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313 What Plagued Her?

 Yedi's shout alerted the guards that her condition was serious. The guard in black cloak and mask flew in to get her. At this point, getting to the cruise for treatment was first priority.

He scooped her off and vanished in the cruise's direction. Yedi rushed after them. When he approached the cruise, he shot out a rope onto the deck and sprung upward and then hopped from one balcony to the next to get into the treatment room.

The sun fell down behind the horizon and darkness loomed over the world. Noah and Amari was caught off guard from their tasks when they saw the guard slammed the door open. In his arms, laid an unconscious Yu Sha. They directed the guard to put her on the bed so they can start assessment right away. After checking her vitals, nothing was out of the ordinary. Yedi rushed in and looked at the findings they composed. She was not in danger. Her vitals seemed stable. It has been since the day she woke up at the mansion. It hasn't gotten worse or better.

Butler Zeu had given him the gist of the binding spell, but because it was a lost art, not much information was available on it. He wasn't sure if this was one of the side effects, but he was positive that she had a mental breakdown. He didn't know of her mental health history to make a concrete diagnosis. The best course of treatment right now was to let her rest.

A few hours later, Yu Ping arrived dragging Ker, the man who initiated the binding spell on Yu Sha. The man was tied with a special rope, making him unable to break free. The more he struggled, the tighter the rope. He didn't want to suffocate to death and so he obediently allowed himself taken. He knew Yu Ping wouldn't kill him off easily as Yu Ping needed his ability. He was knocked unconscious and didn't know how he got here. When he came to, he felt his body on the move.

Yu Ping appeared on Yu Sha's balcony, unaware of her condition. PengXu greeted him and updated Yu Ping of Yu Sha's condition. After hearing the news, he tossed Ker into PengXu and rushed to the other room where Yu Sha was sleeping.

Yu Ping knew that this was not the side effect of the binding spell, but the reality that she would have to face going forward. How can he help her when in fact he didn't even know what plagued her to this extreme? Does she even know the things occurred to her? He must quickly undo the binding spell and take her to see their grandma for an alternative coping method.

Soon, PengXu walked in, dragging Ker. Ker saw the same woman last time sleeping on the bed. He knew she was in a bad state then, but had not expected to see the same image repeated here. She was still in a bad state! He denied that her condition was caused by his forbidden art and would undo the spell if they let him go afterward.

Yu Ping loosened the rope, allowing Ker to weave his hands, releasing the binding spell. The marked on her body crawled to the center of her body as if it's in liquify form, escaped upward and dissipated into the air. Within a second, Yu Ping appeared next to Ker, grabbed onto him and vanished. A few seconds later, Yu Ping appeared again without Ker.

PengXu turned to look at him as wanting to ask what Yu Ping did to Ker. Before PengXu said anything, Yu Ping commented coldly, "He's my problem, should be dealt with by me."

"Her vitals are stable. She should wake up soon but needed to rest up right now." PengXu assured based on the report Yedi gave.

A complicated expression expressed on Yu Ping's face. Only if he knew what plagued her, he could help her even if the answer takes him to the other end of the world.

PengXu had left, leaving Yu Ping in the room. After a moment, he too, left the room to sit at the highest spot on the ship, the top of the elevator on the third floor deck. He looked even more conflicted than earlier. A gloomy, solemn expression that had never appeared on his face before. No one knew the thoughts in his mind except him. After sometimes, he took out a phone and rubbed his thumb on the screen pondering what to do next.

While Yu Ping was lost in thoughts on the balcony, someone slid into the room undetected and stared at the sleeping figure on the bed as if he knew what plagued her to this state. His eyes that appeared through the mask's eye opening, showed a soft gold glitter that held so many deep secrets they shared, yet at the same felt as guilty as a person who committed a crime too large to be forgiven.

He had seen her sleeping figure before and those times, she never slept so neatly as she did now. How deep was she engulfed in by their past that she would shut down everything around her? He felt helpless. Although he could sync his energy with her and see a glimpse of what ravaged her mind, he couldn't intercept or do anything but watched her sad past unfolded.

After a while, he let out a helpless exhaled and moved closer to her. Slowly he reached his hand out to her, but paused in the midst in a dilemma if he had any right to caress her even if it's just for a brief moment.

Suddenly, Yu Sha's eyes opened to seeing a figure leaning, reaching his hand out to her. She gasped, surprised of the figure hovering over, and she instantly lunged up to fight him. It surprised the man in disguised why she woke up so suddenly. She was the type that wouldn't even wake up even if a volcano was exploding in the distant. He hastily retreated, but she blocked his route. Less than a second, she pressed her hang against him and they both vanished from the spot.