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296 Protect Your Smile

 "So, to find her, I traced her back to Island Genesis. But there, I never expected to see Leo and Su Na. Then I fought the enemy but somehow was overtaken. I'm ashamed of myself." Yu Sha explained guiltily.

Yu Ping's eyes narrowed as he connected the dots.

"So, you didn't meet her? What was she like?"

"She had the ability to control ice and I didn't see her. When I woke up, I was restricted with a binding spell. Every time I attempted to use my ability, the spell activated and burned my organs and body. In the process, the bracelet was lost."

Yu Ping's eyes widened instantly and he jolted from the seat, reaching his hand out to her head. "You lost the bracelet? How are you feeling? Do you feel ill anywhere? How's your head?"

Yu Sha slapped Yu Ping's hand away. "Chill out. I'm fine." She paused and felt something wasn't right. Why was he panicking about a lost bracelet? Everyone seemed to make big deal out of it. There must be something she didn't know about the bracelet? Her voice serious, she asked, "It was not a simple bracelet? Isn't it?"

Surprised, he thought his parents told her when she went home. Did they opt out? He averted his eyes thinking of what to say.

"YU PING!" She shouted. "Hiding the truth from me will never help me."

"What did mom and dad tell you when you went home?" He asked. He knew what it felt like to be kept in the dark himself. If he was her, he would want to know to.

She remembered, they told her briefly about her mother's side of the family and the destiny that could befall on her brother. As per her parents' wish, they do not wish for him to know yet. She had to keep it from him. Yu Sha couldn't tell her. In the end, she said they didn't tell her much. She quickly turned the question around. "Tell me, what is so special about the bracelet?"

Yu Ping pondered for a moment. "I'll tell you but don't let mom and dad know. If they didn't tell you, they simply wish for you to live as ordinary as possible. I wish to grant them this and put their mind at ease."

"Mm..." She nodded.

"According to what I knew, the bracelet was to seal off your nightmares."

"Dreams? Why? It's just dreams."

"Well, when you were little, you often wake up crying, had panic attacks, and talked gibberish of things from your nightmares. You were often dazed off into space even during the day and felt sad. After one night, you lost your eye sight for a few days from a nightmare. Worried, grandma and dad sealed off your dreams along with the memories of those dreams using the bracelet as a limiter. The seal lasted about one decade and each time it was being used on the same person, the affect weakened. Your condition improved significantly after the sealing. You smiled more, laughed more. We feel like we had you back. When your nightmare memories were re-sealed for the second time was when I found out the truth behind the bracelet."

Yu Sha listened intently. She remembered the few dreams she dreamt about. Indeed, the feelings from those dreams strongly affected her some times after waking up. These were new news to her. It made sense why her father asked her weird questions. He wanted to know how her mental state was.

"Yu Sha, we wanted the best for you. If you remained oblivious to all these, we would keep it away from you forever to protect the smile on your face."

Tears swelled in her eyes. She had not seen her little brother looked so grown and responsible. When she thought of the fate of the world that hovered upon him, she too, wish she could help carry those burdens for him. He was born into duties to lead a nation in the shadow, forever stayed in the dark. Every single life had to be meticulously calculated into action. Sacrificing one innocent live for the sake of saving 10 lives, how cruel is that?

"Yu Sha, we can't choose our parents, but they can choose how to raise us. They love and protected us in their own weird way. Every time when someone called Yu Sha, they hoped that it'll remind you to live freely as you possibly can, not chained by the invisible weight of your past. Every time when someone called Yu Ping, they hoped that it'll remind me to live independently not bounded by duty and obligation."

Yu Sha felt surprised of his reasons. Did he know his fate? "You..." She wanted to ask.

Yu Ping quickly added, "I'm just assuming based on my observation. Knowing dad, one can easily guess the intention and reasoning behind why he named us like this."

"Whao... You are a genius." She knew why her grandpa wanted Yu Ping to run the country from the shadow. He can solve the entire puzzle just from observing.

"Hmph.. I am my parents' son after all." He soon noticed he got derailed off topic. "Ahem... my point is that, we should live our lives just as they wished for us to. Don't be angry with them because they hide certain things from us. In their own way, it was how they knew to protect us."

Yu Sha felt touch by his moving speech. Her eyes sparkled, tears flowed down, and she cried of mixed emotions as she praised. "Are you my little brother? Why do you suddenly sound like an older brother? You've grown so much overnight!"

Yu Ping cringed seeing her ugly cries. He pushed the tissue box to her and ordered, "Wipe off that ugly snot of yours."

She complied and proceeded to wipe her tears and blow her nose.

"Yu Sha, if you don't like that man, then don't. I don't believe he can make you happy. Life of royals aren't as glamorous. I believe our mom and dad share the same opinion as me."