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316 She Changed Overnigh

 Each time when flashes appeared to her, it took a mental toll on her body and mind. Being mentally drained from the mental attack and vision of the past, Yu Sha stopped struggling and allowed herself to fall into his embrace. As much as she attempted to deny him because of angers, she couldn't reject the fact that the place she unconsciously yearned for was his broad, toned chest. She could let go of her mental strain in his presence.

His breath and the kiss on the side of her head left a calming sensation to her mind. Slowly, her eyelids grew heavier and closed shut. She finally fell asleep in his arms while residual of tear drops still escaped down the corner of her eyes.

Hue Chi held her in place close to his heart while he gazed at her gentle sleeping face. Carefully, he rubbed his finger on the corner of her eyes to wipe off the sad tears she shed. After of what felt like forever, he stood up carrying her in his arms. He headed towards the bed and laid her down.

Even then, he stood next to the bed and continue to observe her, feeling fearful that her condition may not be stabilized. As per her grandmother, the seal only stopped the memories temporarily. When broken, the memories will rush in when her mental state weakened. Anything that similarly mirrored something of the past, will trigger a part of the past to flow in.

Outside the door, Yu Ping leaned his back against the door, listening to the commotion. He wanted to rush in earlier but wanted to let things play out, knowing that he wasn't far from reach and can rush in to help her if problem escalated.

'What are you to her? Aren't you just a prince of this country whom she only met recently? Or are you an unhealed wound from her distant past beyond this time?' Yu Ping, although his arms were crossed as he leaned back to the door lazily, his eyes still sparkled mysteriously, much expected from the next successor of the Clan of Calamity. They looked so calmed, yet oozed a mysterious aura that can destroy a continent.

Dawn approached and morning arose. Yedi walked in to check on Yu Sha. He didn't know that she was up sometimes during the night and had another mental attack of the past.

The commotions of the door opening woke her up. Recently, she had been a light sleeper, waking up to the slightest energy, movement and sound.

"Oh, I'm sorry if I woke you up." Yedi apologized.

Yu Sha brushed her hand on her head and mumbled, "It's okay."

"How are you feeling?" Yedi asked attentively. "Do you have any mental problem in the past?"

As a doctor, he had to ask for her health history. This was a common question, often asked at the doctor's visit.

"No. I recently started having migraines." This was partially true, but she didn't want to fill Yedi in with the whole truth and blaming all of it as migraines seemed the easiest.

Yedi sensed her temperament were different, but he shrugged it off as she must of not feel well. She told him yesterday that she couldn't sleep well and so to him, lack of much needed sleep can cause mental exhaustion. In some cases, it can lead to migraines, thus he didn't probe further.

He walked up to her and checked her vitals.

"Well, if you have trouble sleeping, I can give you some sleep medicines."

Yu Sha turned to glance at Yedi. "Thank you for your concern."

Yedi looked at the results, "Everything looks fine. Blood pressure, normal, heart rate, normal, temperature normal, oxygen is normal." He turned towards Yu Sha and announced happily. "Congratulation! We may not need to be here much longer. Give it one more day you won't get to see our face around here anymore."

"Mm..." She muttered in a low tone.

"How's your head?" Migraines can't be measured so he must ask the patient instead.

"It's okay now."

Her answers were short to the point. She doesn't look like she wanted to talk much.

"Some nourishment was requested for you. I'll have the maid bring it in." Yedi added.

Yu Sha didn't reply but nodded slightly to acknowledge Yedi's comment.

He walked out of the room bewildered. She changed overnight! There was no trace of the high spirited and bubbly behavior of hers this morning.

Soon, a maid wheeled a cart of nourishment for Yu Sha to which Yu Ping stopped the maid in the hall. He insisted he would bring in the nourishment for her. The maid could only comply and allowed Yu Ping to take over.

The door creaked open and Yu Ping appeared with the tray. Yu Sha was suddenly startled. She forgot that her brother was back. "Yu Ping.."

"Hello lazy!" He said cheerfully through a forced smile.

"Mm..." She nodded, trying to be as normal as possible, not wanting him to know that she was experiencing the same experienced as she did in her younger years.

He pushed the cart next to her and handed her a bowl of soup. "Have this. It was stewed with a bunch of tonic medicines." He didn't probe for the main reason why she had the mental attack as it may trigger more attacks if she tried to recall.

"Mm." She reached to accept the bowl from her brother.

"Sorry, something happened and I wasn't awake to wait for you." She assumed he must have returned sometimes after she lost consciousness and undo the binding spell.

"Mm... I thought something serious happened, but your tests were normal. Yedi said you needed rest. So, we briskly finished business and left you to rest."

Yu Sha pulled the bowl closer for a sip and nodded. "Mm..." She hoped he doesn't find out that she was up, out and back into the ship. She hadn't told him of this new found ability yet.

Yu Ping thought for a brief moment and spoke nonchalantly. "Yu Sha, it's the anniversary of grandpa's death. I'll stay here as it was getting closer to my part of the construction plan. Maybe... you should pay Grammy a visit so she's not alone by herself."