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 At the Herr's Hotel VIP room, Yu Sha slammed the door wide open. In the center, at a table filled with just three people and several dishes, Su Na, Keo and Leo waited anxiously for her arrival.

The swung of the door startled them all. Although the sight of her scared them, a part of them also felt a huge relief to see she came back in one piece. They were worried sick about her after no news of her for a few days.

Keo's heart fluttered at the sight of Yu Sha walking towards them, while Leo was the opposite. Leo had a tendency to strike her nerve and so she had a tendency to retaliate at him, thus Leo had the faintest heart to face her compared to the other two.

Su Na remained indifferent. She came to accept that some things she does wasn't thought thoroughly through. She may have let emotion took the better of her and put others in danger but she came into terms that she needed to come clean and her friend also need to do the same. There should be no secrets between them. She didn't know her friend was so powerful beyond imaginable. They have been friends for almost two decades!

Yu Sha took a seat in front of her friends, giving them the interrogated stares, yet at the same, deeply happy that they were all unscathed. Of course, she wouldn't let it showed on her face.

She pulled herself up closer, glared at them and mumbled coldly, \"Like I said, I want a thorough explanation.\"

Although nervous, Keo softly smacked his hand on the table volunteering to be the person to talk. He knew that this was a touchy subject for Su Na. Having witnessed things from start to finish; he felt more responsible to report. One reason was he didn't want Su Na to relieve the pain of talking about her mother's experience. So, he opted to explain things. Having lived watching her mother suffered silently was enough and she needn't to relieve by retelling the same story. Keo spent the night creating a short presentation.

\"I will talk but you two feel free to chime in.\" He was aware Yu Sha knew the dispute between Helan and Su Na, but not the whole story of how it happened. So, he opened up a power point presentation of the three men that were hired to torture Su Na's mother and the reappearance of the men. The chase of them led her to Island Genesis with the Ghost King Gang, where she ended up there. Yu Sha chased that mysterious woman, which led her there too. 'Does that woman have any connection with the Ghost King Gang?'

Call it greedy on her part, but if so, she wanted to single-handedly take over this case. It's too dangerous to let her friends pursue these people further. She put a hand up to stop them.

\"Alright, I understood. I forgive you all, but doesn't mean I'm not angry. I'm still angry.\" Yu Sha spoon a few dished onto her plate and helped herself.

\"Tha... that's it?\" Leo reconfirmed.

\"Hmm.. I have a debt to settle with Island Genesis. You all withdrew!\" She ordered.

Unwilling, Keo interrupted. \"They're a dangerous bunch and just as mysterious.\"

Her eyes flickered an intent to kill. She muttered coldly. \"They're only as dangerous as their boss. I fought him.\" Although she barely escaped, she put up a strong front.

She turned to Su Na and vowed. \"I'll bring those men to your feet if they were still alive. But in returns, stay away from the Ghost King Gang and Island Genesis.\"

Su Na was about to say something when Yu Sha cut her off. \"The situation never called for me to expose my ability. Because not knowing never bring anyone harms, I'm not going to willingly expose them. I apologized.\" Yu Sha said sincerely.

Her bluntfulness and sincerity caught them all off guard. They thought she would be more riled up and be unreasonable, but she was quite sound and mature, a different person they didn't expect.

Su Na didn't even have a chance to talk. She could only uttered. \"I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark.\" It was true, they've been together as friends for many years, but they've never been in a situation where Yu Sha would need to reveal her ability fully. The things they encountered where she had to reveal some violence, were pale in comparison to what they experienced at Island Genesis. In the end, Su Na couldn't find any fault in what Yu Sha explained.

Leo felt something amissed. Why was she the only one questioning them? They should have the same right to question her and thus stopped them to ask. \"Wait, how did you end up there?\" He needed to hear from her side too. It was not fair for her to demand an explanation from them without her having to reveal anything on her end.

\"Fair enough. I was chasing after someone who came for my life and ended up there, thus I don't want anyone to touch Island Genesis.\"

Leo gasped while Keo was shocked. Who could possible chased her all the way to Aires? She is not the type to have enemies though there may be people envious of her, but she had never been unreasonable enough to others to have made enemies.

Su Na thought, was the enemy after Yu Sha too because Yu Sha had figured Helan stole the alimony money and exposed that information a while ago?

Yu Sha interrupted everyone's train of thoughts. \"I believed this enemy that came for me, didn't come for the reason you're thinking about.\" She swept her eyes across her friends and demanded coldly. \"I don't want any of you snooping behind my back. This case is closed here today, thus the very reason I came back.\"

Leo spoke, \"You can't decide that for us.\" Although he was the most nervous, yet he was the only one with gut to question and stand up to her. Keo and Su Na were still trying to wrap their head around what she said, chasing an enemy. Leo had moved beyond that.