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299 Half Empty Moon, Half Empty Hear

 Yu Ping was observing from the distant. He knew then, his sister must have a strong place in that man's heart. To stay at the same place, for hours afterward like a statue looking at the same spot his sister disappeared from.

Yu Ping exhaled a long breath and proceeded back to the cruise. Out of all the men his sister could choose, why him? The strict rules of the palace isn't for her. The eyes of the kingdom would watch her every moves, every actions.

The next day, news of Prince Hue Chi's official coronation and engagement were all over the news. The kingdom was restless of how soon the event was happening. Out in the construction site, the men were talking among themselves of news trends and shocking news. The Kingdom's Prince's coronation and engagement announcement was a hot topic.

Yu Ping tried hard to make sure she worked far from them and made sure the crew socialized little with her. Originally, he planned to set on a journey later the night and hopefully bring the spell caster to her and undo the spell, but the news this morning made him uncomfortable leaving her be.

Although Yu Sha overheard the hot topic from the crew when they met up in the morning, she kept her calm as usual. For the rest of the day, she stayed in the canopy that was in the middle point, far from the construction point. Occasionally, she would stop to observe the distance, something she often does when something bothered her.

Noon rolled around and Yu Ping brought lunch in for her. He sat the food on the table. She took a glance at the food it those were home cooked food.

Her eyes widened filled with excitement.

"I borrowed the kitchen and made home cook food."

"What's the special occasion?" She asked.

"Nothing. I've just had sometimes and haven't had home cooked food for a while."  In hindsight, he wanted to cheer her up, but this was the only way he knew how. He doesn't know how to cheer broken hearted condition.

The sibling pairs ate and talked during their lunch break.

"Sis, I may leave in a day or two for a bit." He wanted to gage her emotional state for a couple more days before setting out on a journey.

"You sure I shouldn't go too?" She asked.

Dealing with the Ghost King Gang may not be easy matter. Since Yu Sha can't use her ability, he didn't want to bring her with. Although he hated to admit, her staying here is much safer as he knew Prince Hue Chi still had men hiding in the shadow protecting her. For this time, he had to rely on Hue Chi's help. The other safest place would be their home. But their parents tried so hard to raise them from dangers that he didn't want them to know. He didn't want all their effort to come to naught. He wanted them to continue to believe that their children were simply away working.

"Mm... I wasn't sure how long it'll be and Su Na isn't here. It's best to have one of us present."

"Why a few days later and not sooner?" Yu Sha asked. The longer she has to wait, the more impatience she will be.

Yu Ping didn't have an answer.

She glared at Yu Ping and asked, "Are you worry about me?" She was referring to how the news would affect her. "If that is what you're worried about, no need."

He interrupted, "I bought you a new phone," and took out a box.

Her eyes lit up as she reached for it. "Thanks."

"I haven't told them that you're back yet. I'll let you decide what to tell them."

"Mm..." She was distracted and proceeded to setup the phone, synced her contacts.

"I think you should go soon. The longer I stayed under house arrest, the more antsy I'll become."

A few hours later, everyone wrap up work. Yu Sha went back to the suite and spend a little time working on Su Na's empire. Yu Ping made dinner and they enjoyed another meal together before parting.

Late evening, Yu Ping appeared on another balcony, with his back facing the screen door. He stood still for a brief moment before speaking. "I'm not proud relying on someone else. Although I accept your help, doesn't mean I accept your boss. Thanks for watching over her." Yu Ping vanished after saying what he needed to say.

Inside next to the door, PengXu stood with his back against the wall. The lights were out, except a flickering glow of the TV power button that reflected in his eyes. He concluded Yu Ping most likely left for a mission, an important, dangerous one to have leave Yu Sha unattended while she still was unable to use her ability.

Later in the night, Yu Sha finally put her stuff away. By this time, she knew that Yu Ping had left. One can only keep themselves focused for so long until they had to get up and move around. She walked outside her balcony to observe the stagnant ocean waves. She looked at the half moon and sighed and spoke loudly.

"Even the moon represents how my heart is feeling, half empty. Everyone left and I'm under house arrest. What a sad, lonely life." She paused and looked around and then continued talking to herself loudly. "Maybe I should jump down and go for a swim." She hopped on top of the rail looking ready to jump when a figure in dark hooded cloak landed behind her. The very same person who rescued her the night before.

Yu Sha smiled and turned around. "Hehe... Got you!"

She jumped backward onto the balcony. "I don't like people lurking in the dark. Can't you just come out normally?"

The figure didn't reply. She had just fool him.

"Have a seat." Yu Sha offered. "I just need someone to talk to. Sit, sit."

Reluctant but he complied and took the seat farthest from her.

Yu Sha leaned back onto the rail and studied the figure. "So I guess you ended up with me?"