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321 Bid Farewell

 In the silent of the night, the only thing that moved was the sounds of their heart beats. Of the pleasant and unpleasant times of the far past Yu Sha could remember, she felt it was best to pretend oblivion. They had been doing fine, living their own life up until now. Their current lifestyle does not suit each other and with that, her mind came to a resolution that she would play ignorant forever.

Yu Sha finally broke out of Hue Chi's arms and turned to face him. Her eyes serious as she spoke, \"I have to leave tomorrow.\" She wanted to let him know, no matter what, he must let her go tonight.

He remained silent at her words but kept his gaze locked on her. Why does he felt like she was bidding farewell?

Unable to read what he was thinking and afraid he wasn't going to let her go, she explained, \"I have some business to take care of. My friend got herself in danger.\" She hoped this would convince him as he probably knew that Su Na got herself tangled with a troublesome group.

He knew that she was bound to leave sometimes, but why does it felt like, she was running away? \"When will you be back?\"

\"Whenever I finished my business back home.\" Meaning she doesn't know when she'll be back and or if she will come back. As long as Su Na and Yu Ping are here to watch over the project, her presence was not necessary.

She moved her eyes to his heart where the Eternal Blade stabbed deep into and then down to the ground to suppress the guilty emotions that came with from seeing the wounded site on his body. When she summoned enough courage, her eyes rolled back up to see him. She took a step away and forced a smile. \"See you next time.\" Next time could be many years from now, life years away or lifetimes away. In the end, she was happy that he lived after that incident.

Yu Sha turned around and walked out of the room. He looked at her back like many times in the past, when she decided to leave, she never looked back but kept on walking forward. And she did just that, disappeared around the corner without hesitation in her forward steps.

The only thing he could do was let her go as he watched her back disappear out of sight. It was after a long time that he moved from the spot to sit down on the bed. His eyes seemed deeper and darker than the Amnesiac Abyss, devoid of any emotions but his figure gave off a deep solitary scene, enough for anyone who witnessed to shed tears.

At the top of a tallest power tower, Yu Sha appeared standing at the peak looking at the entire surrounding. Below, looked like fireflies' colonies, a country that seemed flourishing. Back then, she found him in no man's land. Now, he had a country, a place of his own to govern. She should be happy there was a place he belonged to, a country that adored and loved him.

Suddenly, Ruby approached from the distance and swirled around Yu Sha. Her tails leave a residual of the rainbow color energy in the night.

She smiled as she reached her hand to greet Ruby, \"Did you come to say goodbye to me?\"

Ruby flew in place in front of her in response to her question.

She patted Ruby and mutter, \"Tell Atlas I say bye and see him next time, that I wished him well.\"

Back in a house, isolated from humanity, Atlas sat on the couch looking into the clear crystal mirror, through Ruby's eyes, an image of Yu Sha standing at the tallest power tower, standing alone in the darkness as she faced the world by herself.

Unconsciously, his hand reached out and gently placed the tip of his fingers on her face. How much he wanted to appear next to her, but if he does, his cover would be blown. He traveled through space and waited many millenniums, hoping to see her again. Now he met her, he can't act rashly.

In the ship, Yu Sha appeared back in her room. She quietly looked around to make sure the coast was clear while she tiptoed her way to the bed, hoping that her brother was already deep asleep.

Sitting on the ground, leaning onto the wall on the balcony above, Yu Ping's hands tucked behind his neck as he sat still concealing his aura. 'Since when his sister developed a habit of sneaking out in the night to meet a man?' Helplessness swept across his eyes. How could a man moved her heart in matters of months? She spent her whole life looking at them as potential rivals, never once looked at men as potential lovers.

Morning approached as the sun rose above the horizon. Refreshing morning breeze swept in waves bringing calmness in its wake while everyone hurried on with their day. Same thing with Yu Sha. She packed her stuff and met the driver out in the front. Her destination was the airport. Since she originally came into the country through a traceable port of entry, she must leave the same way.

Over half a day gone by, Yu Sha finally arrived home.

Mong Zong was focusing intently on a device blueprint when he sensed his daughter's aura in the home. Just as he swiftly pulled his work glasses down the door opened.

\"Dad, you're not going to work?\" This should be about time he headed to the bar and get things ready.

\"Something wrong?\" This was without announcement. Mong Zong wasn't expecting her home and was surprised when she suddenly showed up in his secret workshop room where he built Chronos products.

\"No, it's grandpa's anniversary. Yu Ping sent me home while he works in my place. I'm going to meet up with Su Na, Leo and Keo later.\"

He let up a smile and replied, \"Let's go together.\"

She nodded her head in agreement and then scanned around the room before uttering, \"Dad, can you contact mom and asked her if I can visit her?\"

Mong Zong paused as if he was in deep thought, not sure if this was too soon of a request.

Seeing his silence, she added, \"Remember you guys promised me.\"

\"Did something happen?\"

She denied. \"No. Just thought since I'm back, why not pay a visit?\"