision, and finishing dirty tasks to move the country."

Yu Sha replied, "I don't get what you mean but I'm sure I will in due time." She didn't like the latter part of what her mother told her but knew that in this field, dirty work must be done in one way or another.

"Where are we going to first?"

"I'll show you my living quarter."

After some times, Yu Sha and her mother arrived.

Although Cao Huo's living quarter was on the farther end, her living quarter was huge, probably around the same size of her mini family's home back in the main city, except that all the rooms was on one level versus their 3 levels home in the city.

Yu Sha was left baffled when she stepped inside. "You live here alone?"