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325 A Great Friend

 Su Na sighed as she studied her friend's expression and lazily nodded. "Yes, yes.. You are. Oh by the way, a couple of the guys who were present at that time wanted to meet you."

Yu Sha's ego was stroked. She knew they must have seen her prowess. In her life experiences, she was either admired greatly or hated greatly by others due to her capability. "Let's go check them out."

Su Na followed Yu Sha inside the gym. The moment they stepped inside, those who were on site stood nervously waiting to greet them. Xander notified them that their Boss' Friend was on the way to their home.

When Yu Sha's figure came fully into view, to Ziggy, she was like god descend with all the glories shimmering around her. His eyes sparkled, full of admiration. He was the first one among them to greet her.

"Mi.. Miss Boss' friend."

Yu Sha turned to Su Na. "Stay there."

Su Na let out a smile and complied. She knew her friend's behavior too well, that Yu Sha was going to put her boys to the test.

Yu Sha took a few steps closer to the middle of the room and let out a forward internal energy ring towards the guys. She didn't wait long before she simultaneously released two more levels. Some dropped to the ground while very few were still on their knees. With each level, the overwhelming pressure increased exponentially. One who does not have enough physical and mental training would not be able to withstand at level three.

Those on the ground were on the verge of passing out. They didn't even have the energy to express pain.

The boys on their knees, only in a matter of time, would follow the others. They were more experienced and was gifted in one way or another. They held on as long as they could.

Yu Sha removed her inner energy force, allowing the men to recover. She leaped back towards Su Na and asked, "Who were those that are on their knees?"

Su Na looked around and saw Xander, Miles, Guryon, Lexo and Ajadi.

Yu Sha scratched her chin as she looked at them, "Hmm... Not bad, not bad."

Ziggy force himself to sprawl and mumbled breathlessly, "Miss, Boss' friend, please be our master!"

"Of course! If you swear your loyalty to her and promise to protect her, I'll personally divided my time to teach you all." If they are the men that will stay next to Su Na and protect her, Yu Sha would make sure they are competent enough for the job, even if that means she would be busier than she already was.

The men's eyes widened at the response. They whole-heartedly agreed. They had long agreed when she bought the building. Their words would forever remain unchanged.

Su Na showed Yu Sha around before parting.

"Want a lift home?" Yu Sha asked.

Su Na declined. "No, Xander will take me home."

"Okay. You must call me at the first sight of danger." Yu Sha made Su Na promised before leaving.

Xander waited by the car to take Su Na home. He watched the two friends bid goodbye before opening the door for Su Na.

"Boss, you have a great friend." He had been alone for as long as he could remember and was the shiest when he was brought in. It took him the longest to get comfortable with the others.

"Mm..." Su Na nodded in agreement. She was lucky to have a good friend. Many people were not as lucky as her.


In the middle of the night, back at the gym, a figure flashed around the building, from one corner to the next. As the figure mounted something under the roof corner, it sensed something behind. The figure turned around and noticed a person standing watching up.

"Miss Yu Sha?" A voice called.

Yu Sha took a closer look. "Xander?" She hopped down and asked. "What are you doing out at this time of the night?"

Xander wanted to ask her the very same question, but in respect, he answered her question first. "I was just patrolling. You?"

She sighed. "I have an uneasy feeling, so I'm installing secret security. Come help me." She tossed him the bag on her back.

He opened it and there were a few more cameras with the appropriate tools. After a closer look, the cameras were Chronos brand.

"How did you ended up having multiples of these?"

"Let's say I have a connection in obtaining them."

Xander hopped onto one corner of the roof and started working.

After installing the devices, Yu Sha, thank Xander. "Miss.." She cut him off before he could say her name.

"Drop the Miss. Just call me by name." She's not used to people outside of work calling her Miss. She tossed a piece of paper to Xander. "Install these in any device and you'll be able to access the cameras."

That was what Xander was going to ask next, but she already beat him to it. "Thanks. I'll give this to the others. Does boss know?"

"Of course she don't. She doesn't need to know. Protect her well." With that Yu Sha vanished.

Xander stood rooted to the same spot for a while before going back inside. He didn't even get the chance to thank her.


The next day, Yu Sha and her father head out to the isolated countryside where her grandmother lived. They got in the car with their belongings for an overnight stay.

"Your mother will join us later tonight."

Yu Sha's eyes lit up. "You talked to her?"


"I'll go with her afterward?" She asked excitingly, then her excitement turned curious. "What is the other reason why mom and you kept her side of the family from us?" For the longest time, she thought her mother had no relative. She heard them mentioned once her mother's side of the family was not around. She assumed that her mother had no living relative and courteously reminded herself to not ask.

Her father responded right away, "They haven't accepted me."

Yu Sha's jaw dropped. "You two had us out of wedlock?"