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300 Blacklisted

 "Let me guess, you've been following me since I first arrived?" She asked.

The figure nodded.

Yu Sha tilted her head to the side as she figured out if he had ever shown his real self to her. Shadow bodyguards are good at hiding themselves, their presence. If one is oblivious, it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint them out.

"What's your name?"

He paused for a while thinking how he should reply and then answered. "You may call me PX."

"Do you work exclusively for him or the entire royal family?" She asked.

"My Lord." He replied.

"So now that you are assigned to me, does it mean that I can ask you for favors?"

"It depends."

Curious as she thought the answer would be yes. She hasn't had a need for bodyguards all her life until recently. And once when they're your bodyguard, weren't they readily do what you asked them? "Like?"

"If your safety is at risk, I'll have to decline."

"What if I wanted to go on a vacation?"

"It depends."

"Can you airlift me to Floating Cloud Spas?" She arched her brows and threw a bright smile for payment. That place was a vacation spot and shouldn't be dangerous.

They had suspected that Atlas was from somewhere there and the place was off limit to her.

"I can't take you there but could take you to Crystal Cliff Botanical Garden."

Her brows frowned, bewildered why that place was rejected. She doesn't see how that place would pose dangers to her at all! Then she remembered that Atlas lived there and the two men met previously. Her eyes then widened, speechless that it must be the main reason. She huffed. "Was it because Atlas was from there?"

PengXu remained silent, indicating her guess was correct.

She gasped and clasped her head frustrated. To release her frustration, she turned around to the seas, huffed and puffed some angry breaths. They weren't even lovers, in fact their relationship was too ambiguous. And as a person who has no ties to her, he is in no position to limit her!

After calming down, she turned right back around and ordered, "You go tell your boss, he has no right to dictate who I can be friends with and where I can go and cannot go. Who was he to decide that for me?"

Upset, frustrated and angry at all once and he wasn't even there to feel her wrath. Being angry at PengXu wouldn't do any good as he was just following orders. Yu Sha let out another angry breath and then continued. "I don't need you to take me. I will call for a taxi to get there myself and no one can stop me!"

She has yet to thank Atlas for doing her a favor, delivering those toys they won. It was right about time she should follow up, asked how the experience went and repay him.

Yu Sha stormed off inside to pout. "Idiot. We shouldn't have any relation, yet he still forbids me." She took out her phone and called to schedule a taxi to pick her up the next morning. After hanging up the phone, she put on a smirk. "Challenge accepted." She wanted to see how he would stop her. Accepting defeat is not in her dictionary.

Bright the next day, Yu Sha got up and headed down to meet the taxi. Since it was the last day of work for the week, she didn't need to be present as yesterday, things were taken care of. Jake alone was enough to help overseas his employees for a day or two.

She jumped through the cruise entrance and landed on the port but didn't see a taxi. She was a little early anyway, so she walked straight towards the wood, hoping to meet the taxi halfway there. At this point, there was only one way in, so there was no way she would miss the taxi. By the time when she arrived by the tree line, it would be right about the scheduled time for pickup.

After some walking, she arrived by the wooded area. Though it was a few minutes past the scheduled pick up time, it was not unusual for taxis to be a few minutes late. Yu Sha walked farther into the woods and was getting close to the paved road they constructed that ran parallel to the beach.

She waited a few minutes more and no taxi was in sight. Yu Sha finally called the taxi company and asked for a status. They told her they could not complete the job for her. Angry, she hung up and called another taxi company to send the closest taxi to her but her request was denied again. She tried one more company and got the same answer. By this time, she pretty much knew someone was pulling strings and there could only be one person capable, Hue Chi!

"That bastard of a prince! Even after we were supposed to walk different paths, he still gets on my nerve!" She shouted frustratedly. She has not exchanged information with Atlas last time, so she has no way of communicating with him. How was she going to pay for something he did for her?

She threw her bag on the ground and slumped onto the ground to contemplate. She had no choice but to either attempt using her ability and see how far she gets or head back to the cruise. As she contemplated, a bird, exactly like the one she saw at Atlas's place descended in front of her. "Whoa.. I thought you only appeared at pure sacred places?" The bird landed in front of her allowing her to admire its beauty once more.

Yu Sha inched closer and patted its glossy feathers. "You know, if you ever see that beautiful man, tell him that I tried to go see him and thank him, but had no means of transportation to get there. A meanie person put me on the blacklist in the market." As soon as she spoke, its wings expanded at full length and flapped a couple times. A whirl wind swirled from its wings and conjoined to create a portal door in front of Yu Sha. Shock but filled with curiosity, she gently reached to pat it and was instantly sucked inside the door.