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303 Desperate Much


He gave a start as he completely didn't sense her. "Yu Sha... you're up?"

"Ah.. sorry, I didn't mean to waste time sleeping. I didn't sleep well last night."

"Mm... It's okay. I'll heat up the food."

"Oh.. thanks."

"Come over." Atlas gesture for her to head to the dining room.

She obediently complied. Yu Sha walked across the living room, but her eyes followed the portrait as she walked past.

While eating, Yu Sha interrupted. "You know, the place that you wanted to show me?"


"I'll take a raincheck for next time."

"Oh... You got something in mind?" He needed to have reasons for her to come back, so he didn't hesitate to accept.

"Yes. I want us to go to a temple."

Atlas looked somewhat confused of her reasoning. "You go there often?"

"Nope. It'll be first time."

He laughed and asked, "What's with the sudden change?"

"I suddenly had the urge to believe in a deity."

"What for?"

She paused and stole a glimpse of Atlas and mumbled. "There is someone, I really, really wish for a blessing that he finds healing and happiness."

"You believe in those?"

"I'm not sure. When in a desperate situation, people go there to pray and ask for blessings."

"You're desperate?"

She looked at him right in the eyes and replied with determination. "Desperate much!"

He let out a smile and refill water into her glass as he spoke. "Then I shall make your wish come true."

She gave a start from his response. She wasn't sure what he meant. Does he know that she wanted to put in a wish for him and will fulfill the wish? Or that he'll take her to the temple per her wish?

After the two ate, Atlas took her out of the world he created for her and they tread the journey down to the spa's parking lot. A car was waiting to drive them.

A while later they arrived at a temple, not very busy but had good amount of people. They went to the alter and Yu Sha silently said her prayers. "Dear deity, I don't know how many wishes I can ask today. But please watch over the people I love and help lead my friend Atlas to find peace and the happiness he seeks for. Oh, and if you can only grant one, then help Atlas moved on and I'll watch over the people I love."

She opened her eyes and wondered if her wish made any sense as she went back and forth.

Atlas didn't put in any wish but watching her wishful expression was enough for him to find happiness briefly.

"Ah.. I was going to ask you. Can I take one sunflower back to decorate my balcony? It looked too poor." She asked.

He couldn't be happier that she finally asked for something. "You can have the entire field."

She knew how important the field meant to him. She would never take the entire field. "One is enough. In cloudy day, it's warmth and color won't change and shine bright like the sun. Every time when I need cheering, I'll look at it and the warm yellow color will remind me to cheer up, laugh and be happy. Don't you think it gives off that kind of feeling?"

Atlas body trembled slightly. He didn't think he would get to hear those words one more time. 'Yu Sha, have you not remembered anything of the past? Or that no matter what form you came in, your way of thinking, persona never change?'

Seeing that he was not responding nor moving, she called, "Atlas? Are you okay?" Were my words too familiar to hers? But that was how she felt when she first saw the sunflowers. She wasn't taking the words from the woman in her dreams. It was her own initial thoughts.

"Atlas!" She called one more time and her call seemed to reach him.

He jolted and came to the present from his memories of her. "Huh?"

"Are you okay. You seemed lost."

"Mm.. I was just thinking of something."

Yu Sha guessed her words must have hit home for him.

"Let's head back and I'll dig one for you."

On the way up, Yu Sha felt her injured thigh starting to feel sore. They treaded down to the car, she was at the temple kneeling and stretching her legs all day. It had been more than a few days and the wound should close up but the area still felt sore to the touch. Light walking on leveled even ground was what Yedi ordered for her to do. But it was hard to do it today.

She took a moment to lightly felt the injured spot as they treaded up the hiking trails.

Atlas sensed something odd and asked, "You're hurt?"

"Ah.. Something happened and my leg was injured."

He lost her previously from a wound to her torso and she never recovered from it. To know that she had another wound on her body again, saying he wasn't trouble would be a complete lie. He wasn't aware of her injury! Unhappy he made her walked up and down the hike, he went up to her and scooped her onto his shoulder.

"Ahh... It's okay. You can put me down." She begged.

"No, not until we get to my place."

"You'll be tired and I'm not hurt."

"I won't." He denied.

"How did you injure it?" He asked.

"Ah.. " She didn't want to relive the memories.

"Something happened and a knife wounded deep into the muscle tissues."

"How long has it been?"

"It'll be a week tomorrow. But I was told starting week 2 I could abuse it more. The legs take in the weights so it'd take a little more time to be fully recovered if I don't baby it while it's healing."

"When was your last check up?"

It was when she was at Hue Chi's palace, but she couldn't possibly tell Atlas that. "2 days ago?"

"When is your next appointment?"

She was not planning to see one and didn't have follow up appointment. "I... I don't have one."

"I'll take you for a checkup later."

"You don't need to." She denied.

His grip tightened when the past came flowing back. "I can't."