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318 Suffocate

 Late that night, Yu Sha curled up on the bed, unable to sleep. She felt more restless now, more so than before she solved the plague that ate her mind and heart. Slowly, she pulled up the hand that held the Eternal Blade into Azuric. Her lips curve downward the more she looked at her hand, while the same image repeated in her mind. 'Hue Chi, are you him? The man from my distant past?' Because of the influence from her grandparents, the acceptance of past lives weren't hard for her to accept. The only problem she had would be how to act in front of him if that were the case.

Thought of him then led her to the wildly explicit dream she had and the story Hue Chi told her, a couple madly in love, did it for 3 days in the cave until she can't walk. At the time, she cursed at what kind of beast would allow such thing! Could that beast be her?

When the possibility set in, red wine flushed her face, and she pulled the hairs on her head, frustrated at herself, not sure where to bury her embarrassment and frustration. Does it mean Hue Chi knew of their past long time ago? How much of the past does he recalled? How could he acted like nothing happened?

Suddenly, Hue Chi absolved a few feet from her in the room! He was in a white robe, loosely tied around the waist, exposing his toned, broad chest. He knew she had summoned him, most likely by accident.

Yu Sha gave a start at his sudden appearance. The color of her face hadn't turn back to normal. His appearance increased the red intensity and at the same time, her body temperature suddenly shot up at the sight of him and his exposed bare chest!

She cursed herself! 'Did I summoned him here?!! Why, why? Why did I do this to myself?' She remembered their conclusion last time that if she wished for him wholeheartedly, he would appear where ever she was.

'But, I hadn't wished for him, right? I was just trying to solve some things related to him. Why, why?' Her mind went wildly in disarray.

A smiled crept at the corner of his lips as he could read word by word of her thoughts expressed through her reaction. She was cursing herself at this moment.

She was still embarrassed of the wild explicit dream and instantly covered her whole self with the blanket. She couldn't face him at this moment.

"Go away!" She shouted from underneath the thick cover.

'Was she embarrassed that she accidentally summoned me here?' Hue Chi slowly walked up to the bed and sat on the edge.

She felt the bed sank and knew he was besides her. She felt the need to deny her action, "I didn't do anything!"

He hadn't said a word or asked what she did. She already denied it. Does it mean she did something? His eyes smile sweetly of her reaction towards him. "You'll suffocate under there." Before she pulled the cover over her, he saw that she looked flushed. Not sure if it was from an actual fever or from thinking of him in the night, thus, he wanted to find out even more.

Indeed, she was sweating, her body heat rose a few degrees more. She could cook an egg just by holding it in her hand at this point. She didn't know how to act towards him yet, whether if she should face him as if he was Azuric or Hue Chi. She was too confused at this moment.

"Go away!" She yelled.

"I can't. I could only come to you but can't leave. If you want me to leave, you'll have to escort me, personally." He teased.

She suddenly remembered it was true! She can summon him, but he wouldn't be able to leave on his own unless she took him, personally. This made her cursed herself even more.

She wanted to use her technique and escape, but her brother might detect her movement and find Hue Chi in her room! She doesn't want to be interrogated. She already had enough of a problem answering him last time. And to make it worse, he usually stood on watch until the wee hour of the night. She can't act suspiciously. In the end, she could only remain hidden under the blanket.

"Ca... call your people to come get you." She muffled under the blanket.

"I can't. I have nothing on me."

NOTHING! Her impure mind couldn't take the word, nothing on. Hearing it increased her body temperature higher, to the point she felt like steam was coming out of her head and being under the blanket was like adding a catalyst to create the steam. She might really suffocate at this point. She needed airs, but the thought of facing him was too nerving.

Suddenly there was a tug on the blanket and it lifted, exposing her head. She inhaled a fresh breath of air so she doesn't die from lack of oxygen.

He saw that she was on her side with back facing him but he didn't give her a chance to pull the cover up. Instead, he hastily pulled her over onto her back and pinned her arms to limit her movement.

She shrieked and attempted to fight for the cover, "Ahhh..." But she couldn't break her hands free.

He wanted to have a closer look of her embarrassed expression to determine if her source of embarrassment was from accidentally summoning him or was her mind impure.

She huffed. "Wh... what are you doing?"

But when he got a closer look of her embarrassed face, he was momentarily tempted by her expression. The pink flush on her cheeks, partially covered by her messy damped hairs from the mild sweat formed on her head, made her very alluring.

She diverted her eyes from meeting his, but as he was leaning close to her, the vibration of her fast pulsating heartbeat numb his senses and pulled him closer to her.

In this instance, he wanted to taste the glowy petal lips of hers.