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326 Celebrate The Memorable Memories

 "We were married by heart and soul! Nothing else matters." In fact, they felt it was best to not register their marriage. Being lawfully marry wasn't as important for them as long as their hearts were married to each other. And so, they jump to the gun and have children right away as a way to claim each other. But it was later that this was the best method as a way to keep Cao Huo's identity separate and lessened the danger for the children.

Cao Huo was not going to be home that often due to the nature of her background. Tying her to him legally could put their children in greater danger due to the fact that it would be easy for others to trace her to them or vice versa. It was a choice they both agreed upon, as long as their heart remain faithful to each other.

Since Cao Huo had given birth to Mong Zong's children, the pursuit from other suitors lessened and finally stopped over time. Cao Huo's family wanted her to marry an elitist, not a domesticated man like Mong Zong who doesn't have much to his name.

Although Yu Sha dread that her father was always extra, she angrily defended him when she heard her mother's side of the family hadn't come to accept him. "What? How could they not like you? Dad, you lack nothing!"

Mong Zong let out a chuckle seeing his daughter so defensive for the first time. "Haha... I agreed."

Although this trip could be traveled by using their ability, Mong Zong wanted to live as ordinary as possible and opted for driving every year. Ability is not something to abuse on a whim, and he lived by showing examples to his children.

Half a day gone by when they arrived at the village before their destination. They made a brief stop to buy grocery and supplies before continuing. Once they passed the village, they had to drive on an isolated road less frequent by people for another hour. The road turned to a dirt road and they were on it for half an hour until they arrived at the house.

The house was raised on a solid leveled concrete base with only a one level but large and spacious, and an open porch area to lounge around. Surround it were luscious grasses, mountains and lots of trees that seemed to expand limitlessly.

Late afternoon was when they finally arrived and the early wee of evening was going to take over. Yu Sha jolted out of the car to greet her grandma.

"Grammy, I hope you've been well."

Mong Zong brought in the groceries he purchased on the way. Inside the living quarter, they drank some refreshment, had some snacks and chatted for a little while. When Mong Zong rested enough, he got up to make dinner for his family. His wife should be arriving soon. He wanted to get a head start so they can have family times later.

Yu Sha asked if she could help rinse vegetables, to which Mong Zong gladly allowed her to help him.

The kitchen and living room were an open space so the person in the kitchen area cooking can still mingles with those in the living room. Yu Sha happily rolled up her sleeves as she headed to the kitchen when her father and grandma caught glimpses that her bracelet was gone!

Mong Zong and his mother eyed each other briefly and asked, "Yu Sha, did your bracelet fell off?"

It was given to her as a gift. She quickly turned around to face her grandma and apologized. "Sorry grammy, I lost the bracelet and don't think I could retrieve it back."

The bracelet was not something that could easily fall off, so she asked, "Yu Sha, did you get into a fight with someone?"

"You fought with someone?" Mong Zong asked. She must have an all out duel with someone!

"Someone pissed me off and I got carried away. But don't worry, I survived the duel." She spoke as if it was a minor matter. She spoke nonchalantly in a high spirit to show them that she was perfectly fine this whole time. She knew why they were worried. And because of that, she was not going to tell them the effect and what happened to her afterward. She would pretend to be fine for as long as she could control herself.

Suddenly Cao Huo came through the door. Yu Sha quickly changed the topic and greeted her mother cheerfully. "Mom!! Great to see you?"

Cao Huo eyes smiled at the mini version of her. "You looked smaller."

Yu Sha hasn't had much of an appetite to keep up with her metabolism and was aware she shed a few pounds. Small stuff like this doesn't escape the eye of a mother. Yu Sha quickly pushed it to her appetite that seemed out of control lately, making it hard to keep up with. She then made her way to the sink and rinse the veggies.

That night, the family had their dinner and made preparation for the following day before heading to bed.


Bright early the next day, the Yang household made their way to their loved one's grave. The grave was on an open plain far from society, allowing one to roam freely without having to mind others. Luckily the weather was nice with gentle breezes, and in it brought serenity to any object it touched.

Mong Zong laid a thin picnic mat on the ground besides his father's grave while his wife and daughter took out the food. Cao Huo set and organized the food for them while Yu Sha and her grandmother walked up to the grave and set the food on the grave.

"Grandpa, I partake in making them. I hope it taste better than it did the year before." Yu Sha spoke as she organized the dishes neatly on top of the grave.

Every year during this time, the Yang household made time in their schedule to have a family picnic, just hanging out with their deceased one. It wasn't to grieve over the death but to simply celebrate the memorable memories they had of the deceased. In their heart, he was still as alive as the year before.