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302 I shall make your wish come true

 As soon as she arrived on the edge, in the valley was indeed a field of sunflowers. Her face lit up full of happiness but soon cringed at the thought that she didn't have her cell phone to take pictures of the place. Bright yellow took over the valley and brought a sense of warmth and laughter to whoever witness the scene.

Yu Sha carefully walked down and threw herself into the sea of sunflowers. Ruby perched onto one stalk and nibbled a few seeds.

Yu Sha walked herself from one maze after another reeling in the place's beauty. Maybe it was better she didn't have her phone. She wouldn't be able to just enjoy the sunflowers in the moment. She made a few laps in the sunflower patches and came back to the edge and laid down on the slope. The sky was bright and clear blue somehow the sun didn't feel hot. She wondered how the night skies would look like. Will the skies be filled with millions of stars and will it look close within reach?

A place so tranquil yet filled with a tint of solitary loneliness. "Did he once share this place with her?" If so, how lonely it must be for him after she passed? Did he keep this place lively in honor of her? How hard must it be to be the one that lived and remember it all? Her mind wondered endlessly and she soon dozed off.

She was a little heated yesterday and didn't sleep well. To be in a quiet, tranquil place, was a perfect place for a good nap.

Approached from above was Atlas. He came to fetch her only to see her sleeping figure. His expression softened, but his eyes looked as if the solitary sorrows he experienced through the course of many millennials were at its limit, ready to burst. A dark miasma formed in the middle of his eyes but Ruby flown in next to Yu Sha, startled him and brought him back. The miasma dissipated and gently, he reached down to carry her back to the house.

He took her to the bed and slowly laid her on the bed. Atlas stared at her sleeping face for a long while. After of what seemed like a long time, a smile crept at the corner of his lips as if he felt content. He walked out to the living and sat on the couch while gazing at the portrait.

.... "Atlas.... let me wash those for you." A female voice offered.

"Milady, I can do it. Go over there and have a seat." Atlas ordered.

"I'm no longer a princess and you no longer need to keep formality. We must help each other where we can."

Atlas paused and looked regretful. It was only after a moment that he summoned the courage to look at her eyes and spoke. "If you want the world, I shall bring it to you. If you want it destroy, I will eliminate it along with the people who harmed you."

She forced a smile and calmed. "Atlas, do you know, what's my wish?"

He didn't answer as he didn't know exactly what her wishes was now.

"I just want to live peacefully in a cozy home, far, far away from people. On the side would be a small garden. Nearby, I like a field of yellow sunflowers. The bright yellow color will remind us to laugh a lot, be happy. It'll be the sunshine when the skies are dark and cloudy. Then I'll like a clear waterfall in the distance with lots of fishes."

"Then I shall make your wish come true." He poured a pot of brewed medicine into a cup and handed it to her.

"Thank you." She reached for the cup but had to cough a few times before she was able to drink the medicine.

"How's your eyes?"

"Still the same."

"And your wound?"

She smiled. "It's tolerable. I take as a good sign."

He paused, unsure if it was the right thing to do. She saw the dilemma in his body language and nudged him. "Are you hiding something?"

His eyes widened and denied. "Milady, I'll be gone for half a day. Please wait for me."

He felt anxious every time he had to be away for a bit. He was this way when he first came to work for her. Over the course of the years, he loosened up. But now in her state, the old habit came back. She forced a laugh to assure him. "Don't be silly. I can only be here."

In her blurry vision, she watched him left. Every time when he set out, he would turn around and waved to her 3 times until she was out of sight.

Every time before he left, he finished all the chores so that she wouldn't need to do anything but recuperate. One afternoon, her vision worsened and for a few minutes, she saw complete darkness as she made her way back into the house but tripped and tumbled on the ground. Her falling motion jerked Yu Sha awake.

She jerked and gasped as it was her who fell down. Then she noticed she was laying on a bed. It soon dawned her that she was at the sunflower field and must have felt asleep? This must be in Atlas house. After making sense of her situation, the dream came back to her. 'Atlas, did I dream of your past? How much you must have loved her?' Pain settled in her chest the more she thought of how sad his life must have been after she passed.

She climbed off the bed and found her way to the living room and saw Atlas sitting on the couch staring at the portrait across. He looked as if he was reminiscing of the past. She observed Atlas solitude expression as she wasn't sure how to face him when she kept seeing his sad past in her dreams. Although she doesn't know how much truth there was to the dreams but one thing she knew for sure, he must have loved her, very much.

A heaviness feeling settled in her heart the longer she watched him in that expression. Unconsciously, she pressed her hand against her chest to rid of the unsettling feeling.