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301 Road Trip

 The guard flew in to retrieve Yu Sha as soon as he realized what was happening but missed her by an arm reach. His eyes screamed as he circled in place in all directions trying to sense where she may have gone to. Could she had gone to Red Rock City?

When Yu Sha came to, she fell in front of Atlas's house. He was watering flowers the same as when she first stumbled into his place. Startled of the commotion, he turned to the side and saw Yu Sha on the ground trying to make sense of what happened.

"Ohh..." Atlas gave her a surprised reaction.

"Whao!! How is that possible?" She asked.

"How did you get here?" He feigned innocent.

The same bird flew around her one more time and ascended away.

"That bird took me here?"

Atlas replied, "Oh... Hm... Interesting. The bird and I have become friends over the years." He reached his hands to her. "Let me help you up."

Yu Sha looked up and smiled. She reached her hand up to accept his offers. "Can I be its friend too?"

He smiled. "I think she liked you. She must have came to find you."

"Ehhh... really?" Yu Sha asked excitingly. "Does she has a name?"

"Mm... When she fly under the sun, her feathers radiates a bright reddish color. So I named her Ruby."

Yu Sha waved up to the sky and thanked Ruby.

"I think anytime when you need her, try calling her name. She will come to you if she could." Atlas added.

"Wow." Yu Sha was astonished of the new animal friend's ability when she remembered her mission. "Oh yes, that's right. I wanted to thank you for what you did last time."

He smiled and replied, "It was my pleasure."

"Anyways, I wanted to treat you to a meal and you can tell me about it but..." Her face saddened. "But... my bag that was beside me, didn't come with me." She looked at him with big sad eyes. Her bags always get left behind.

"Helpless of her reaction, he consoled. "Do you want to go back and get it? We can always stay here to catch up, or if you want, my treat this time. You'll owe me next time. You pick."

She felt the need to keep herself busy and distracted. She pondered for a moment when her face lit up. "How about we do a road trip?"

"Road trip?" He asked.

"Yes, we start from here, eat and drink. Tomorrow we set out to Crystal Cliff Botanical Garden, then back to the city at tomorrow night. Enjoy city life. The following day, let's visit harvest shelter and then I have to get back to the cruise to work." It was after she finished saying this that Yu Ping came into mind. What if he came back with the enemy and she was not around? His hard work would be for nothing.

Atlas didn't hesitate to agree, but Yu Sha quickly halted her words. "Wait, I'm sorry, this time I can't do road trip. I'll spend the day here but have to get back. There is something important I have to take care of which will require me back."

"Either way works fine." He replied trying to calm his desire to lock her up with him for eternity. He was able to secretly keep tabs on her, allowed her more time to get used to him in hope to bring her memories back. For a person who lived through many millennials, a month or two felt like a day or two.

Atlas led her to the back where they hung out last time. On the side of the house was a small veggie garden. "You garden?"

"Mm... it's a hobby." A hobby only for her. The past her wanted a nice quiet place in an open field, a small garden and not far from a waterfall. This world, he prepared for her. As it seemed she was unable to recall, he proceeded to ask, "Have you eaten?"

Her energy drained momentarily. "Ah.. I was in a hurry this morning and left as soon as I packed. I was hoping to grab something along the way." But she never expected Hue Chi to step in and cut off resources for her. 'I guess, he could do anything, push a person to the brink of death if he wanted to.'

Seeing her expression, Atlas assumed she must have encountered something unpleasant. In hope to make her smile, he spoke. "Me too. Have a seat and I'll fix something quick for us."

"Okay. Let me know what I can help with."

"It's alright. You just relax." He couldn't find it in himself to order her around.

Yu Sha took a seat while Atlas went inside to bring her some teas.

A few minutes later, he brought her a tea set. "Enjoy this while I fix something for us. After this, there is a place I wanted to show you."

Excited to see what he had to show her, she obeyed obediently. Atlas walked around to the side and picked some veggies.

Yu Sha proceeded to help herself to the tea but soon, Ruby ascended from the horizon and perched next to her. Although she wasn't sure if Ruby could understand language, she had a feeling that Ruby could understand people's intentions.

"Ruby, thank you for bringing me here. What do you like to eat? I would like to get you something next time when I come."

"Hahaha..." Atlas came back to hear her talking to Ruby.

"What's so funny?"

"Your good intentions are enough, but if you must, beyond the hill there is a sea of sunflowers. That's what she likes to eat. sunflower seeds."

She perked up, "Really? Can I take her there?"

Atlas called out. "Ruby." A signal for Ruby to take Yu Sha there to kill time while he cooked.

Ruby flew off but swirled around Yu Sha instructing her to follow.