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324 Havent I Always Been Great?

 She sent a glare at Leo. Her friends are people who lived in the limelight and held a high profile. As a person who worked mostly from behind the scene and not chained with an image to upkeep, she was the best candidate. Between them all, she felt more confident in her ability to take this task and dissect the mysteries of the Ghost King Gang.

Yu Sha took a big exhale and sat the spoon on the table before speaking in a serious tone, "Fine. Anyone who wins me in a duel gets to join me."

Su Na, Leo, and Keo looked stupefied. "She's not giving up on Island Genesis." She didn't even gave them the option to take the mission from her but only join her. What difference does it make when going to Island Genesis was not even an option for them? Leo and Keo didn't feel confident if they could even beat her in an all out duel. They long suspected she wasn't ordinary.

As for Su Na, she didn't want to argue with Yu Sha as she knew that among them, she lacked the strength to. In the end, they could only agree that it was best to leave this matter to her.

"I'll be heading to Grammy's place with my dad tomorrow. I won't stay out long tonight." Yu Sha added after seeing that her three friends had come into terms with her suggestion.

They suddenly remember. It was her grandfather's death anniversary.

"Send my regards to your grandma." The three spoke one after another. Usually around this time of the year, she would have left already to spend a few days with her grandma before resuming back to society.

She nodded. "Thanks."

Keo, Leo and Su Na didn't know what happened to Yu Sha after she made them leave the island. They didn't hear back from her for a few days, to which they assumed she was missing. It wasn't until several days later that Su Na received a message from an anonymous number stating that Yu Sha was fine.

Since then, Su Na thought, what could have happened to Yu Sha? What happened to her? Who sent the anonymous message to her? As the group began eating, curiosity got the better of her and she asked, hoping that Yu Sha could also update them where she had been.

Yu Sha suddenly gave a start as it wouldn't be a simple reply. How much should she give out and what should be kept from them? What they don't need to know, she wished to keep it away from them. Softly, she cleared her throat and explained, "I was chasing someone and the clues led me to Island Genesis. There, I met you all and had an all out duel with the enemy. I was briefly exhausted but managed to escape. Since I didn't have my personal belongings, I couldn't get in contact with you and had to borrow someone else. From there, Yu Ping met up with me and I was able to retrieve my belongings and get back to work."

They felt that Yu Sha left out a lot of information. Maybe she has a reason to? Keo asked, "Who was the person you chased?"

Yu Sha shook her head. She still doesn't know. "I don't know. Probably an enemy of my family. That someone came after me while I was in Aires. I have to find a clue why." She looked at her friends, dead serious in the face and added, "This is why I wanted to take care of this. I need to get to the bottom of this."

Su Na, Keo and Leo now understood why she didn't want anyone else involved.

"If I find out anything, I'll let you guys know. You all, stay out of trouble." Yu Sha ordered.

This was something that has been bothering her for a while. Although they've been friends for a long time, she didn't know her friends hid such an exemplary ability. "Yu Sha what are you?" Su Na asked.

Yu Sha had the hardest time when explaining about herself. She didn't know which direction to answer this question, that she was the descendant of the Light Clan? Or that she was the child of Chronos? In the end, she could only force a smile and replied, "I am as you see me, happened to be born with a gifted ability... hehehe."

Leo chimed in, "Could it be that aunt has enemy working for the government? Could that person who attacked you in Aires be an enemy of your mother?"

Yu Sha nodded her head. "Mm... I thought the same too, but I can't ask my mom yet until I verify things."

Keo interrupted. "Wouldn't it be better if we work together, but from different angles and combined findings?"

"NO!" Yu Sha shot down Keo's suggestion. "It's too dangerous. I can't have you guys get too involved. You all just have to trust me on this."

The three couldn't reject her and thus came to an agreement to let Yu Sha take the lead on Island Genesis.

The group ate and talk for another hour before they head out. On the way out, Yu Sha asked Su Na who the men were? The men she saw at Island Genesis.

Su Na thought it would be best to tell Yu Sha. "Are you in a rush to get home?"

"No, as long as I get home sometime tonight."

"Follow me." She signaled for Xander to take the lead. She hopped in Yu Sha's car and instructed Yu Sha to follow the car in front.

Yu Sha complied. After sometimes, they arrived at a gym like building.

Yu Sha stepped out and observed the building. At the same, Su Na explained. "I acquired this building and the lives along with it for some times now. Some children without a place was picked up and raised by the owner. After he died, the boys couldn't maintain this place. They were already struggling to keep it prior to the death of the owner. I bought it as I have a need for it in the future."

Yu Sha looked around and whispered. "And you did all these behind my back?"

"If I knew how great you are, I probably wouldn't even distort to this method."

Yu Sha retorted conceitedly. "Haven't I always been great?"