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295 Do You Like Him?

 The Queen had the same thought as Kao Sheng of that night. She found out that Yu Sha was quite the drinker. To know that they could easily infiltrate top notch security, it was no doubt that Yu Sha was present that very night. She looked at Kao Sheng for confirmation.

Kao Sheng understood the look and nodded to confirm. The Queen huffed. "Hah... Don't want to be the future queen of the nation, but seemed to follow my son around."

Unhappy of how his parents spoke about her, he explained. "Mother, she is completely innocent. It was I who forced her to be with me."

"I will never approve of her!" Both the royal couple spoke one after another.

The King ordered coldly, "General, contact Kozai and Chu Seng. I need a thorough explanation why the security was easily breached by a mere kid. And I want a thorough investigation into her background."

General Va Tong complied nervously.

The King commanded. "Hue Chi, follow me."

Hue Chi followed his father to a more private area.

"Hue Chi, I let you be in charge of tracking the mysterious organization. I'm disappointed in you, allowing a woman of unknown background to filtrate your home." His hand tightened into a fist, and the veins on his forehead popped. "Remember, women had been the downfall of kingdoms when the king easily give himself to any woman that make advances towards him."

The thought of Yu Sha making advances towards him circled in his mind. If he were to die, he would only want to die by her hand. A smile crept at the corner of his mouth. How wonderful would that be? No matter how many lives he had, it wouldn't equate to all the pain and hardships she had faced because of him. He was willing to give her his life and everything he has.

Once he felt satisfied with his own thought, he replied, "Father, I assured you she had nothing to do with the mysterious organization."

"Your coronation will take place next week. Either you pick a wife then or I pick one for you in public." The King ordered and stormed off. Although the coronation was something, they planned for half a year away, the King pushed it sooner. When he reached his wife, he ordered her to prepare for coronation and an engagement announcement. They have been going easy on him as they didn't want to dictate too much of his life for him. But he gave them no choice.


Yu Ping took Yu Sha back to the cruise. Until they hear farther information from their employer, the job is still active. They can only come back to the cruise.

Yu Sha sat quietly across from Yu Ping, averting her eyes from Yu Ping's interrogated stare.

After some silence, Yu Ping asked. "Don't you have something to tell me?"

Unable to stand the accusation glare from her brother, Yu Sha finally gave in. "What do you want to hear?" She doesn't even know where and how to start. If she should start back when she was caught red handed, or when that mysterious woman appeared, or just go straight to the when she appeared at Island Genesis?

"Why didn't you come back here? What's the need to stay at the palace?"

"I was not in a position to make that decision." Although if she demanded for it, Hue Chi would take her back. But afraid of her state, she didn't want to leave herself vulnerable for attack and worried her friends.

"Then why didn't you contact me to come get you?! Do you want to live with a guy whose family looked at you in disdain like his?"

"Nooo..." She answered unconfidently. Why didn't she contact Yu Ping right away? What was holding her back? Was she drawn by his presence? Deep down, did she want to be with Hue Chi?

"Answer me honestly, do you like that man?" Yu Ping demanded.

Unable to move as her heart sank from hearing the answer asked so straightforwardly. Her heart pounded faster as she pondered on the question. If he were to ask how far they've gone, her reaction would've gave the answer away, but instead he asked if she liked him. "I... Honestly I don't know. But I do care about him just like how I care about those close to me. If any of you and that included him were to face trouble, without a doubt, I'll do whatever I can to help."

Satisfied with her answer, Yu Ping loosen up. It's either she liked him and doesn't know it herself, or that she cared about him as a friend. She has a tendency to stick her nose in her friends' complicated matter.

"How did he end up in Island Genesis to rescue you?" Yu Ping wanted to know. How early they acted on this matter before him that they would all arrived at Island Genesis at the same time. He got speed and they don't. So, they must have prepared the day she disappeared. In this case, they have been spying on her every move?

Yu Ping slammed his hand onto the armrest. "Damn!!"

Although Hue Chi and Yu Sha concluded that it was done by her desire to have him rescue her, how could she tell her brother that? "You were at Island Genesis?" To her knowledge, she didn't know that Yu Ping was also at Island Genesis.

"Hmph, I saw him carried you away."

Unhappy at the thought, Yu Ping slammed the armrest again. "Damn!" Truly a calculative man.

Startled. She had not seen her brother so upset before. This was the first time. He was always so laid back and nonchalant about everything in life, except women. "Why are you angry? I had a tough time too you know?"

"Explained?" he asked.

"I wasn't sure, but a mysterious woman appeared in Aires to attack me one night. The crowned prince intercepted in time and was badly injured. After some investigating, it turned out that the mysterious woman could be my enemy. That was why I asked you that time if mom and dad had enemy."

Yu Ping remember. Yu Sha asked him if they had enemies. At that time, the first thing that popped in his mind was she met one. But she denied about it.