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297 The 18 Clans

 Her heart stopped briefly when Yu Ping said out blatantly. She should know this more than anyone else having been around the royals and elites. She nodded. "Don't worry. I love freedom too much."

"The things you said earlier, noble blood?" She wanted to know. Yu Ping shouldn't know about these particular Noble Elite Clans. But some of his actions pointed otherwise.

Yu Ping quickly dispelled her thoughts. "I was bluffing a lot earlier. It took me great pain to break into the palace. I just wanted them to rack their brain for nothing." Everything else was not a bluff, except the palace's securities. It took him sometimes to break in, but still, once when someone was able to break in, the system lose its value. The secret to their mother's clan was darker and more gruesome. The very little information available for others to research on where changed, and many information were left out. Anyone who wanted her, should want her just because she is herself and not a descendent of the Light Clan.

"Hahaha... You should stop bluffing too much." She laughed.

"Yu Sha, leave that mysterious woman to me. I'll find her and get down to the bottom."

Yu Sha narrowed her eyes at Yu Ping. "I don't trust you with women. You get easily side track."

"Hey, didn't you said I've grown overnight?"

"Yea, but habitual habits are hard to rid off."

"Tsch... Just leave it to me."

"You sure?" She reconfirmed. She felt once the binding spell get lifted, she was capable to go after the woman.

That night Yu Ping updated Yu Sha of Su Na's situation and why they were at Island Genesis. Because they needed to catch up on things, they called to have dinner deliver to the room instead. After eating and catching up, they called it a night.

Yu Ping had his way of finding information and found that Island Genesis was off limit to outsiders. That territory belonged to the Ghost King Gang, a force that was just as powerful in shaping the country as the Light Clan.

But he needed to meet up with them and asked the spell caster to undo the spell on Yu Sha.

That night, Yu Sha tossed and turned unable to sleep. The information Yu Ping told her were too fresh and she hasn't digested them all in. Don't people dream and have nightmares? What is about hers that was so different from other people's dreams and nightmares?

On the balcony one floor above Yu Sha's suite, Yu Ping sat on the rail on watch. He needed to deactivate all the spies on Yu Sha. She was probably spied on since first arrival but wasn't aware. Based on the talk earlier, his deductions were too strong.

He left the post and scouted for suspicious people and objects. They could disguise themselves into anything, but he was able to hijack a list of staff with proper work profile and picture. Next was any spy device. Once he deactivated the device, the people wouldn't be hard to pinpoint as their movement would change.

He scouted the constructions and found various bug like devices and destroyed them all. "Hmph, just as predicted." He muttered.

When people of Yu Ping's capability go on high alert, they can easily detect suspicious looking people and items. With his speed ability, it didn't take long before the bugs were destroyed. PengXu now had to retire and cooped up in the room as to not be found out. If worse came, he probably will need to retreat.

Yu Ping went back up to the deck and guard under the starry night. Soon, he heard a helicopter hovering above and Hue Chi descended.

Hue Chi took a few steps closer to Yu Ping.

"She's sleeping. Don't bother her."

"I'm here to see you."

"The man that can nullify one's ability... was you." The things Yu Sha asked him in the past all clicked.

"I apologized for how my family acted earlier. I made her stay at my place to protect her and decipher her binding spell."

"No need!" Yu Ping rejected.

"Sadly, I have not found a way to undo it."

"I will make the bastard undo the spell himself."

"Island Genesis is not as simple as it appeared." Hue Chi explained.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed, the moon turned crimson color. Rainbow color energy spiraled around Yu Ping's body and his eyes turned complete solid stone and glowed shades of rainbow colors. His eyes portrayed no emotions, a person one can't tell what would do next.

Hue Chi froze, shocked of the person standing in front of him. He remembered! The lifetime of The Legends, they were often rumored by word of mouths and stone scriptures, The Clan of Calamity. The Light Clan must have been made after that time to hide their real identity. This realm was the only realm he happened to live twice. So, if any, he would be the best source for information. "Clan of Calamity!" He uttered.

Yu Ping suddenly turned back to normal after hearing that someone random remembered the name that had not been used since centuries ago.

"Who are you?"

"The 18 legendary clans, Clan of Calamity was one of them." The words escaped through his mouth as the memories flashed in. "I assumed the legendary clans now referred to as the Noble Elite Clans?"

Yu Ping thought he wanted to give Hue Chi a little surprised, hoping that the man wouldn't appear before his sister and that they too, weren't simple as it seemed. But now, he was the one who was surprised instead. No one should know these informations except the very 18 clans themselves. These very information had been suppressed from generation through generations and only passed from one clan head to the next. Was he from one of these long-lost legendary clans?

"You, what are you?" Yu Ping asked again.

"Just an ordinary Prince with no noble blood."

Yu Ping vanished and appeared behind Hue Chi in an instant with a blade next to Hue Chi's throat. "I'll ask again, who are you?"

Hue Chi didn't fling or use his ability.

PengXu carried Yu Sha up around the back edge of the ship. When they landed, she saw a man of her brother's figure holding a blade next to Hue Chi's neck.

"Stop!" She called out.