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306 Had More Success

 Yu Sha didn't wait to think. She blurted out. "I'll tell them that I stabbed myself by accident. No need to be ashamed."

"Whao.. I admired your bluntness." Yedi replied.

The medical team were efficient with their work and soon finished their procedure. They assisted her onto a wheelchair and wheeled her out to meet Atlas.

In the lobby, Yedi went up to Atlas, "We'll take her back. She didn't follow ordered and her wound broke through the sutures. We had to redo everything."

Atlas was shocked. She didn't even act like she was in a lot of pain and even dashed towards him through the field.

Seeing the guilty expression on his face Yu Sha assured. "It wasn't your fault. I was reckless."

"But I should've taken you straight to get it check before you flew through the field on your legs. I was very much at fault."

The team glared at her, "You what?!"

"I knew it!" Yedi reprimanded.

"We will take care of her health from now on. Thank you for keeping her safe."

"Wait, I have something in his car I need to get. Atlas, come." She ushered the team and Atlas.

Atlas followed them. Yu Sha felt bad parting him like this. When they got to Atlas car, Yu Sha asked for the pen on Yedi's pocket.

"Can I borrow your pen for a minute?"

Yedi handed her the pen.

"Atlas." She waved for him to go closer to her.

"Give me your hand." She asked.

Hesitated, but he reached his hand out to her, wondering what she planned to do. She pulled his hand closer and turned it palm up. With the pen, she wrote down a number.

"This is my number. Send me a message. Once I get back, I'll know how to contact you."

Chills ran through Yedi when he saw this moment. Yu Sha focused intently on Atlas palm. His heart throbbed as if he was in pain seeing the woman he loved showing public affection towards another man. But for Yedi, it was because someone from afar must be boiling with anger at this moment and he foresaw his head rolled off.

"Noah. The sunflower is my. Be careful with it." Yu Sha instructed.

She turned to Atlas and parted, "Thanks for today. Let's meet next time when I'm better."

Atlas still was confused of the mixed emotions. He was angry at himself that he didn't take good care of her. Then she suddenly took hold of his hand and wrote her number on it. The warmth of her hands spread through his hand like the sunray briskly illuminating the world as it rose from the horizon.

"Bye.. Don't forget to send me a message." Yu Sha waved to Atlas as the group wheeled her back to the hospital. Slowly, with the hand she grabbed, he waved back to her and watched the group disappear back to the hospital. Soon, he hopped in and the driver drove away. On the entrance out of the parking, a man in a hooded black cloak and mask watched intently as Atlas car drove by. The two met eye to eye while the car turned past the corner.

Atlas gave a snarky smirk as the car sped away.

Confused, Yu Sha asked if the team forgot something in the hospital. "Why we're back here?"

The team hurriedly took her to another elevator and they went all the way up to the roof. A helicopter was there waiting for them. It was then, she knew that was how they'll get back.

"Must you guys stay at the cruise?" Yu Sha asked. Wasn't his official coronation happening next weekend and they'll also announce his engagement? Why does he still have his people interfere with her life?

Yedi didn't wait to reply. He answered firmly. "Yes."

She looked at the sunflower sitting in front of her and mumbled. "Why must he do this?" Make her and his life hard. If he just cut everything clean, let them each live their life separately as possible, she wouldn't need to distract herself. Everything will pass by like a dream and go back to normal.

Neither of the three people team knew how to answer. All they knew was that he ordered them to and his mood was unstable since she left. And without a doubt, they knew he truly cared for her. When she was around, he was a man that was capable of loving, capable of having emotions, and showed different expressions. A person they never thought could exist in him.

He was under strict supervisions and so many of these orders were done through his command.

She was lost in thoughts and before long, they reached the cruise. It was dusk by then. She was taken to her room along with the sunflower.

Yu Sha asked to have sunflower out in the balcony and they obeyed. After she was situated, the team left the room but Amari remained. She looked as if she wanted to ask something.

She kept staring at Yu Sha and not sure how to proceed.

Yu Sha also sensed the air and asked for Amari to go head.

Hesitated but soon spoke. "The news... don't you have anything to say?"

Yu Sha thought for a moment. "Ah... The coronation and engagement?"

"Mm.." She nodded.

"What about it?"

"Don't you feel anything about it?" Amari asked.

"What was I supposed to feel?" It was not like she could do anything. "If you see him, relay the message, I say congratulation to the crown and engagement. He has my blessings."

"I can't. If you want to bless him, then say it to him yourself." She declined.

"Amari!" Yu Sha's voice was stern which startled Amari. "Are you here with an agenda?" Was Amari here to convince her to to see the prince?

Confused about what Yu Sha meant, she could only uttered. "Huh?" Although they're roughly the same age, Yu Sha had more success than most girls their age. Not only that, to be liked by someone like Prince Hue Chi was an honor anyone could have, a dream many young girls dream of constantly.

"Thank you for your concern. But there was nothing between us then, and there will be nothing between now and the future."

Amari's eyes watered about to cry. Yu Sha felt startled. She didn't think her words were too harsh. 'The girls in this country can't take anything harsh when related to their prince, don't they?'