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322 Premonition

 Since Mong Zong and his wife told her she could visit, he couldn't refute. In the end he said, \"I'll contact your mom.\"

\"Thanks dad. Have a good night. See you tomorrow.\" She walked out the door as she bid her father good night.

\"Huh what? You're not coming home tonight? What will you be doing?\" Mong Zong shouted after her but she was long gone. She wasn't the slightest rebellious during the years she should be. Now, as an adult, she goes in and out as she pleased. He shook his head and continued were he left off.

After sensing that she left the house completely, he put work away and vanished from the workshop.

In a bedroom setting, Cao Huo came out of the shower with a robe on as she used the towel to dry her hairs. She saw her husband sitting on her bed with his arm crossed and a dilemma expression showed on his face. He visited frequently, but usually he sent her a message beforehand. It was rare for him to just appeared out of nowhere.

\"Honey? What's wrong?\" She called.

\"Darling... our Little Angel wants to come here.\"

\"Pardoned? Wasn't she still working in Aires?\" Neither was she expecting the mini version of herself would come back so soon to see her work.

He nodded to confirm. \"She's back for father's anniversary but wanted to come here afterward. Isn't it too soon?\"

Cao Huo took a big exhale as she put the towel on the chair and walked towards her husband. She knew that he wasn't ready to let them go. She was nicknamed the Ice Queen during her youth before Mong Zong came into her life. His kindness and emotion changed her and came to understand emotions, celebrate love and life. She didn't know there was so much joy in loving someone else. He had a big influenced on the current her. Between them two, he would be the one having the hardest time to adjust to changes of their children.

She was from a clan that was feared and haunted down through many generations. Either they hid from the world and live in darkness in fear of death and oppression or rise to the top and dominated the world. They chose the later, while Mong Zong's ancestor were the former. His ancestor love peace and had too much compassion. They both came from the opposite end of the spectrum. Her father, to this day, never came to accept him. Yet, they both found a way to have a family together despite all the rejections and obstacles from her side of the family.

And because of that, they never wanted to control their children's choice in life. They had agreed to support their children's choices but they at least wanted to give their children a normal life for as long as they could, knowing a day will come when they will have to face the harsh truth. They were never from normal household from the beginning and no matter how much they wanted things to be normal, it would only be for a brief moment.

Standing before her husband, Cao Huo pulled him closer and hugged him. \"If that is what she wanted then we have to fulfill her wish. She had fought more battles than any grown person we've met. She came into this world weighing only two pounds. If any, she has more willpower to face the world more than any of us do. We should give our children more credits.\"

Indeed, she was right. He remembered how tiny she was when she came into the world. Still, she persevered and became a beacon of hope in their life and uplifted those around. She had a strong sense of justice and was never held back because she was initially a weak child.

Mong Zong's father left a premonition on his last breath before parting this world, and that premonition still haunted him even to this very day, that he'd either die young or his children will. He fought desperately to fight this premonition.

Since becoming a father, he was constantly afraid that he wouldn't be able to see his children get married and hold his grandchildren or that he would perish before any of these happened. He tried so hard to make sure he was constantly present in their life, thus he chose to be at home with them, so he could be the first to witness their first step, first word, their first success and actively be present in their life.

If their life as family were meant to be short lived, then he rather his children never have to experience the harsh truth of reality. He would keep them under his wings to the very end.

\"Is destiny out of our control?\"

\"Honey, you know I don't believe in destiny, but I respect those who does. One thing I strongly believe are my children that was raised by you. I believed in you more than anything else.\" He had always been the comforter, but in times like these, only her words could comfort them both.

Although she expressed how much he changed her, she too, changed him just as much. Being the descendant of the Diviner Clan that relied heavily on fate, destiny and the stars alignments, the prediction always made him live on edge although he tried hard to suppress them. He walked on egg shells most of his life until he met her, a person not moved by words of others, not moved by predictions of a deity. They strongly believed in nothing but themselves, their capability and the things in front of them. That was what initially drawn him to her, not because of her beauty but her character.

\"And if the heavens or hells where to take any of you away from me, they would have to go through me first.\" She added. She stood against her own father, sacrificing the thousands of lives on Island Genesis so she could keep her son. She had only one goal, and that was to have her son for a little longer until he can make decisions of his own. Nothing else matters. And if she were to choose again, she wouldn't want it any other way.