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317 Overdue For A Visi

 Yu Sha suddenly remembered. She had been distracted that it slipped her mind at the last moment. "Ah.. I forgot."

"Mm... I figured..." Yu Ping paused and focused his attention at her. "You seemed scattered brain lately." He wanted to pry and see if something will slip out of her mouth. If she slipped, it'll be a start of a new topic about her condition. In their family, if the person doesn't want to talk, they don't force, but made sure they're readily available to land a helping hand and support the person. These were all too new to her. If she needed time to figure things out herself and talk later, he'll wait until she is ready.

She forced a laugh. "What are you talking about? I'm always scattered brain. Anyway, I'll pack and leave first thing tomorrow."

She wanted to go visit Su Na and Leo. They owe her an explanation, a thorough one at that. Since that incident, she hasn't been in touch with them. She was overdue to pay them a visit and took out her phone to quickly type a message.

Satisfied with her answer, he stopped trying to make her uncomfortable. First of all, he wanted an excuse to have her out of Aires. Even though he doesn't know the past between his sister and Prince Hue Chi, he knew enough to not want her to witness his coronation. She should be away and far enough from civilization, and that was their grandma's place, which also coincides with their grandpa's death anniversary. This couldn't have been a better excuse to get her away.


Su Na took the day off to meet with her team and planned their next move. They knew the enemy was on them, and it would only be a matter of time before their hideout was found. They don't have someone with a higher power to back them up. Su Na had to act now or all their work this far would be futile.

Suddenly her phone buzzed, distracting them all. She paused to look at the screen and saw a text notification from Yu Sha's number. Her eyes widened. It felt like forever! She quickly opened the message and read: "Meet me at Herr's hotel private VIP room tomorrow at 6pm. Better come or I'll come for you." It was a group text to her and Leo.

Su Na cringed and massaged her temples. "Ugh... I don't have time for this Yu Sha."

Su Na's men saw her reaction and they soon worried. "Is something wrong?" Miles asked.

She shook her head and denied. "No, Yu Sha asked to meet tomorrow."

Ziggy's eyes widened. He remembered her! Her appearance was so grand, a once in a lifetime experience! He saw her in a different light even when he hadn't met her before. "Ah... The goddess is back." Because she held down the entire army back, they were able to escape. He wanted to meet her again and asked to be her disciple. The sparks in his eyes told them that he was long gone in his fantasy.

The team looked at Ziggy in disdain.

Ziggy quickly interrupted, "Boss, can you ask her if she can become our master! I want to learn from her." Ziggy was the weakest among the group. He was picked off from the street much later than everyone else and had started martial art later than everyone. Unfortunately, his skills were a little average and doesn't have a special ability. With their master's passing, there hasn't been anyone to guide them. Although when Su Na took over their gym, she herself lacked combat skills and was learning from them too.

Su Na didn't know what to do but replied. "I... I'll see what I can do. In fact, she knew that Yu Sha would probably accept this offer in a heartbeat. She loves using her body more than her brain!" Without a doubt, the thought of having Yu Sha around was reassuring.

Would it be greedy on her part to involve her friend into this matter? "Don't make a move yet. I'll head to Song Corporation tomorrow and then go straight to Herr's Hotel. I doubt the enemy would make a move at these two places."


Looking out the big glass window, thinking of a thousand things in his mind, after some times, Keo reached a hand up to press the area between his brows. It seemed like he hadn't rest much as his eyes were slightly puffy. Suddenly the bang of the door startled him. Keo briskly turned to catch the door with his eyes when he saw Leo panting.

After finally having the chance to catch a breather, he yelled frantically, "Brother, you have to come with me tomorrow."

His brows furrowed deeper, waiting to hear more explanation. Leo had a habit of throwing jibberish first before explaining. Often times, he tried not to get drag into Leo's pace.

Leo walked closer to Keo and explained. "You must join the dinner tomorrow. Yu Sha reserved the usual private room."

Keo's face froze, excited but nervous at the same time. "What time?"

"Six PM. She sent a group message to Su Na and me. You didn't get one because she didn't know you were involved too." Leo tried to drag his brother into the blame game.

Keo looked at his brother, 'Thanks to you, I'm now involved.'

"I'll clear my schedule."

Leo nodded happily. Now he has his brother to share half the burden with. Yu Sha's aura can feel threatening at times. But now there are three people to feel the wrath. He felt much safer.

"Ah... Did you arrive on time to rescue her?" Keo asked. He wanted to know as he was the one that coordinated the helicopter without their parents knowing.

Leo paused momentarily and replied. "It was a close call. If I've arrived any later, than she might be in bad shape."

"Mm... I thought so."

Leo added. "I escaped without exposing my identity. But I'm sure with her active brain, she'll figure out soon."

Keo agreed. "If this is between power struggle, I can see why she doesn't want us involved. It may hurt our corporation."