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309 Irony Of Her Fate

 A conference ended and the board of directors all stood up to leave. Once the last person excused himself, Su Na and Chairman Song stayed behind. Su Na had a business strategic briefing with Chairman Song after everyone left. Although, it was a field she felt confident about, it never hurts to experience firsthand from a veteran in this field. She wooed her way into the Song Empire that seemed to be climbing higher each year. Although the elderly Songs didn't like her mother, but liked their the skills and traits their granddaughter possessed. They too, also want to woo her over to them. A young lady, whose business success paved its way up with no support, is a trait they held high respect for.

After the briefing Chairman Song asked, "Su Na, why don't you come for dinner tonight?"

Su Na had a meeting with her men later and couldn't attend. She politely declined that she had to follow up with her workers.

Chairman Song understood that owning a business is busy. He didn't probe and dismissed her. Between him and his wife, he probably liked her more and wished to add her to their family registry. She reminded him of his father's demeanor back in his younger days.

The last few days of watching over her and asking her opinions on certain matters, she didn't disappoint him at all. Afterward, she excelled academically and was in the limelight was when they decided to retrieve her back. They believe they were more suited to raise her and nurtured her talents than a woman of no shame. Her mother appeared well behaved and spoke eloquently, but he never thought she would be so promiscuous behind closed door and brought shame upon the Song name. They were afraid she would one day turn out to be like her mother, but no matter how they attempted and the means they used, they were blocked in every way.

Su Na excused herself and headed towards the door when Chairman Song spoke, "Su Na, I regretted what happened over 22 years ago. It's not that we didn't care about you. I tried to legally get you back but wasn't successful, which to this day, I haven't figured who was behind it." Chairman Song apologized for not bringing her back sooner, but not for kicking her mother out. He didn't know the truth and pain in her heart that not bringing her back wasn't why she couldn't forgive. But he was a businessman, personal matters can be put aside. He was not greedy when it came to grooming a successor. Any of his grandchildren would do, but he saw the most potential and ambitions in her.

Su Na paused. Her eyes emotionless, unaffected by what Chairman Song said. Even if they did successfully retrieve her then, she would fight to never return. Ironically, though the place she never wanted to return to, she dropped her pride and crawled back in the name of vengeance. A corner of her lips curved at the irony of her fate. "Hmph..." Su Na pushed the door and exited without replying.

Chairman Song knew, it wouldn't be easy for Su Na to come into terms of what happened. But he hoped that one day, she will turn around. Their empire hadn't existed for that long and he remembered well, how his father worked hard, sacrificed a lot to build a foundation he had today for a better tomorrow. He didn't care if his first daughter-in-law came from a lowly single parent household, it's the heart and characters that matters. He thought he knew his first daughter-in-law well, but he was wrong. The evidence of her infidelities were too apparent, he too was heart broken when it was leaked out.

Rumors of her mother's infidelity were gossiped among the employees. Every time she walked in and out of Song Corporation, some employees looked at her with disdained, while some looked at her with admiration of the success she built regardless of her background. She didn't let it get to her, but walked with her head held high. Su Na headed out to her car at the entrance where Xander was waiting for her.

Xander opened the door for her to get in before hurriedly over to drive off. While driving away from the city where there was less traffic on the road, he noticed a few cars tailing them. To test whether they indeed were, he made some unnecessary turns which alerted Su Na.

She turned around and noticed four cars following them. "Lose them!" Su Na ordered. The last they wanted was to expose their hideout. Xander changed directions and drove opposite of their hideout in an attempt to take those men on a roller coaster ride.

Xander stepped on the gas pedal and phoned for backup. He gave them the plan and location of where to meet up with them. He'll made them run around allowing time for backup to get to the destination place. They know they can't run and hide but must face these people. They made predictions and plans to deal with each situation. It was a matter of time before their targeted enemy got in action.

The enemies sped up and started to close the distance. Xander stomp on the gas pedal all the way and gained some distance, but soon came up on a curve and that forced him to slow down.

One of the cars moved closer to them while the person sitting in the back aimed a rifle towards them. Xander had no choice but to dive through the medium space and got on the oncoming lane heading back. The bullets missed them at the sudden turn of the car, but that didn't stop the enemy. They dove through the medium space and followed suit.

Xander threw a gun to Su Na. She may have to defend them. "Boss be careful."

Su Na wasn't shaken at all but remained calm, thinking of ways to help get them out of this situation. Before she could even blink, blocking the path in the distance were two stalled cars. If they continued driving, they would smash into the cars.

It dawned on Xander that they haven't encountered any other cars. Just because the road doesn't have a lot of traffic, doesn't mean they won't encounter normal cars. Was the road completely blocked? If the road was completely blocked, only someone of authority would be able to order road closure. Had the enemy predicted their route?