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311 Messing With The Wrong People

 The enemy had no choice but to retreat from sight. The weird style looking guy sensed that his ability wouldn't work as his ability only worked on those whose power are of physical in nature. The mysterious armored man didn't seem like he used any power but had great aim, a person who had become one with his weapon. Regardless, it was better to do something than nothing to give a split second of break for the team to regroup. The weird style looking guy aimed towards the armored man and snapped his fingers multiple times simultaneously, creating one frequency ripple after another which went directly into the armored man.

The armored man clicked a switch on his weapon and aimed at a medium size tree. With one shot, it obliterated the tree into nothingness along with the man hiding behind it. After annihilating the tree and the man along, the armored man turned towards the weird style looking guy and announced loudly. "Retreat and let your superior know, they're messing with the wrong people!"

The enemy thought for a moment and signaled for his men to retreat. This mysterious armored man was not in their data. They can't risk getting involved without knowing everything about their enemy. The best method was to retreat and think of another solution. The longer they stay involved, the higher the chance of exposing their identity.

With a single signal, the remaining men left in a blink. When the coast felt clear, he looked at the direction of Su Na and Xander as giving a reassuring look that they're no longer in danger.

It was at this time that their teammate had also arrived on scene and found them. When Ziggy called them from the distant, the mysterious armored man vanished while Su Na and Xander was momentarily distracted by the arrival of their team.

Su Na briskly scouted the vicinity but saw no trace of the person who rescued them. She had to get out of the wood and to safety. She had a hunch who it might be, the one that saved them. It was either someone sent by the twins or Yu Ping.

Xander and Su Na left with their team and had to re-evaluate their safety plan. Their ambush today must be sent by Helan or the Ghost King Gang. She'll have to test a certain someone to find out who it actually was when opportunity arises.


Late afternoon, the sun made its way down from peak high. Yu Sha had to confine herself in her room while she does some work on her laptop. From time to time, she would lay her head on the chair and lean back to release pent up frustration. She had been distracted, distracted of what Amari said and frustrated of being confined, frustrated of the unknown energy in her that felt like it didn't belong to her.

She phoned Yedi and asked for permission to go on an evening stroll. She was near breaking point being helpless and stayed confined. She was always on the other end of the spectrum, the protector and not being protected. Soon, Yedi walked in with a wheelchair to take her. She hated the thought of having to use a wheelchair as it made her seem weak. Yu Sha sighed the moment she saw the wheelchair. "Ugh... Must we need to take that?"

"Yes, for precaution. You don't need to sit on the wheelchair the whole time. It was only for precaution." Yedi replied firmly.

Yu Sha hopped on the wheelchair and it drove out towards the elevator. Yedi walked alongside her and kept her company.

Yu Sha felt the need to keep a conversation going on to kill off the silent moment, she asked, "Yedi, have you always works for the royal?"

"Mm... Yes. I came from a family of doctors."

"So you fell into obligation and not passion?" She wasn't sure if he became a doctor because of obligation or it was pure passion. Not all children were born with the same passion as their family roots. Those who deterred off were often the black sheep and outcast if they don't conform to family values.

"Not really. I don't like politics. Serving for his highness alone allowed me flexibility and freedom to do pretty much anything I want."

The two continued to talk as they made their way out of the ship and went for a stroll.

"Yu Sha, you can't walk on sands, only on hard even surface." Yedi reminded. Sands can take a toll on muscles. Athletes also used it to train muscles from time to time. Hard and even surfaces are less intense.

"Tsch..." She sat up and walked on the pavement.

Yedi commanded, "Alisa, follow." The wheelchair moved by its own and started following Yu Sha.

She gave a started. She didn't know the wheelchair has a name and can move by people's command.

"Alisa?" She asked in surprised.

Yedi let out a big conceited grin full of content. "Isn't she great? I built her! Hahaha..."

Yu Sha, still feel dumbfounded. 'Is he a scientist or a doctor?' His sentence earlier now made so much sense to her. Working for the prince allowed him flexibility and freedom. This must be the freedom and flexibility he meant.

She walked up to the road parallel to the construction. It was flat and even surfaces which won't strained her.

Yedi quickly stride after herm and reminded. "Remember, there is nothing I can do to make you get better quicker unless the binding spell is removed. So don't overexert yourself." Based on her personality, he knew that she was the reckless type and would go wild if no one held her back.

"I know. I've never been this obedient in my life." She replied. During the time when she needed to be out and about the most, she was stuck in one spot. She had never wished to see her brother as much as she did now. She hoped he come sooner than later, otherwise, she wouldn't know what to do with the restlessness that swelled within her.