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312 Minimally Visible Moon

 A couple miles later and the sun dropped lower to the horizon. Yedi reminded, "We should make our way back before it gets dark.

"What's the rush, I'm exercising to tire me out in order to sleep." She replied, though she knew this wouldn't be enough to knock her out but she hoped it at least would calm her down.

"What? you don't sleep well? Should I prescribe you something?"

Yu Sha looked at Yedi. "Drug is not the solution to everything."

Yedi laughed, "Haha.. You're right. I didn't tell you to abuse it. Everything in moderation."

"I'm perfectly fine. It's just that being limited is frustrating." She hissed. She never so much wanted to hear from her brother. She knew he needed to make preparation before infiltrating Island Genesis. Walking into enemy's territory after the fact of them knowing your existence is more dangerous than the first time around.

Yedi nodded, "Understand." He didn't rush her. There are guards around, so they wouldn't need to worry about safety. He didn't want to bring up the prince in their talk as matters between them are quite complicated. As a man, he didn't know how to comfort a woman, especially that of Yu Sha's personality. She's hard headed and sometimes can come off bossy, but she was the type that would hide her truest feeling the deepest.

The sun beamed, bursting warm colors across the skies when Yu Sha decided to turn around and head back. But first, she paused her steps and focus her attention at the beautiful skies. For once, she actually took the time to stop and observed the beauties of the skies right before golden hours. She observed carefully of the different shades and feelings it brought to her and her eyes spotted the full moon minimally visible behind the skies.

The moon, although looked faint but appeared so close and big. She smiled and blurted, "Isn't it beautiful?"

Yedi was caught off guard but soon followed the direction of her stares to see what she was talking about, to which he soon spotted the hypnotizing image. He too, was taken in by the beauty of the rounded full moon that seemed so close, but appeared so fainted as if the skies were so close within reach.

Suddenly, images flashed into Yu Sha's vision. A young beautiful woman, across her was the same man whose eyes radiated enough warmth to warm up the entire planet. The kiss that melted her every fiber and the lingering of his fragrance hypnotized her mind.

Yu Sha stumbled as her mind clouded with visions. The heartwarming images suddenly changed into chaotic and destructions. The same loving man floated in midair toned out to everything around. He destroyed everything that appeared in sight. No matter how hard she cried for his names, he didn't recognize her. It left her no choice, but to bring him down. In a flash, she appeared before him and stabbed him with a magical weapon that could subdued even the gods. Tears rained from her eyes as the weapon pierced through him. The next image rushed in pushing the earlier images off. Standing before her was another woman and a voice. "Your entire existence brings disasters to him. Perished!" Multiple sets of arrows flew fiercely and pierced right through her body and she instantly dropped down to the ground. Another image of a blade sliced across her eyes leaving trails of blood drips like rain drops poured.

Pain of the forceful arrows pulsated in the places the arrows pierced and her eyes numbed. Her face paled and she instantly shriek from the visual attacking her mental state. Then her eyes felt sharp burning pain and became blurry. She was unable to look at anything bright. The images came to her like flashlight flickering. Within a few seconds, it came and gone but the damaged remained.

Yu Sha panted from fright and mental exhaustion. She didn't know what was happening. It was as if she had some kind of premonition visuals that momentarily zapped energy out of her but left its scar and damages on her body.

All these came to her so fast and quick, she could barely keep up with what the images were telling.

Yedi saw her pale, frightened and zoned out expression. He jolted to her aid. "Miss Yu Sha? What happened?"

She could hear his voice but couldn't respond. His figure blurred to her and although she looked at him, she couldn't see him clearly. Her reaction slow as she triesd to gained herself back.

To Yedi, she looked like someone who was trying to wake herself up from being possessed. He was worried, not sure if this was the after affect having the binding spell on for prolonged period of time or it was something else.

"Miss Yu Sha?!" He called as he reached out to support her from tumbling down. She reached to hold him to support her as she supported her to stand up firmly.

She too was confused, didn't know what was wrong with her. Last she knew, she does not have ability of this sorts. She recognized the man that she had to stab, he was the same man in the other dream she had, Azuric. She recognized the feeling of the woman who's eyes was sliced across. That was the woman Atlas love! Who was the other woman? The one that ordered arrows to be shot at her?

Her mind pulsated like someone beating a large drum inside her head as more images fought to invade and overwhelmed her mind. She screamed in pain and dropped down onto her knee clutching her head. Sweat beads formed on her face. The blurriness in her eyes became pitch darkness. Yu Sha cried as she reached her hand out before she lost her mental state. The girl who always acted tough, bold and reckless now was afraid of the things that came to her, the unknown damaged and pain that suddenly appeared on her body.