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314 What Are You?

 They both vanished and appeared in the middle of nowhere, untouched by people. Everything around them was heavily wooded except the bright skies that lighted the world underneath, and the large full moon that shone brighter than it was earlier as nighttime was a time dedicated for it to shine.

The brightness of the night skies was enough for them to see into each other's eyes. Yu Sha hadn't move her gaze from the man who was two feet apart from her. After some intense stares into each other, her lips parted, and she asked firmly, "Who are you?" If she don't initiated first, he may  remained quiet like a statue.

The man was startled of her questions, but soon, he guessed the meaning behind her question. Although he knew the answers she sought, he wasn't able to answer her as it wasn't something that could be answered in a sentence, let alone a word or two.

He continued to look at her unable to utter a single word but felt that her aura had changed. He sensed her angers from the aura, but her bright silver eyes glowed even brighter when everything around was darker. If it was up to him, he would reach out his hand to caress her angry stares.

She stared at him intently, thinking of ways to make him speak. She knew who he was based from his breathing, the way his steps echoed on the ground. She wanted to know whether he had any connection with the fantasy man that continued to tug her emotions, then in her dreams and recently in her waking moment.

The depth of his breath, the emotions radiated from his eyes, the way his foot vibrated on the ground, his temperament, and warmth of his body that seemed to etch deep into her subconscious, they all do nothing but reminded her constantly of that man. At first, she didn't think much of it, but then he appeared more often to her when she closed her eyes to sleep. When it became apparent that there was a pattern, she was in denial as nothing of it made sense to her. Just because one denied something doesn't make it untrue. If left alone, the issue doesn't go away on its own until one faced the truth.

She took a step closer to him and asked again, "What are you?" Maybe this should've been the question to ask him. She knew who he was, the Night Owl that crossed her path most frequently during nighttime. But what is he was what she needed to know.

Silence ensued, although he was meeting her eye to eye, his lips hadn't move. Yu Sha knew she wouldn't be able to get anything out of this person.

Getting on her nerve and spouted nonsense was one thing he does best, but now when she needed him to talk, he refused. "Tsch...." She pushed him away and turned around to leave on foot. She looked around and whispered to herself. "I think it should be nearby."

Yu Sha power walked to her destination when suddenly, the Night Owl scooped her up so that she wouldn't have to strain her leg. Now the binding spell was lifted, it would only take a few days and she would be completely healed. Her body was back to normal recovery rate and not rejecting any foreign objects and substances, the medicines given to her.

Yu Sha refused him wholeheartedly and pushed him away as hard as she could. The moment she first woke up to seeing him, she knew then the spell was lifted. She used that opportunity to take him away, planning to make him spew out things that doesn't make sense to her. But she hadn't got a plan to make him talk.

It was then she remembered, he was supposed to be under house arrest! How did he get away? Was he there to check up on her because she lost conscious? She stopped struggling and looked  up to him.

"Aren't you supposed to be locked up at home?"


He replied to her! So he only chose what he wanted to say? Now, she felt even more nerved. Her expression serious. She spoke irritably. "You... You are really getting on my nerve."

Of course, he knew he was getting on her nerve. That is what he does best, but he loved her irritated expression more. "Which direction are you heading?"

"Ah..." She pointed her finger up ahead. When she initially saw him, she wanted to bring him to a place where he couldn't escape her easily, and the place she thought of was the souther mountain region. It was isolated, even if he called his men to get him, it would take some times. But she didn't know how to make him answer the questions, so she gave up.

In the end, she didn't accomplish what she initially wanted. But since they were there anyway, she thought she would get her bag. It had all the essentials she needed. If she could retrieve them, she would still be able to use them.

Hue Chi had originally wanted to bring her here when her condition improved, but she left in the middle of recovering. Then she declined the suggestions. He didn't think they would somehow ended there, and it was her who brought them instead. The least he can do was take her to the spot.

Soon they approach a gigantic tree that stood out among the rest. It looked mysteriously huge and calm while energy pulsated from the tree as it was a live person breathing. "That's the tree!" She pointed out. "Isn't it majestic?"

"Mm..." He replied, awed of the feeling the tree emitted off. Very mysterious indeed.

Yu Sha pushed herself off his arms and walked towards the tree. On the ground next to it was her bag, still on the same spot where she left it. She hurriedly to pick up the bag and swung it over her back. She took a long look at the tree and spoke in a daze. "Grandpa loves nature. He can tell a lot by listening to the wilderness. That was why grammy continues to live in isolation where she spent most of her life with grandpa." One could tell by her expression, she was recalling the past memories of her grandpa while a hint of sadness seeped through the corner of her eye.