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308 Complicated Relationship

 After venting her fill, Yu Sha hopped onto the cot and laid there looking at the night skies, hoping that the quiet and tranquil night would soothe the restlessness in her heart and helped put her to sleep. This feeling was all too familiar since she arrived to Aires, a feeling she was unable to grasp and contain its intensity. She had been blessed in her life as if god had given her all the lucks in the entire universe, yet, what is this feeling of longing, sadness, loss and solitude? It wasn't until the wee hour of the night that she lost to the tiredness and finally dozed off to sleep.

The same guard in a hooded black cloak flew in to observe her sleeping figure. The dark shadow overcast his face, making is impossible to get a clear glimpse of the emotions that peered through his eyes behind the mask.

In the far distance, there was a glistening bird with long rainbow color tails, swarming in circles but not advancing closer.

The guard turned slightly behind and glare at the glittering light in the distance. He seemed to ponder on something for a long time and finally lowered himself next to her. Carefully he lifted her and carried her inside like a parent, afraid any slight movement would wake up their child. Slowly, he meandered to the bed and gently laid her down with great care.

As he pulled himself back up, something on the other side bed stand caught his attention. The white stuffed owl animal with its big round glimmering gold eyes stared intently at the direction of the bed. The space between his brows grew closer to each other as the owl resembled a feeling of familiarity and what reason she kept the stuff animal.

After some times his eyes drift to catch a glimpse of Yu Sha before he strode out.


The next day, Yu Sha woke up to the sound of her alarm buzzing. It took her a moment to realize she was not on the cot but on her bed. The first thing that popped in her mind was Hue Chi. 'Was he here last night?' But she soon shook the thought as per the medical trio, he was under house arrest with strict supervision. "Could it be his men?" Somehow, she felt that it wouldn't be either. His men like to retain a certain distance unless she is in imminent danger was when they break the personal space zone.

A knock pounded on the door, interrupting her. She yelled, allowing permission. Within a second, the door creaked open. Yedi jumped in high spirit holding a tea set, "Miss Yu Sha, how are you this morning?"

She had forgotten about them, that they're staying at the cruise to supervise her. Yu Sha took a big dreading exhaled. She does not like the idea of having people watches her and do things for her. The thought of having people around her at every turn, every step sent chills through her spine, making her feel suffocated.


"Eh... what's with the dreading sigh? I feel like you're disappointed in seeing me?"

"Yedi, shouldn't you guys be home preparing for the coronation?"

"That's not our duty." He jumped closer to her and handed her a full teacup. "You don't like us accompany you?"

When Yedi put it like that, it was hard for Yu Sha to reject them. She clicked her tongue and remained quiet as she reached for the cup.

To Yedi, he knew why she feel irritated. His prince and Yu Sha's relationship are too complicated. They verbally haven't accepted each other, but the way his prince acted towards her, sent an air set that they are more than friends. There has not been a person that his prince was adamant in protecting. This alone spoke louder than words. Not only that, he was to pick a life partner at his coronation. Once this happened, she would be completely out of the picture.

Not only their relationship was complicated but even Yedi felt complicated just thinking about it.

"Miss Yu Sha, I know my prince and you shouldn't have any relationship and this may seem like we're meddling into your life, but your brother left you in my prince's care. Until he comes back for you safely, we must fulfill his wish."

Yu Sha choked and reaffirmed. "Yu Ping what?" The last she saw, her brother had a blade on Hue Chi's throat, and he strongly told her that he doesn't like the prince.


Back in Lyon, Su Na had finally set foot in the Song corporation and got on good term with Chairman Song. She only had Cree on her hand and although he confessed the crime, she couldn't turn him in yet as the way she went about kidnapping him wasn't exactly in line with the law either. The mental damage done to her mother, she be sure to give back ten folds. Also, she hasn't figured out the power behind Helan. If she out straight turned Helan's crime to the law, would Helan truly receive punishment?

After some research, although not clear, Keo told her that the Ghost King Gang may be more than just Island Genesis, which neither him or Leo had been able to find out as of yet.

Though she didn't want the help, Keo had insisted to find out more about Island Genesis and the Ghost King Gang. Many employees' lives are under their shoulder so she knew they can't put all their time to investigate.

As the future heir to Herrs Corporation, the more Keo knows, the more it helped him in business. He had a feeling his parents have not fully exposed him to the dark side of the corporate world. He had seen the ugly side and messiness of running a Corporate but the dark side, he had yet been exposed to. With this investigation, Keo had to do it secretly, except for a few trusted guards doing the research for him without being found out by the enemy and his parents.

Leo had from time to time, leave work to his workers and meet up with Troy to dig up the cold case that destroyed Troy's career and life. They needed to find solid evidence of what went wrong ten years ago and the mastermind that blocked the case from going farther. There was no doubt that someone with substantial power was involved.