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305 You Must Give It Love!

 Atlas assisted Yu Sha down the slope and back into the car. To make sure the sunflower had enough room, the driver pressed a button, and the roof converted down, opening up the space above. This allowed Yu Sha to put the sunflower on the floor and sat next to it.

Not long later, they arrived at the entrance of a hospital in Red Rock City.

Yu Sha thought Atlas had let go of having her go for a check, but it seemed he never dropped the idea although she had long forgotten. She scratched her head unable to understand why the men in her life were a bunch of worry nuts. Any slight thing happened to her sent them in a frenzy. She shook her head thinking that as long as she lived, she'll never understand them. Things that didn't seem a big deal to her somehow was a big deal to them.

A sighed escaped her mouth and she agreed. "Okay, okay... Let's get this done and over with."

Atlas led her to the hospital's check-in desk and put in their request.

The two waited for their name to be called. Yu Sha wanted him to know that she went through worse situations when she came into the world. She told Atlas a bit of her life and it was why she doesn't make matters of small stuff like this. She had fought hard to live and liked to not be limited because of the fear that her health may regress but to live every day at her best.

As the two talked, a familiar voice called, exasperated from the entrance. Yu Sha turned around and saw Amari. Her jaw dropped at how the appearance of Noah and Yedi running through the entrance. Yedi went up to the desk and showed his ID card and everyone stood up and obeyed his instruction. They led him to an exam room while Amari went to get Yu Sha.

Surprised, she asked, "How and what are you guys doing here?"

Atlas assumed these must be Hue Chi's people to have such authority anywhere they go.

Yu Sha turned to Atlas, "Sorry, these are the people who treated my injuries. Wait here, I'll be back."

She couldn't possibly take Atlas in with her plus she knew that the team wouldn't allow either.

They entered through the double door, down the hallway and up the elevator to the floor above. Yu Sha looked around and wondered why they went so far just to get a checkup, but she was also curious about how they found her here.

"Amari, how do you guys know I'm here."

"Ah... We've been ordered to track you. All day we searched the entire city for you and traced you to this place. Did you re-injured yourself?"

Yu Sha shook her head as she hadn't got into physical fights with anyone. She doesn't believe her she re-injured herself.

"Prince had been in a bad mood lately. We're even afraid to breathe." Amari spoke as life drained out of her.

Soon they arrived in the room meant to examine Yu Sha. Yedi and Noah were inside. The moment when Yu Sha entered through the door, Yedi ran up to her and cried a river. His life was never this hard until a few days ago, more so today.

"Ehhh... " Yu Sha didn't know how to console them. She didn't know they would be affected by what she did.

Yedi finally stopped his whining and told. "You must come back with us. We were ordered to live in the cruise for the time being."

"Ehhh!!!" Yu Sha felt even more surprised. "Can he stop interfering my life?" She was referring to their prince.

Yedi gasped as his soul left his body. He hadn't met a woman who denied the prince without hesitation.

Amari called for Yu Sha to go sit on the exam table. Yu Sha complied and walked over to the exam table.

Amari pulled the curtain divider, allowing only them two inside it. Yu Sha changed out of her clothes and allowed Amari to inspect her wound, but she let out a yelp at the first sight of it. "Ahhh... why is it much worse than before you left?" The stitches were broken through and the wound was re-opened almost completely.

"Hmm... No wonder why it felt painful." Yu Sha spoke as if she wasn't at fault at all.

"What?? You didn't listen to my instructions!" Yedi yelled behind the curtain.

"Why is it taking so long for me to heal? Why did Hue Chi heal so fast? You guys didn't give me the best medicine?" She was referring to the time he got injured from the mysterious woman.

Yedi defended, "We did gave you the best and the same healing medicine that was only made available for the royal family! Do you know my head would roll if the king and queen knew that I gave you the medicine?"

"Then why is my leg worse now?"

"Because your body was not accepting the medicine, you had to heal the nature way. The binding spell doesn't accept foreign objects and substances. In fact, you healed much slower than the average people. Slower than what I predicted. You woke up later than what I predicted too."

Yedi poked through the curtain and in a serious tone. "Yu Sha, you didn't pampered your leg as instructed, didn't you?"

She paused and thought of the activities she did today. She even dashed at full speed through the open field.

Yedi could tell from her expression. "You didn't!! I told you, your weights are on your leg, it takes the burden every time you step on it. You must give it love!"

"You guys know, I have high pain tolerance. By the time I feel it bothered me, it was already too late."

Neither one of them believed her. She must have gone beast mode.

"Laid down." Amari ordered.

Yu Sha laid down. Amari had prepped the area for another suture.

Yedi and Noah walked in and the team proceeded to re-suture the wounded site. They injected local anesthetic to numb the pain before suturing. Yu Sha was awake for the procedure.

Yedi asked, "Yu Sha if we didn't come, how were you going to tell the doctor where you got the injury from?"