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319 What Will It Take?

 Hue Chi leaned in closer, drawn in by her alluring look.

Her heart thumped louder the more she felt his weight set in onto her. Although she shifted her face to the side in order to avoid confronting him, she could tell he was only a few inches away. Even the warmth of his breath reached the surface of her skin, pulling her consciousness. If she doesn't do something fast, she may lose herself completely in his affection. Her mind searched crazily for a solution when something popped in.

She cringed as if she's in pain and cried, "Ahhh... My head."

This broke Hue Chi, distancing himself back enough to observe her whole expression. Worried took over his face instantly. He let go of her arms and reached a hand to touch the side of her head. "Does your head hurt?"

This is her chance! She quickly reached for the stuff owl animal and pushed it into Hue Chi's face and in this same motion pushed him off enough for her to escape.

She crawled and rolled over to the other side of the bed to where she hastily got onto her feet. Why was he more perverted in this lifetime? She didn't know she had summoned him, and if she purposely summoned him, it would never be for this purpose!

He knew he was had! She was.... cunning. Seeing her put so much effort to get away, he didn't pursue her further. Instead, he grabbed hold of the owl animal to look at it as if he knew the reason why she kept the owl animal beside her. That reason alone was enough to fill his heart with content.

Out of breath, Yu Sha commanded. "I... I order you to stay there!" She wasn't sure why she felt she could use authority over him. Their current status right now was, he had more authority over her. Yet, all these times, he never used his authority to belittle her or force her.

She also wasn't even sure why she felt so out of breath from doing nothing. She had not exerted herself in physical activities. Running wild in the woods wasn't this exhausting.

He glanced at the owl and back at her. A smiled crept on his face, full of joy. "Does it remind you that much of me?"

She hasn't fully recovered mentally yet when he asked. True! The reason she kept it was because it reminded her of him, the Night Owl who roamed the night where they often encounter each other. How was she going to admit this? "I..." But in the end, she couldn't think of an excuse to refute his question.

The clock struck midnight when Yu Sha felt it was safe. She hopped to the sliding door and gently slid the door to poke her head up. It had been a moment since she sensed Yu Ping's energy stop moving. Maybe he fell asleep already?

A sigh of relief escaped her mouth. She can sneak out at ease if he went to sleep.

Hue Chi was still sitting on the edge of her bed. Upon seeing her coming back in, he reached forward and gently put the owl stuffed animal next to her pillow.

Anxiousness grew on her, and she was reluctant, but it had to be done. She had to take him back to his palace. Although with her ability, it would be a short trip, but the thought of having to touch him in close proximity may excite him. That was the last thing she wanted as if he wasn't excited from her summon already.

She let out another embracing breath and slowly walked towards him.

Seeing the dazzlingly smirk on his face, she felt the need to state her action. "Don't get the wrong idea. I'm just sending you back."

He continued to smile in satisfaction. Regardless of her words and how she denied him, seeing her was enough to make him feel content. She needn't a reason to defend her at all. If only she knew, all he wanted was to see her, even if it's from the distant.

Slowly, she reached out her hand to him and rested it on his arm. She refused to meet his gaze and repeated. "Just sending you back."

In that moment, they both vanished from the spot. Yu Sha delivered Hue Chi to the lounge room that led to his large balcony. She didn't want to deliver him on the balcony to avoid being seen and caught by security surveillance.

Yu Sha quickly dropped Hue Chi's arm and spoke. "Have a good night." She briskly turned around to jump back to her room, but the space door she summoned didn't appear. She tried again, nothing. Then she tried Light Technique, nothing.

Panic mode set in. She knew it was his doing! Yu Sha turned around to look at Hue Chi and cursed, "You!" She walked up to him and slap him across the chest. "Stop messing around. I need to get back."

He shrugged his shoulder and walked away like he didn't hear her.

She huffed angrily and tiptoed to the side of the balcony entrance and looked outside. Every 15 feet apart is a guard watching at every direction, not only that the amount of device surveillances around the place had increased. "They weren't lying when they said he's under house arrest." Yu Sha mumbled to herself. She would break through and run, but upon seeing the tightened security, she decided against it. Without her ability, she won't be able to break through unnoticed.

Yu Sha ran back inside to find Hue Chi and asked him to let her go. She rushed into the bedroom quarter but didn't see him. She wasn't going to search every room and so she called out. "Hue Chi..."

Suddenly he walked out of the walk out closet half dressed. "Mm..." He replied.

His toned, broad chest and the glow of his skin assaulted her eyes and mind. She quickly turned her back towards him.

Nervously, she asked, "Umm... what will it take for you to let me go?"