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327 Forgot Bits And Pieces

 Yu Sha set the tripod straight from the grave on one end, tightened the phone and video call Yu Ping. He was waiting for their call to virtually join them. He didn't have memories of his grandpa, but heard about him from Mong Zong and the vivid memories Yu Sha could recall.

Su Na was still at home, which left Yu Ping as the only person at work. Although young, they all have great work ethics and held themselves accountable for projects. Being reliable is a trait employer looked for when hiring. They didn't lack any when came to working on contract projects. The more one made from their job, the greater the responsibility. They made sure they remained professional and responsible while the job was still active.

Cao Huo's face lit up when she saw her son on the screen. Cheerfully, she greeted, "My handsome!"

As always, he blushed slightly while his ears perked up. He loves compliment! "Mom, Dad, and grandma. Nice to see everyone."

"Yu Ping, we'll start without you." Mong Zong spoke.

"Mm.. Go head. I'll visit grandpa on another day." Yu Ping doesn't share the memories of his grandfather the same as everyone else, not that this day was not significant to him. It was, but he felt better sacrificing himself, if his absence meant that those who cherished his grandfather could be together.

Mong Zong walked up to his father's grave and started a conversation while Yu Ping struck a question, "Yu Sha, how was Su Na's mother? When will she be ready to resume work?"

" I was with Su Na yesterday. Aunt is better."

Cao Huo commented, "Du Xi should take care of herself more." Cao Huo knew Du Xi was fragile, yet despite the hardship she faced, she tried her best to raise her daughter the best she could. And in front of her daughter, there was no sign of pain and suffering but simply a loving mother who devoted her everything to her child.

Yu Sha replied, "The shop is closed. Aunt is currently at home recuperating and picked up painting." Aunt Du Xi was a person of great artistic skill. If it wasn't for what Helan did, maybe Aunt Du Xi would have done greater things with her artistic skill. She could be a famous artist.

Su Na made Yu Sha promised to never hold her grudge for her. Hate is a burden too great to share with those you care. Although Yu Sha didn't agree with Su Na's reasoning, she didn't want to complicate things and reluctantly agree.

Cao Huo added. "I think that's a wonderful idea. She should find her passion." One can only live their best when they have a passion and purpose to chase after.

Yu Sha's grandma wasn't much of a talker. She was more of a listener and observer than a talker. Just having her family around was enough for her even when the things they spouted out were very mundane. She still enjoyed their nonsense talk.

"Oh... so I supported a shelter in Aires too." Yu Sha thought she should share the news of her good deeds.

Cao Huo cringed. Her daughter's willingness to help other definitely stemmed from her husband and father-in-law. It was totally opposite from her side. If one day, Yu Sha know that her family can annihilate a shelter in a blink of an eye for the greater good of the country as a whole, how in despair would Yu Sha feel? Although Yu Sha acted cheeky most of the time, she has the softest heart for the weak and vulnerable.

Yu Sha's grandmother smiled. "That's wonderful of you. Your grandpa would feel very proud of you if he was here today."

To hear praises from her grandma, she smiled pleasantly. "Hehehe.. I know."

"Yu Sha, you can't possibly save everyone. Don't forget to take care of yourself. You can't fill other's cup when your is empty."

"I now."

The family continued their conversation, catching up on current events. Before long, several hours had gone by and it was time for the Yang household to wrap up for the day. Everyone partook in cleaning up.

Just as everyone turned to leave, Yu Sha spoke. "I want to have a moment alone with grandpa for a bit. I'll catch up at the house later."

The grown adult agreed. It wasn't unusual for her. In her younger days, she often came to play next to her grandfather's grave by herself. She was sickly as a child, if she wasn't at the hospital, she was here spending time with her grandfather. As soon as her health started to improve, he passed away, a couple months shy from when her grandmother and father sealed her dreams and memories. And she never got to show him her full recovery.

"See you later then." Mong Zong spoke.

Yu Sha watched her parents and grandmother walked out of sight when she finally sat down next to the grave. After a hard contemplation expression on her face, it finally relaxed as she closed her eyes and meditated.

She envisioned her grandfather auras, what would all the senses felt like as if he was still alive. His energy, calm demeanor, and the warmth that radiated from his gentle smiles.

Soon, pure white energy formed briskly yet gentle and swirl slowly around Yu Sha from the ground and up to her head. Her body disintegrated as soon as the energy traveled past her head.

In another space, Yu Sha appeared. The cosmic along with the planets were below her feet, exactly like how the world in her dream looked like while the surface above showed that of water surface tension and an image of her world displayed through from the water surface tension.

Waiting in between the two worlds, by himself, was her grandfather. He looked the same as she last remembered, accompanied him, was his peaceful aura that could calm the chaos in people's heart.

He smiled warmly at her once he saw her integrated into solid form. "You finally came."

She returned the smile and apologized. "Sorry, it took me so long. I forgot bits and pieces of my younger self."