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310 The Mysterious Armored Man

 A few men stood in front of the stalled cars and aimed their rifles at Su Na and Xander. Simultaneously, they fired one round after another into the car coming straight at them.

Su Na and Xander dodged down, avoiding the bullets flying through the car. With no choice as they were cornered both ends, Xander put the car on cruise control and jumped behind to get Su Na.

He waited a few seconds for the perfect opportunity. Just right before the car smashed into the stalled vehicles, he released his ability and ejected them out of the car by creating a wind funnel acting as a defense barrier around them. The enemies that initially chased them, in unison fired simultaneously at the wind funnel.

Su Na and Xander's car smashed into the stalled cars and exploded into flames as the wind funnel leaped out of the car. Sparks and debris scattered like exploding fireworks as the wind funnel traveled downward the slanted hill into the heavy wood patches.

The enemies followed behind, not giving them lead time. With Xander's ability, he was able to put some distances. Their plan was flawed as they didn't expect the enemy to take full control of the road and cornered them. Although for Xander and his colleagues, they were used to life and death situation, they had to act with the safety of their boss in mind. First priority was to get her to safety and meet up with the team before attempting to fight back.

They had a tracker on them so the team could monitor their location. When they moved out of coordination, the team knew they were in a circumstance that forced them to be. This was even more evident as the tracking for their car suddenly disappeared from the tracker as if the car had been spirited away.

After they landed on solid ground, Xander and Su Na fled deeper into the woods. Each of the enemy had weapons on them. Open space made them easy targets. At least in the woods, they can hide and avoid being spotted.

Just as the enemy predicted they would move into a more crowded space once cornered, the enemy stationed themselves ahead of time. All they had to do was wait for their target to step on the trap.

Soon, a group of men crawled out behind the trees and surrounded their path. Xander and Su Na diverted their direction, but more people appeared to block their next chosen path. Returning to where they came from was not an option either. They had no choice but to fight or allowed themselves to be captured.

It seemed to them like the enemy wanted them alive. Otherwise, why wouldn't the enemy shoot at them already at first sight? They were basically surrounded on all sides, and the enemy had plenty of opportunities to make Su Na and Xander fall down to their death.

Su Na and Xander looked at each other for a tacit understanding that they were going to fight first. Su Na adopted Yu Sha's behavior after having been with Yu Sha for so long. She doesn't give up without a fight.

Xander concentrated the winds and within a split seconds formed a blast of wind waves. Because if was a sudden burst release of pent up wind, it had picked up any dirts and lightweight objects as it burst, blinding the enemy momentarily. In response, the enemy instantly fire at the direction of Su Na and Xander. The wind changed to a whirl wind creating a barrier to deflect all the bullets.

Seeing that the bullets weren't doing anything, a man among the enemy stepped forward. The right side of his head was shaved close to the scalp, while the left side hairs grew down to the neck which covered his entire left sided face, exposing just the right sided face. All in all, he was one creepy man with no sense of style.

His small deep hooded eye locked on the target. An evil smirk crept on his face. Slowly, he reached his hand out and with a single snap of his finger created a frequency wave that attacked the whirl wind. He clicked a few snaps and a few more frequency waves vanished into the whirlwind which soon the dissolved the whirl wind.

The whirl wind suddenly dissipated, exposing Xander and Su Na in the middle with nothing to protect them. Although they weren't harmed in any way but they were at a big disadvantage. Xander's ability was sealed! They don't have enough ammunitions to fight and Xander can't use his ability. They either attempted to kill the weird looking guy with no sense of styles in one shot or surrender themselves.

As they thought they were doomed, a helicopter appeared above them from nowhere. The enemy was surprised as the helicopter was not in the plan. Su Na and Xander knew their reinforcement doesn't come in a helicopter either.

"Could it be more enemy? The enemy boss?" Su Na's hand trembled as the worse scenario came into mind. Not that they weren't in a bad situation enough, the big boss whom they can't even put a scratch on last time had came! As her mind was going wildly crazy, a man fully geared descended like a falling comet. Before the man landed, a third of the enemies fell onto the ground before anyone could even make sense of what just took place. Once when the situation registered, everyone scattered for protection.

Those who already got a good hiding spot blasted their rifles at the armored man, but it didn't even scathe the armor suit.

The armored man aimed recklessly with his weapon and some enemies started to fall down one by one.

Xander was able to catch on that he wasn't recklessly aiming his weapon. He was aiming at the location the enemy would move to. Last Xander knew, there wasn't someone of this ability on their team. Who was this person?

The enemy men who got to a safe spot stood hidden and blasted their weapon at any opportunity they can, but their effort was futile.