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315 The Confession And The Oath

 "He must be a wonderful person." Hue Chi commented.

"He was." To Yu Sha, her grandpa gave off the same gentle and pure aura similar to Ken but had the same patience temperament similar to that of Hue Chi had on her. Upon this realization, she quickly shook her head to rid of the thought. It felt creepy to her that her grandpa's behavior was a mesh of Ken and Hue Chi.

She turned to him and reached her hand out to him, "Let's head back." She needed to be physically touching him in order to bring him back.

A sense of warmth swelled in him when she reached her hand out, even though it was for the purpose of bringing him back. He wished to remain like this with her forever if he could. But in this part of their life, he was not able to tell her his wishes.

She was a person of her own, had people that worried and cared for her. To confine her with him without her willingly allowed, he couldn't do it. After all, to bring her happiness was what he strived to provide her, lifetime after lifetime.

She nudged again, seeing that he wasn't responding to her. "Mm..." 'What was he occupied about? I should be the one that has a lot on my mind.'

Slowly, Hue Chi reached his hand out to her. She grabbed hold of it and they both dissolved instantly.

In the ship's treatment room, both Yu Sha and Hue Chi appeared at the same spot where they vanished earlier. Upon knowing that they're back, she quickly let go of her hand and distance herself. Without looking directly at him, she commented. "As you can see, I'm well now. Please remove your guards and medical team. I don't need them..." She lifted her head to meet his gaze and continued, "There is no reason to keep them here for me."

For a person who was to pick a wife soon, she should keep her distance as far away as she can to prevent any scandals. Although she'd never been in a relationship, she knew in her heart that she doesn't like the idea of infidelity and polygamy. She had previously voiced loudly that if she ever met one, she would put them in their place. She doesn't want to be the reason for infidelity and break her code of moral.

At last, all reasons to keep him connected to her were no longer usable.  Yu Ping had destroyed the tracking bugs. With him around, it'll be harder to keep tabs on her.

She had her side towards him about to head at the direction of the bed when his hand reached up to take off the mask. He wanted her to have an honest look of him rather than through the mask.

His action made her paused in her track to catch a glimpse of him. This may be the last time she'll ever have to look at him at this distance. She turned her head slightly to see the man who's breathing, movement and look could move her unwavering heart.

In the depth of his eyes, a fragment of endearment glowed tenderly that it could melt snow into water.

His expression sent her heart in shamble and in the core of her mind, throbbed violently as if a demon, caged in its very depth was fighting to be set free. She shrieked and instantly touched her head. Her head became heavy and mind felt clouded. She dropped onto one knee as she wept of the unknown ailment taking control of her mind and body.

Hue Chi rushed forward to support her only for her to reject his assistance. She pushed him away, declining his presence. If he so worried about her, why won't he answer her when she asked him seriously? He felt like medicine to her heart, yet poisonous for her mind. Somewhere beyond her controls, her soul yearned for his presence, yet at the same time, equally denied him.

It was hard to see her suffer, the last thing he wanted her to experience. He didn't care if she pushed him away and walked right up to her to pull her into his embrace. In his arms, she struggled to push him away again. He tightened his grip, immobilizing her in his arms and whispered softly into her ear,

"To me, you are like the universe to the stars, the ocean to the fishes. Even one's shadow disappeared when surrounded in complete darkness, the universe will continue to exist for the stars, the ocean will remain for the fishes. This life, no matter what form, what centuries, will exist entirely for you. With this kiss, I sealed onto you, my entire existence."

At the same when Hue Chi spoke this phrase to her, a flash came into her vision. When the woman pierced Azuric in mid airs with the Eternal Blade, it brought his conscious back. Crimson color blood oozed from the wounded site. A fragment of endearment smiled through his eyes as he wanted to thank her for the action. A smile crept on his face and he repeated the oath and confession he made to her previously.

"To me... you are like the universe to the stars...the ocean to the fishes. Even one's shadow disappeared when surrounded in complete darkness, the universe will continue to exist for the stars and the ocean will remain for the fishes. This life, no matter in what form... what centuries, will exist entirely for you." He leaned in forward and planted a kiss to the side of her earlobe and whispered. "With this kiss, I sealed onto you my entire existence."

With all his might, he pushed her far into the distance and fell onto the Forbidden Amnesiac Abyss. Once he fell through, a barrier formed at the top of the pit, preventing anything from ever falling into the abyss.

The same woman flew forward and straight into the abyss, following the man, but was stopped by the barriers. She couldn't penetrate through the barriers. Tears poured down her face as she screamed for his name desperately. She continued to pierce the barrier with the Eternal Blade, but nothing happened.