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328 The Transitional Space

 In the space, floating tranquilly were different bird species, full bloom in the color of rainbows that radiated ripples of rainbow color energy into the space. It simply floated without a destiny in mind, just like a boat floating on the ocean surface without a destination and any external force, but simply go where the winds and waves took.

"Grandpa, you left a little too soon. Grammy is all alone."

He smiled pleasantly and apologized. "It was not my intention. People leave when it's their time. You can't fight against the destiny set for you."

"I understand." She replied. Death is something that cannot be prevented. When it's one's time, one must go. That she knew as much.

Then her thought was distracted when a bird briskly brushed her side. She thought this bird reminded her so much of Ruby, except only Ruby's tail was that of rainbow colors and not the body. "Grandpa, what is this space?"

"It's the Transitional Space."

"Transitional Space?

"Yes, the space very few people could access and crossed."

Even with that sentence, she still does not know what that meant. What's he doing there and how was she able to see him. Since regaining her dreams and the bits and pieces of missing memories of her past, she remembered a time when he told her that if he should disappear from the world, if she yearned to see him, she should wished for it while by his grave, the universe would bring her to him. She did just as that. How was it possible to meet someone who already passed?

Her mind filled with many questions to ask. "What is the purpose of this space?"

"Yu Sha, this space is becoming more fragile in the course of many millennials in your current time. Since you left that world..." Her grandfather looked down, suggesting that it was the world she originally left.

He continued. "There are people who wanted to control all the realms. If in the hand of the ill intent people, the realms could cease to exist or constantly in chaos on the verge of destruction."

Yu Sha's body started to become transparent, indicating her time was up. People who belonged to an actual world can't stay inside the Transitional Space for long. They had to leave and accumulate more energy of their world in order to not dissipate forever. Staying too long can be dangerous.

"I guess it's time. I'll see you again."

Back in her world, her body solidified into view but felt prickle sensation all over her body. She took a few big breaths, feeling like she just surfaced from the water after staying under for so long.

Yu Sha waited for a bit until the feeling of her body came back to normal before attempting again. She soon found out that no matter how hard she tried, she didn't move anywhere. Her body remained stone to the same spot.

'What does this mean? Does it mean that I can't ever go back there? Or that I had to wait for a while? What's grandpa doing there? What does he mean?' She had so many unanswered questions. Why was the time so short?! She felt more confused than ever!

After a few attempts to no avail, Yu Sha decided to wait for a few more days. She brought her mind and thoughts back to the current event and pushed this issue to the back of her mind. What she should focus on right now was her family that should be waiting for her return. She wanted to make sure she left no trails for her parents to detect her odd behavior.

Yu Sha stood up and mumbled, "Grandpa, I'll visit you again." She remembered, he said, "I'll see you again." She felt sure that she would be able to visit him again. Just not now.

Not long later, she arrived back at the house. Her parents helped cleaned the yards while her grandma tidy up the shed.

When she came back, her father lit up the bonfire and prepare to grill food.

Forcing an elated expression on, she asked, "Is there anything I can help with?"

Mong Zong replied, "Go bring the meat and veggies trays on the kitchen counter."

"Okay!" She replied loudly and skipped joyfully inside the house, hoping that she acted well.

That evening the small family of four enjoyed the night in each other's company with great food. Moments like these should be sealed deep within one's heart. Yu Sha suddenly had a surge of sadness feeling, like she knew the loss of a dear family member. She sensed that life can be so fragile and easily disappear from one's grasp as if she lost many love ones in the past.

She doesn't know what was wrong with her and her mouth moved before her mind could stop. "Grammy, thanks for giving birth to dad." It surprised the three grown adults. Their Little Angel usually was not vocally emo.

Mong Zong looked at his Little Angel perplexed.

Yu Sha's logic mind finally kicked in and she quickly backed herself. "I was having a self conversation with grandpa and thought, how fragile life is. I just wanted to thank Grammy. Because without her, I wouldn't be here. She gave birth to you and here I am!"

Feeling jealous, Cao Huo joked. "I did a lot of work too. It wasn't easy keeping you inside of me. You wouldn't stay put and rolled out without my consent."

Yu Sha joked back. "Mamma, are you sure it's me? I bet you wouldn't stay still and continued to train and fight."

Cao Huo couldn't rebut her own daughter, because her daughter was right for the most part. For a moment, she felt nervous that her daughter was spot on. "Eh... you knew then?"

"So, I was right?" Yu Sha was shocked. She was just spouting things out and didn't know she hit target.

Mong Zong chuckled. He thought it was comical to watch his wife and daughter bickered. They don't often have moments like this as a family, which he knew what he signed up for when he chose Cao Huo as his lifelong partner. There are sacrifices he must make. Still, he didn't regret and enjoyed every moment of it.